Summer Paper Crafts for Children
Jun 28th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Celebrate the sunshine with these easy and speedy paper crafts for children.

Paper Cup Case Flowers
Paper cup cases are not just great for making cup cakes,they make gorgeous flowers too!
Red Paper Hand Shape Lilies
Find out how to make these very elegant flowers at the Tutorial – Paper Hand Lily
Paper Plate Sunflower
What summer crafts list for children would be complete without a sunflower?!
rolled paper flowers Rolled Paper Flowers
I think these would make gorgeous decorations, and they are simple to make!
Shapes Flower Picture
A simple technique for creating cool looking flowers for pictures or cards.
Cup Cake Cases Bunch of Flowers
Another way to make craft some flowers from paper cup cake cases.
Toilet Roll Butterfly
Bring a bit of wildlife inside with this fluttery butterfly.
Crepe Paper Dragonflies
Another summer critter to quickly craft out of crepe paper.
Stand Up Lizard
These lazy lizards will bask in your admiration once you have crafted them out of paper.
Textured Paint Ice-creams
Yum – these look good enough to eat!
Mirror Picture Butterfly
Summer is the time for butterflies, and the time for butterfly paper crafts for children.
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Paper Plate Flower
May 12th, 2010 by Craftylocks

paper-plate_flower3-teaBright and cheery flower brings the sunshine inside

Our garden is full of birds feasting on all sorts of seeds and berries. Yesterday I investigated why the children stayed sitting in the car when we got home. They had been watching some birds eating the sunflower seeds out of our big sunflowers. For us it is autumn and our sunflowers look sad but I leave them there for the birds and so they can drop seeds to grow again next year. However in summer they were gorgeous so we made some paper plate sunflowers to remind us of summer.

You need
- paper plate
- yellow and green paint
- sunflower seeds or tea leaves
- stick or strong card
- scissors, paintbrush and glue

paper-plate_flower1 Paper plates are really useful for paper crafts for children, so when you see them in the shop make sure you buy some. This one is easy for children to craft and they look so dramatic when done. Start by painting your paper plate yellow and when the paint is dry trace around something to make circle in the middle.
paper-plate_flower2 Cut from the edges to the circle to make the petals. Our paper plate had regular creases around the outside so I cut every second crease and it worked out just right. Gently fold the petals up a little so they separate out and bend in a bit. Strictly speaking, our petals are too long for a correct sunflower but we cut first and checked later – oh well!
paper-plate_flower3-seed paper-plate_flower4-seed

Then glue whatever you are using for the seeds – you can use real sunflower seeds of course. The first example has real sunflower seeds, but we liked the second example better which has tea leaves – the contrast is more dramatic.

paper-plate_flower3-tea paper-plate_flower4-tea

To make the stalk paint a stick or a strip of strong card green and glue to the back of the flower – then you and your children can bask in the sunshine of your craft.

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