Basic Paper Hat
Mar 6th, 2011 by Craftylocks
basic-paper-hat-5 This is one of the most classic paper crafts for children – the simple folded paper hat that can even be made from newspaper.

But when I sat down to make one with my daughter – my mind went blank – despite having made them many times many years ago – it had gone! As I needed to look it up on the internet, I thought there may be one or two others out there as forgetful as me who also may appreciate some instructions.

Start off with a rectangle or oblong shape piece of paper.

Fold it in half.

Fold the corners across to the center. They will not go all the way to the bottom – this is correct.

Fold up the bottom sections of paper and you have a hat, simple as that!

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Two Fold Origami Fish
Feb 18th, 2011 by Craftylocks

This fish takes just TWO FOLDS! Once the children have those two folds mastered they can make and ocean full of fish. Give them lots of different sizes of square paper to make a school of fish. The two folds only need to be approximately as marked in the pictures.

The first fold is on an angle, the line that is folded is drawn here.
Once it is folded it looks like this.
The second, and final fold, is along the line marked.
This is the back off the fish after both folds have been made.
Turn it over and it is starting to look rather fishy.
Completely fishy now!
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Flying Paper Fish
Nov 15th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Keep this fun idea tucked away in your bag of tricks! Bring it out when you need an instant paper craft for children.

You need such little time and such little equipment to make these – and you then have a fun toy to entertain the children with. And once they know how to make them, they are so easy that they will be able to create them independently.

You just need a strip of paper with a cut at each end, the cut needs to be from the opposite side of the paper. In the picture below we cut little slots out so that the photograph would show where to cut – but you just need to cut once at each end. We have also not measured how far in to cut. A little variation does not seem to impact on the flight. Decorate your fish with a face, or just a pattern.

Slot the two ends together.

Then toss your fish in the air, or drop it from up high, and it will start to twirl rapidly as it falls.

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Paper Towel Ghosts
Oct 22nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

I am very excited by these little ghosties – super quick to toss together using art materials found in the kitchen cupboards.

I first saw a similar craft at Learn Create Love, they went a little further and used paint to make the paper towel ghosts stiff. But I am always looking for the easiest way to do paper crafts for children so I did a bit of adapting to the process, and I think they still look great! paper-towel_ghost5

You just need some paper towels, string, twist ties, a marker pen and some scissors.


Carefully poke a couple of holes in the center of the paper towel and push a twist tie through it. This will become the top of the head.


Bunch up another paper towel and put it in the center of the other towel and close the first paper towel over it and tie it at the base with the string.


Add some ghostly eyes and mouth and hang them about the house in time for Halloween.


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Hand Shape Paper Frog
Jul 18th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Hop to it and make this cute little guy with your children and their hand prints.

hand-frogI am having to restrain myself from making all my posts hand print related. We started making just a few children’s hand print paper crafts and had such fun that we now have hand print crafts all over the lounge, the fridge, the bathroom and poked under beds. Not sure where this little guy will go yet, he is still in the homeless pile! So I felt at least I could give him his minute of fame by popping him here with all the other paper crafts for children.

The one picture says it all really. You need some green paper for the circle and the hand shapes, and some white paper for the eyes. Glue the eyes and hand shapes on as pictured and then add details with a marker pen. I like that these are all things that the children can do themselves.

I reckon that these would be great for a children’s group exercise as they would look great displayed on a log shape.

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Summer Paper Crafts for Children
Jun 28th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Celebrate the sunshine with these easy and speedy paper crafts for children.

Paper Cup Case Flowers
Paper cup cases are not just great for making cup cakes,they make gorgeous flowers too!
Red Paper Hand Shape Lilies
Find out how to make these very elegant flowers at the Tutorial – Paper Hand Lily
Paper Plate Sunflower
What summer crafts list for children would be complete without a sunflower?!
rolled paper flowers Rolled Paper Flowers
I think these would make gorgeous decorations, and they are simple to make!
Shapes Flower Picture
A simple technique for creating cool looking flowers for pictures or cards.
Cup Cake Cases Bunch of Flowers
Another way to make craft some flowers from paper cup cake cases.
Toilet Roll Butterfly
Bring a bit of wildlife inside with this fluttery butterfly.
Crepe Paper Dragonflies
Another summer critter to quickly craft out of crepe paper.
Stand Up Lizard
These lazy lizards will bask in your admiration once you have crafted them out of paper.
Textured Paint Ice-creams
Yum – these look good enough to eat!
Mirror Picture Butterfly
Summer is the time for butterflies, and the time for butterfly paper crafts for children.
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