Paper Crafted Homework
Oct 21st, 2013 by Craftylocks

A great result from all the paper crafting the children have done over the years – paper crafted homework ideas are easy to come by and easy to do!

And they have an enthusiastic helper in me – well I was not allowed to help too much, but I happily tore paper up and gathered materials.

Assignment one – communicate your interests visually. Football is one of the interests, so he made a papier mache football with interests drawn and written on it.

Assignment two – display an idiom.
She chose ‘Put Your Foot in Your Mouth’ and also used papier mache in a covered shoe box.

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Asterix and Obelix Papier Mache Costumes
Aug 22nd, 2013 by Craftylocks

There is a bit of a saying in our house, well to be accurate, I keep saying … ‘You can make anything out of papier mache’

I needed to utilise the awesome powers of papier mache to create a couple of costumes for an event. Lots of fun and many many many hours of paper glueing, shaping and painting later – our costumes were ready! And then we set about very quickly ruining them by running, sliding and crawling through 10 km of mud!

Making the Menhir …

Making all the rest of the costume items …

The final costume …

How I planned to carry the Menhir …

… but in the end Asterix carried it mostly, until we abandoned it by one of the muddy obstacles.

How we looked after about 6-7 km of the mud …

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Dinosaur Eggs
Jul 16th, 2013 by Craftylocks

These special dinosaur eggs are from the little known Papersaurus Rex. The eggs are famous for being many patterened, multi-colored and sometimes even covered in glitter.

Cover a balloon with strips of newspaper. We tore strips of paper long enough to go around the balloon and glued the ends to each other with wallpaper paste. Then we criss crossed the strips over these pieces and kept building the layers up to about three or four newsprint layers.
The final layer is photocopy paper – it is nice and strong and is also white, which makes a great base for painting on.
Then have fun making up some patterns and designs for what a dinosaur egg could have looked like.
These eggs are all resting in our cat bed, waiting for the right time to hatch, or in the case of one of ours – sat on and squashed!
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Construction Blocks Box
Jun 10th, 2013 by Craftylocks


I love that this craft has a useful purpose as well as looking great in the kiddies rooms, and you get to do some recycling too.

You need a sturdy shoebox, 2 or 3 empty card rolls, newspaper torn into small strips, glue and paint.

Cut the card rolls into thirds and place on your shoe box lid in two lines. If your box is smaller you may think two rows of three looks better.

Secure the toilet rolls to the lid using some of the strips of newspaper dipped in glue. Use long thin pieces to cover the top of the toilet rolls making sure you smooth them down well. Continue to cover the rest of the lid with the strips of newspaper until you have three layers over the entire lid. I don’t wait for each layer to dry as I am too impatient. I think of this as a basic form of papier mache.

Make sure you don’t fold the paper under the rim of the lid as you will make it smaller and it won’t fit on the box.

Leave to dry thoroughly.

Paint the box and lid with a good craft paint (if you are going to use a light coloured paint, you may like to use white paper on your last layer of papier mache so the words won’t show through). Leave to dry. To make it even hardier, and also if you have used a cheaper poster paint, you might also want to seal it with a craft varnish.

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Translucent Tissue Paper Easter Egg
Mar 23rd, 2013 by Craftylocks


This is a great craft for an older child to create – they will be very very proud of their results

Pippi Pipecleaners made this beautiful egg, but her first attempt was a bowl using this technique – unfortunately she didn’t use any petroleum jelly. Turns out that is quite important – so we have no bowl to show you but we had a good laugh though! With Easter around the corner she had another go – worked perfectly I think.

You need a water balloon, white tissue, flowers, white glue, cling film and petroleum jelly! You might also want to use a balloon pump and have a clothes peg handy.

Inflate the water balloon. Don’t over inflate so you can squeeze the balloon into an egg shape.

Cover the balloon in petroleum jelly and then the cling film. Make sure the cling film sits as flat as possible. Twist the end of the cling film and secure with a clothes peg. The cling film adds an extra layer of strength to your egg without blocking out light and the petroleum jelly stops the balloon sticking to the cling film.

Cut the white tissue into small pieces – if the pieces are too big they won’t sit flat against the balloon.

Dilute the white glue so it is a consistency similar to pouring cream. Paint some of the balloon with the glue and then stick on the tissue. Smooth out any pieces of tissue that are sticking up. Cover your balloon with two coats of tissue.

Stick your flowers to the balloon brushing down with the glue brush. If you are using fresh flowers, make sure you select flat flowers as any air will cause the flowers to decay.

Coat with one coat of tissue.

Leave to dry thoroughly. I used the peg to clip it out of the way.

Pop the balloon and snip off the extra cling film.

Decorate with a ribbon to hide the hole.

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Papier Mache Witches Hat
Jul 29th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This example of papier mache is probably a bit of a big project for young children, but it is a great example of how durable papier mache can be.

I first made this hat over 15 years ago and between fancy dress outings for it, it is stored in our cold garage. It was a lot of fun to make, so I am really glad it has lasted this long – and it shows no sign of wearing out or coming apart yet. I go into some more detail about how to make this sort of item at my What is Papier Mache page. I enjoy both the process of making papier mache as well as the variety of things you can make, which is just about anything!

For the hats latest outing, I accompanied it with brushed hair and some spooky make-up – it was lots of fun!

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