Giant Spring Flower
Aug 21st, 2011 by Craftylocks


Isn’t it wonderful when a craft idea turns out better than you expected? It is the middle of winter here and this flower has truly brought spring to the kitchen.

Ideally you could make this from all recycled items, but I usually have these in stock more for craft activities like this than for parties. You will need a paper dinner plate, paper cup, an empty toilet roll and an empty long cardboard roll. You will also need some paint – red, orange, yellow and light green, some light green paper and glue. You can use a hot glue gun or white glue, but if you use white goue you must leave it to dry thoroughly

Cut the paper plate into several sections, leave a circle uncut in the center. For younger children it might be a good idea to draw a circle in the middle so they know where to cut up to. I ended up with 14 ‘petals’.

Paint alternate sections in red paint and the remaining sections in orange. Leave to dry.

Cut the paper cup into eight sections …

… fold down and paint yellow. Leave to dry.

Cut the toilet roll into approximately 1cm strips, leaving the bottom 1.5cm-2cm uncut. Fold the strips down. Cut the toilet roll down to size. This will depend on the size of your plate and cup and of course, your personal preference.

Paint the toilet roll using the light green paint. Leave to dry.

Assemble the flower by gluing the cup to the center of the plate and the toilet roll to the center of the cup. If using white glue, apply it liberally to the edges of the cup and toilet roll and once in place, put a bit more glue around the edges. I didn’t think to use a glue gun at this stage so I know this works well. However, you must be patient and let the glue dry for several hours.

Cover the long roll with a piece of A4 paper and cut out two leaf shapes and attach them to the stem.

Using the hot glue gun, glue the flower head to the top of the stem.

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Rattling Cardboard Tubes
Jul 15th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This is one of the great classic crafts for children. As well as recycling old cardboard tubes, and having some fun decorating – the children also get to make some noise.

The noise is not too annoying – although if you used plastic over the ends instead of paper as we have done, I am sure you could make them louder – but I quite like the more subtle sounding ones.

Just start with some cardboard tubes and tape some paper over one end. We put lots of tape over the paper to make the ends able to withstand vigorous shaking.

Pour in some hard things like rice, pasta, seeds, dried peas or beans or whatever else you are able to find. We tested the sound after putting it in by holding my hand over the open end and having a test shake. We decided against sunflower seeds after testing them as they were a bit light.

Then cover the other end and tape it shut. Time for some decorating fun! We made three and each is different. We painted one, covered another with contact film and tape, and then glued bits of tissue paper on one. Each is also filled with different materials – we thought the rice made the nicest sound.

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Paper Roll Fish
Jun 11th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Great excitement surrounded reeling this paper craft for children in! These fish are so bright, so easy to make, and look so great.
You will need;

Toilet Paper Roll

Crepe Paper


Bits of Cardboard

Scissors and Glue
Wrap the crepe paper around the toilet paper roll, tuck one end into the toilet paper roll – this is the mouth. Tie a ribbon around the other end and cut strips into the crepe paper to make the tail.
Glue on some fins and eyes and your fish is ready to swim away. You can also add more decorations such as sequins and glitter.
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Egg Carton Bugs
May 10th, 2011 by Craftylocks


These bugs are so cute you will want to make a whole swarm of them. They are fun and easy to make and don’t take a lot of time either. If your junior crafter has a real interest in bugs and butterflies, try replicating their favorite species using this basic design. Bumblebees and ladybugs just require a little extra decoration using a black permanent marker once the base color has dried.

You will need an egg carton, some chenille sticks (pipe cleaners), pompoms, googly eyes and the usual paint, scissors and glue.

Carefully cut the cups from the egg carton. Try to make them as deep as possible.

Color the cups any color you wish and leave to dry.

Using a needle, or other sharp object, make holes in the cup for the legs and wings to be pushed through. I used a needle followed by a thin nail so the cup didn’t tear and the hole was big enough for the chenille stick to go through.

Cut the chenille stick you wish to use for the legs into six equal lengths.

Bend the chenille sticks into the shape of insect legs with an extra bend to push through the leg holes in the egg carton cup.

Cut the chenille stick for the wings into two equal lengths.

Push the legs through the holes.

Curve into a wing shape and then twist around itself so you are left with just one end of the chenille stick to push through the hole. Once through the hole, bend the chenille stick to secure it in place.

Stick googly eyes to the pompoms. I used a glue gun because I find PVA takes too long to dry. Once dry, glue the eye pompoms to the egg carton cup.

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Paper Bag Hat
Mar 13th, 2011 by Craftylocks
Hats are top of our crafting list at the moment! This is just one of the ones we have perched on our heads today – the rest are all piling up in the next paper crafts for children newsletter.

What could be better than crafting up something that you can actually wear? As long as you do not mind lots of laughter and a bit of silliness then you can wear this hat – and in our house we like plenty of laughter and silliness so this hat fits right in.

First find yourself a paper bag, try it for size to see if it will fit your head, if it does then it can be a hat that you can wear – if it does not fit you then make it for a teddy bear. Then find some things that can be attached to a paper bag. Glitter, stickers, paint, feathers, and rose petals all work.

Roll the bottom of the paper bag up to make a stylish and sturdy brim, shape the crown by pushing it in a bit and it will start to look slightly less like a paper bag, especially of you squint your eyes and turn your head on the side.

Then decorate, decorate, decorate.

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Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder
Feb 15th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Turn some of your rubbish into a fun activity that looks great and feeds the wildlife.

Well I am not that sure that it does feed the wildlife, but the other two I know to be true! I first saw this recycling paper craft for children at one of my favorite crafting mums sites – check out her toilet paper tube craft bird feeders for my inspiration!


The bird seed is attached with peanut butter and the little ledge is just a kebab stick.

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