Paper Trees
Jun 6th, 2010 by Craftylocks

paper-tree-sceneWe used some paper crafts to create a forest which was perfect for the children to use to shelter their animals

It was arbor day here in New Zealand but way to cold and wet for us to plant a tree, so we created some from paper instead. This is one of the easy paper crafts for children, and we think pretty effective too – the animals seem to like them.

You need an oblong piece of paper which you cut lots of slits in, about three-quarters of the way across the paper. Then roll up the paper and secure at the bottom with a piece of tape. Carefully pull up the center of the tree to bring the ‘branches’ up. Arrange the branches however you like, we used all sorts of different ways to arrange our paper branches. We used crayons to make paper rubbings from a cane chair for the bark which we wrapped around the bottom for the trunks. You need to make a cone out of paper or thin card so it can stand up, then it is ready for the plastic animals to enjoy. I have made a tutorial with all the steps pictured, and a PDF you can print out at Paper Tree Tutorial.

paper-tree-curled We curled the paper branches around a pen to make the curly effect on this shrubby paper tree.
paper-tree-split-leaves To create this very leafy effect we cut extra slits at the ends of each paper branch, and then bent them away from each other to make them stand out a bit more.
paper-tree-two-tone This tree has two different tones of green paper. We started with two pieces of paper that I taped together before we started cutting the slits. This tree also has extra slits cut at the ends of the paper branches. These extra slits have been curled as well.
paper-tree-shrub This little shrub has different sized slits cut into the paper before it was rolled up. The skinnier slits are rolled so that they are in the center of the tree. We also did not pull the center of the paper up as far so that it looked more like a shrub than a tree.

For a much more sophisticated version of these trees have a look at the ones that are on the ikat bag blog, they are very cool!

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Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly
May 26th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This butterfly fluttered in yesterday and looks as though it is going to hang around for a while!

toilet-roll-butterflyThis year we had some swan plants near the house and were delighted to watch the little caterpillars grow very big and then turn into a chrysalis and finally a monarch butterfly. Such a fabulous process for the children to watch (I was just as excited!). Butterflies suit paper crafts for children so so well. They are some wildlife that is pretty easy for children to get close to, and they are such a great shape to craft! My daughter finished this one for me with the perfect butterfly eyes that she drew on it, and she curled the antennae over as well.

With any toilet paper roll craft you can replace the toilet paper roll with a tube made out of cardboard if you prefer.

You will need:
- Toilet roll tube or card to make a tube
- Three different colored pieces of paper
- Scissors and glue

toilet-roll-butterfly2Cut out three butterfly wing shapes, each one a little smaller than the previous one. Run a strip of glue along the center of the biggest wing shape and stick on the middle sized shape. Then repeat to attach the smallest wing shape.
To make the body section tear up the scraps of paper and glue them onto the toilet paper roll. Glue some strips of paper to the inside of the tube for the antennae and then glue the body section to the wings. Finally draw on the eyes, curl the antenna a little and fold out the wings to separate them.

To display your butterfly you can either attach a loop at the top to hang it, or glue an iceblock or popsicle stick to the bottom to hold it or poke it in a potted plant.

We have made another version of a butterfly made with a toilet paper roll at Mirror Picture Butterfly.

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Cup Cake Cases Bunch of Flowers
May 25th, 2010 by Craftylocks

These cup cake cases were just begging to made into flowers!

cup-cake_boquet-closeWhen I first made a cup cake case flower I used the last of my cup cake cases and when I went to replace them I found these gorgeous bright colored ones so of course I had to make some more flowers. Luckily the packets have heaps in them as these cute things are one of the speediest paper crafts for children that I have done! It took me longer to open up the packets of cup cake cases than it did to craft the flowers.

To make these you need to set aside about 5 minutes to gather everything you need and then 1 minute to make them.
1. You need chenille sticks (pipe cleaners), a bit of colored cotton wool or similar, and paper cup cake cases.
2. Poke the chenille stick through the middle of the cup cake cases.
3. Wrap the end that is at the inside of the cup cake cases around the cotton wool and then push the cup cake cases up so they all sit snuggly together.
4. Bend the chenille stick at the back so it holds them all together and so the cup cake case flowers look at you.

Another way of assembling them is to use them as part of a picture as I did in my first attempt with much plainer cup cake cases at Cup Cake Cases Flower.

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Shapes Flower Picture
May 24th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A very handy technique for creating a flower from shapes

shapes-flowers-pictureLots of paper crafts for children involve making a simple picture out of shapes. I love it when the children use their own imagination and experiment to create their own picture. However sometimes it is fun to learn a a different technique for creating a really effective image from very simple shapes. To create this flower picture you just need some cut out blobs of decreasing sizes. Younger children may find it easier to draw the stalk and stems rather than make them out of cut-out paper as well. The shapes that we used for this picture are below. Another example of a flower shapes picture is on our Easy Pop-up Card.


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Rolled Paper Flowers
May 20th, 2010 by Craftylocks

I am on a real roll with paper flower crafts at the moment. This is made from very simple elements and is very effective.

rolled paper flowersThis paper craft for children is related to paper quilling, but it is a very simple version of it. All you need are strips of paper which are rolled into a ring and then glued together to make the flower shapes as pictured. You can make quite a few variations of the paper flowers by varying the sizes of the rinss and also by pinching the ends of the rings to make pointed petals as I have done in the second example.

To display them you can wrap a chenille stick (pipe cleaner) around one side of the center ring, or thread them all on a string and hang them up as a garland. But I think the best way would be to attach some thread to one of the petal rings on each one and hang them as a decoration.

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Cup Cake Cases Flower
May 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Another easy, speedy paper craft for children, and for grown-ups too if like me you love paper, glitter and glue!!

cup-cake_flower2We love making cup cakes and icing them, and of course eating them! So I had to try out making some flowers too. Very very easy – just what I love! There are many variations on how you can make these, you can make them on chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) for a nice posie, or you can make them as a picture like I have done. You can also glue different things inside the cup cake case like a child’s photo – that would then be a perfect picture or gift for a grandparent.

For the version here, start with your paper cup cake cases, some paper for the greenery bits, glitter (hands up if you love glitter!!), glue and scissors and then star crafting. I cut out and glued my greenery bits first and then glued on the cup cake cases – starting with the biggest and then gluing the others inside it. My cup cake cases are pretty on the outside and plain on the inside – glitter to the rescue! The was such fun, and guess what – easy too! I just dribble the glue randomly inside the cup cases and then sprinkled on the glitter. Once it had dried I tipped out the extra glitter and popped it back in the container. Then I spent more time ohhing and ahhing over the creating than I had spent making it.

cup-cake_flower-parts cup-cake_flower1

But in making the flower I had used up the last of my medium and mini cup cases – but don’t be sad, at the supermarket I was all of a quiver when I found cup cases in gorgeous bright colors! So of course I am going to have to make some more flowers and of course some more cup cakes! I think it is a challenge I can handle.

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