Origami Peacock
May 13th, 2014 by Craftylocks


Origami is one of those crafts that make you feel pretty clever as you can make some cool things with just a few folds.
Fold the paper in half across the diagonal and open.
Fold the two side corners in to meet the middle fold.
Fold both side together. The fold line is the same one we made in the first step.
Fold the neck down as pictured.
Then fold the neck up inside.
Fold the top down to the inside to make the head. Looking from the top, or head, this is what the folds look like.
Cut a scalloped shape along the bottom.
Draw on an eye and decorate the tail feathers.
I like how effective it is with just a few details drawn on.

I share origami designs that are quite straight forward, but even so they can still have quite a few steps, so I have made a worksheet that you can print out if you want.

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Easy Origami Paper Crafts for Children
May 15th, 2012 by Craftylocks

I have been getting a quite a few comments about folk enjoying the easy origami crafts I have put on papercraftsforchildren. So I at last have updated this list to gather them all up for you!

Origami is one of the best paper crafts for children to play around with. You need minimal materials, just some square paper, and there are activities suitable for all abilities. The ones I list here are easy and I reckon look really good.

Two hard to explain how this one flies – so you will just have to make it and find out.
This was an essential craft in my childhood – make sure your children can make one too. This version has a St Patricks Day flavour.
Only a few more steps involved for this slightly different hat.
Hop your way over to check this craft out.
Learnt and demonstrated by the youngest crafter in our family!
Can’t have a list of origami crafts for children without this one!
This origami craft really just has two folds!
Two Fold Origami Fish
Have fun folding and then have fun snapping.
Paper Snapper
Not quite origami as it involves scissors – lots of fun!
Kirigami Paper Crown
This is one of my favorite Origami sculptures. It is easy to make, and can be used to hold all sorts of things. Origami Star Box Tutorial
This one is so much easier to make than it looks! And super cute too! Origami Bunny Tutorial
origami-tulips This photo combines two different Origami sculptures, a tulip and a leaf and stalk. The leaf and stalk could be used for any Origami flower so it is a handy one. The tulip is a perfect tulip shape and again, really easy to make. Origami Tulip Tutorial Stalk and Leaf Tutorial

For more info about Origami and some basic folds check out my ‘What is Origami?’ article.

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Origami Tumbling Butterfly
May 10th, 2012 by Craftylocks

I love origami crafts that are very simple and create something fun – this is just that sort of paper craft!

You start of course with a square piece of paper. Fold it across the diagonal and unfold to make a crease.

Fold it across the other diagonal.

Fold it back on itself as pictured.

Fold it in half on the crease.

Fold the top part down, so that the fold lines up with the top of the triangle shaped section poking out. Do the same on the other side

Open the wings back up again. It looks a little like a plane or butterfly, hold the small body part with your fingers and throw it like you would a paper plane. It does not fly through the air but tumbles around and around and down – very cool!

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Saint Patricks Day Lucky Guess Clover
Mar 14th, 2012 by Craftylocks


These are lots of fun! If you have not done this paper craft with your children before, this Saint Patrick’s Day craft is a great excuse.

I don’t know what they are called, but I love this idea to use them for Saint Patrick’s Day as a lucky four leaf clover.

Start with a square piece of paper.

Fold it in half and open it out.

Fold it in half again the other way and open it out again.

Fold the corners in to the corners into the center.

Turn it over.

Fold the corners into the center again.

Fold it in half.

Carefully pull out the corners with your fingers pushed into the fold.

Use your fingers to open and shut the center.

Write some words to read around on the outside.

Write some numbers on the center.

And of course, write something on the inside flaps that you open out.

We have written lots of ‘lucky’ things just for Saint Patrick’s Day.

To play it, someone chooses a word which the holder of the ‘clover’ spells out as they open and close the ‘clover’, alternating which center numbers they display. Then the chooser selects a number which is counted out as the holder of the ‘clover’ again opens and closes the ‘clover’. Then finally a number is chosen again and this time the flap is opened and the ‘luck’ is read out.

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Origami Jumping Frog
Sep 12th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Being able to create something out of paper just by folding it is a cool craft in itself – but even more cool when it jumps!

Start with a square of paper. Fold the opposite sides together, unfold and repeat with the other sides. You will now have two creases going across the square.

Fold each of the four corners to the center where the crease cross each other.

Fold the two top edges to the center line.

Fold the triangle at the bottom up.

Fold the two bottom corners to the middle of the bottom edge.

Fold the bottom section up.

On that section you just folded up – fold the top half of it back down to make the frog’s legs.

Fold a small part of the top point down to create the head. Add some eyes so she can see where she is going.

To help her jump, push down near the bottom and slide your finger away from the frog.


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Origami Lily
Jun 7th, 2011 by Craftylocks


The youngest paper crafter in the family followed some instructions on a chart at school to make this origami lily. I thought it was very cool, so she half remembered and half worked out how to make it again. She demonstrates below. My husbands apologies for the quality of the video, and note it is over 5 minutes long – there are a lot of steps, but also a lot of repetition of steps – each fold is repeated four times.


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