Paper Plate Crab
Sep 22nd, 2014 by Craftylocks


Such a simple and cute paper craft, children will have fun making and then playing with this crabby critter.

You can probably tell by looking at the crab exactly how to make it – but I took the photos so just in case it helps here are all the steps anyway.

You need two paper plates – paint them red and punch 10 matching holes around the edge.

Cut 5 red pipe cleaners in half. 8 of the halves will become the legs. Take two of the lengths of pipe cleaners and cut a bit off the end bend it in half and wrap the other end around the fold to make the pincer. Make eyes on stalks with some cardboard. Googly eyes also look good.

Join the plates together using the pipecleaners through the holes. Arrange the feet so it stands, and the pincers ready to nip. Glue the eye stalks on between the pincers.

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Folded Cut Out Flowers
Feb 13th, 2014 by Craftylocks

For Valentines day today here in New Zealand I had one waiting on each of my colleagues desks for when they got in – they somehow guessed who the paper folding cutting and glueing person was that made them!!


This is so much fun, and easy!! I demonstrated this simple technique and I was then amazed by how many different flowers the children came up with! I have also made a more detailed worksheet of the steps in case that is easier for you to work with.
Start with a square piece of paper and fold it into a triangle three times.
With the longest side on the right, and the corner that was the middle of the square of paper pointing down, fold the point on the left over so the sides line up like pictured.
Cut off the triangle at the top above the edge of the folded paper.
Draw a half petal shape starting at the top corner of the triangle and ending on the long edge.
Cut along the outline you have drawn. But make sure you do not cut through all of the long edge of the triangle. Ease the flower open.
Layer up with some more folded cut out flowers.

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Paper Cup Santa Boot
Dec 20th, 2013 by Craftylocks

This is the cutest little craft. Thanks again to the super crafter Pippi Pipecleaners for another fun craft.

You will need a paper cup, some red crepe paper, cotton ball and a black chenille stick as well as the usual crafty supplies of scissors, glue, pencil and marker.

Lightly mark where you want to cut the cup using the pencil. I used a marker just so you could see the shape needed. I marked the holes for the chenille stick laces at the same time but you can do this after you have cut the lines out if you prefer.

Use something sharp such as a carpentry nail to make the hole for the laces.

Use the black marker to colour in the sole of the boot.

Cut little squares from the crepe paper and glue onto the boot overlapping the edges so you don’t see any of the cup. I wrapped mine over the cut edges also to make it nice and neat.

Remake the holes for the laces and leave to dry.

Thread the black chenille stick through the holes to represent the laces and make two little loops with the excess for the bow.

Stretch or unroll your cotton ball and stick on the top of the boot.

Pierce a hole in the back of the boot to hang.

Then make another one as these would look best in pairs.

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Paper Cup Christmas Bells
Dec 17th, 2013 by Craftylocks


These bells can be decorated anyway you like and look lovely hanging together on the wall or at the top of your tree.

You will need 2 paper cups and some paper to decorate the cups with, like the sheets of old music used here to great effect! As well as that you will need the usual paper craft tools and materials such as glue, scissors, glitter (of course!), ribbon (this one is from an old Christmas decoration), wire and some small squares of heavy card.

Cut the paper into approximately narrow strips a bit longer than the height of the cups.

Glue the strips to the cups, I used the rounded lip of the cup as a guide and butted the strips up to it. Leave to dry.

Even up the excess length of the strips leaving enough to cover the top of the bell (bottom of the cup). Apply a liberal amount of gluestick to the top of the bell and fold the excess over. Leave to dry.

Make a hole in the top of the bell with a sharp object. Thread the wire through anchoring it by wrapping it around a small piece of card so it doesn’t pull through the hole.

Pour some glue into a dish and dip the lip of the cup into the glue making sure it completely covers the lip.

Pour some glitter into another dish and dip the cups into it. The glitter will stick anywhere the glue is and makes a nice neat edge. Leave to dry by hanging from the wire.

Twist the wires from the two bells together so one bell hangs lower than the other and make a loop with the excess wire so you can hang it.

Attach the bow – mine came with a wire to attach it but you can use craft wire or a chenille stick if your bow doesn’t.

Another Pippi Pipecleaners for this cool craft!!

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Paper Chain Christmas Tree
Dec 13th, 2013 by Craftylocks


This is a fun, no mess craft that looks great hanging on the wall as well as the tree.

You will need card in yellow, red, green and black – I used corrugated card for texture, stapler and staples and scissors and that is all!

Cut the card into 2cm strips. My card came in A4 size so I cut my strips the length of the sheet and then cut them in half. You will need 1 strip of yellow; 16 green; 5 red and 3 black.

Secure the strips into loops using the stapler and assemble as shown.

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Trick or Treat Pumpkin Basket
Oct 29th, 2013 by Craftylocks

This is a great little basket to carry all your Halloween treats.

You will need;

2 paper bowls

Orange paint

Black card

2 green Chenille Sitcks (Pipecleaners)

Cut a wide circle out of the bottom of one of the bowls.

Paint the bowls orange. Make sure you paint under the rim so you won’t see any white when the
bowls are put together. Leave to dry.

Glue the bowls together and stick the mouth and eyes cut from the black card to them.

Make a small hole either side of the basket with a nail. Thread a chenille stick through and twist to secure. Repeat on the other side. Join the chenille sticks to make a handle, twisting to secure. Wrap the excess around a pencil to make a twirl to represent the leaves of the pumpkin.
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