Another Newsletter Sending Soon
Aug 31st, 2010 by Craftylocks

Wow – a month has zoomed by and it is just about time to send out my next newsletter – and it is sure to make a splash!

To give you an idea or the sorts of ideas in a newsletter, the below is a section from the last one where it was an all Hands in for a crafty time. Click on the image below for a bigger version where you can read the text.


If you want some more information about the newsletter, or to join up – please check out the Newsletter page. I hope to see you there!

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Paint That Washes Out of Clothes
Aug 30th, 2010 by Craftylocks

I have to try this! It is a new paint that washes completely out of clothes.

I heard about this through FAS (Fine Art Supplies) who I developed a teaching resource book for. The book I wrote is about Ideas for Art – Paint, which is why they let me know about their exciting new development. I have not had a chance to try it yet but it sounds so cool I thought I would share it with you. To quote from the site “This paint really CAN BE REMOVED just by soaking in water.” They have a video showing just that happening at Total Wash Kids Paint.

I don’t know if you can get it anywhere else other than New Zealand yet, but I am sure the folk at FAS will be sorting that out too.

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Next Newsletter Sending Soon!!
Jul 30th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Don’t miss out!

newsletter-snap3The next newsletter will be sent early next week – just a few days away, so sign up now to ensure you receive your copy.

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Paper Crafts for Children blog in Magazine
Jul 10th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Yay, 23.5 seconds of fame! I am very excited to be mentioned in the very cool Popular Crafts Magazine

news2_smallI have been a regular contributor to the forum at the Popular Crafts Magazine and when they were looking for blogs to mention in their Paper-craft feature they chose Paper Crafts for Children! This magazine is published and printed on the other side of the world so I am not sure if I can buy a copy here in New Zealand but the lovely folk from the website sent me a PDF of the page I am on.

I love that this magazine and the website forum are an example of how it does not matter where in the world we are from, the crafty community are working together to create beautiful and special treasures, and share ideas for nurturing creativity in children. Congratulations to all of us who are creating more than just things when we work with our children together on a project.

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Our Childrens Art
May 18th, 2010 by Craftylocks

I am in awe of the art that our children create!

cartoon-airlifeAll their lives our children have drawn, we have always had lots of paper available for them and our son probably draws for about an hour a day on average. When he was pre-school age it would be for a couple of hours! It has been fascinating to watch as their art develops over the years, and they both have quite different styles. Our son is very detailed and had moved naturally to cartoon or comic style drawing. Our daughter makes bigger pictures and uses more texture.

cartoon-creatures-sA couple of recent things have had an impact on their individual work. Although I have never been a fan of ‘how to draw books’, as in my experience they just give you something to copy, our son has always loved them. But one in particular has made a big difference and helped him with the development of his artwork – it has given him excellent tools to use. The second cartoon is using tools from this book and even putting aside the proud parent angle, I think it is fantastic. I link to the book used below.

drawing-bearOur daughter has always created what I thought are fabulous art works but has often been frustrated that she cannot draw what she has in her head. So she asked if she could do some art lessons. Wow! I was worried that she would find them frustrating but at her very first lesson she started the bear pictured here and finished it in her second lesson. She absolutely loves the lessons and is justifiably very proud of her art work now.

Our son is 10 and our daughter is 8!!

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Paint on Paper Book Review
May 4th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Great Reference Book

Usually if I find a good book I will link to it in relation to the craft I am doing, however this one relates to so many paper crafts for children it gets its own review!
The title ‘Paint on Paper’ did not make me think of craft however it is not about painting as an art, it is about decorating paper to use for other purposes like scrapbooking, cards, paper sculptures, stationery and much more. It is also more than just about using paint, it is about any method that can be used to decorate the surface of the paper. It has over 130 different techniques and I find it an excellent reference book. It does give lots of examples on the decorated paper used in crafts as well, but the main focus is the huge range of techniques.

book_paint-on-paper2The techniques also range from those suitable for young children to those an adult would use to create faux decorative finishes on furniture or walls. The pages I have photographed show the techniques, other pages show examples using the decorated paper.

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