Cardboard Tube Birdie
Jul 9th, 2012 by Craftylocks


We were doing a bit of crafting with paper, as we tend to do quite a bit around here, and the younger crafter decided to make something from a cardboard tube.

She based the idea for the beak on something she had seen before.

Although this tube is not painted, we both agreed that it would have looked even better if we had painted it or covered it with paper first.

Fold some paper to make the beak, and make the tail with a tab to attach it to the tube. Attach the wings so that they stick out to the side a little, and the eyes so that they sit above the edge of the tube. See the pictures to see exactly what to do.

She has also made another cool craft with recycled cardboard tubes, a cardboard tube telescope.

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Magazine Tree
Jan 3rd, 2012 by Craftylocks


This was supposed to be a Christmas craft but I was a bit late getting it ready – then I thought that you may have some extra magazines from holiday reading that need to be used, well this is the craft for that!

Use a magazine with a bound spine rather than a flimsy stapled one.

Open the magazine to the first page. Take the top right hand corner and bring it to the centre and fold. This should be tucked as far into the spine as possible.

Tuck the folded edge into the center spine and make another fold.

Fold the triangle section up so the fold lines up with the bottom edge of the page.

Fold the rest of the pages in the same way.

Carefully fold the front and back covers to match the rest and then glue them together.

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Rudolf the Red-Nosed Toilet Roll Reindeer
Dec 16th, 2011 by Craftylocks

I love the crazy antlers on this reindeer

What you will need:
1x Empty toilet roll
Brown, black and white paint
Paint brush
1 x small glitter pom pom
2 x googly eyes
2 x black pipe-cleaners
Black marker

What to do
Paint the outside of the toilet roll with the brown paint. Leave to dry.

Cut legs into the bottom of the toilet roll.

Paint on the hooves using the black paint. Leave to dry

Paint a white strip above the black hooves and leave to dry.

Using the point of the scissors, make a hole either side of the top of the toilet roll for the antlers. Make sure you take into account the position of the legs when making the holes.

Cut both pipe-cleaners in half. Thread one through each hole twisting it back on itself to secure.

Take the other half and wrap it around the middle of one of the antlers to secure in place. Bend the pipe-cleaners to make them look like crazy antlers.

Stick on the nose and then eyes. Draw on the mouth using the black marker.

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Set of Greeting Cards
Dec 7th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Some occasions call for a set of greeting cards – so here is one way of making a very special set of invitation or thank you cards. Although there are many many simple print making techniques that can be used, I really like this polystyrene tray print making method. It is simple to do and you are also recycling at the same time. Note that if you want to do text, you will need to do it in reverse so that it prints correctly.

We usually do our simple design onto paper first and then transfer it onto the polystyrene tray by positioning the paper on the tray and pressing firmly with a pencil. The pencil will dent the tray. Then working directly on the tray, go over the image again so that it is firmly dented into the tray.
Apply paint onto the tray, use a roller or dabber.
Carefully place the painted side of the tray onto your paper and press firmly. I usually pick up the two and gently rub with my finger to make sure all the paint is picked up. Do not leave them together for too long in case the paper becomes glued to the polystyrene tray. Then repeat until you have plenty.
Glue each image onto a simple folded piece of card. To continue the consistency theme you could also print out the same message to glue on the inside of each card.
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Egg Carton Decorations
Nov 6th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Is it too early for this sort of craft? No, I didn’t think so either:-).

Recycle your egg cartons to make these very cool bell decorations. They are simple to make, and with the pipe cleaner hangers, they are also very simple for small hands to hang on the tree.

As well as the egg cartons you need some tin foil and pipe cleaners.

Cut the cups out the egg cartons and tear or cut out some pieces of tin foil. Poke the pipe cleaner hooks through the base of the egg cups to make the hook. Wrap the egg cartons with the tin foil and it is ready to hang.
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Card Roll Castle
Oct 25th, 2011 by Craftylocks

No need to go to the beach to make these sand castles, you just need a small amount of sand, some glue and a few cardboard tubes. The paper plate is also handy to build it on.

Cut the tubes up into different lengths to create the sandcastle shape.
Paint some glue onto the tubes and roll them in the sand. We also used some salt that we had colored with food coloring for the top of one of our tubes. I flag cut from an old cereal box completes the castle.
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