Valentine Heart Garland
Feb 7th, 2012 by Craftylocks

Sometimes when you try a craft, you have to try all the different ways of doing it – so we are on a bit of a heart strip theme at the moment, which is perfect timing for Valentines Day.

This simple garland is perfect for Valentines Day but you could also use pastel colors to welcome a new baby or for Easter celebrations.

All you need are some strips of paper and a stapler. I have seen this done by using the strips to make just one heart at a time – but that involves sooooo much extra cutting and picking up strips of paper – so we tried to be clever and used each pair of strips to make three hearts. Seemed like more fun that way but you can make them just one at a time.

Cut strips lengthwise from sheets of printer paper. Heavy weight paper does not cope with the curves for these small hearts and tend to bend instead. They can be any width you like. Just make sure you make them a similar width to each other.

Lay two strips on top of each other and staple near the end.

Separate the strips and drag the unstapled ends down either side of the staple and pinch together with your fingers to get the size heart you prefer.

Fold the strips back up just below where you want to fasten the heart. This makes the start of the next heart. Staple together.

Drag the strips down again to make another heart and repeat the process until you reach the end of the strips. I managed to get three hearts out of each pair of strips but the number will vary depending on the size of your heart.

To add another pair of paper strips to the garland, place one strip of paper either side of the bottom of the last heart with the strips upright and staple together. I used one staple to both secure the bottom of the last heart and to add the new paper strips. Drag the strips down as you have done with the previous hearts and continue until your garland is the required length.

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Easy Paper Strip Bowl
Jan 21st, 2012 by Craftylocks


This is a great wee bowl that is easy to make and requires no glue, but just don’t try and serve ice-cream in it (or soup).

What you need
1 printer size sheet of light card
1 extra strip of card
Hole punch

Cut the piece of card into five strips lengthways. Cut the extra strip of card in to three even lengths. Discard one.

Using the hole punch, punch a hole in both ends of each of the strips of card.

Roll each around a thin stick like a skewer.

Push the rolled card through one hole of each of five strips. Repeat with the other short piece of card.

Twist the strips so they spread out and create the shape of the bowl.

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Paper Plate Spotty Spider
Sep 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Little fingers will love covering the paper plate with sticky spots to make this friendly spider. Attach a loop under the paper plate and this spider can also become a hand puppet.

Hand over a paper plate and some sheets of spot stickers and let the spotting begin.
Poke four pairs of holes into the sides of the paper plate and thread a chenille stick through each pair of holes as pictured.
Add some googly eyes and you are done.
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Instant Zip-lock Bag Butterfly
Jul 26th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This is a paper craft for those looking for super simple crafting!

Great if you want to avoid mess or are in a rush, however children who like to carefully tear up paper and putting things in bags will enjoy taking their time with it.

You just need a zip lock bag, some tissue paper and a chenille stick. You can also use a plastic sandwich bag and sticky tape to close it. Tear up some tissue paper – you can just use two colors which can be quite striking or you can try and squeeze every color you have into it.

Pop the paper into the plastic bag and seal it.

Wind the chenille stick around the middle and use the ends for feelers.

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Two Fold Origami Fish
Feb 18th, 2011 by Craftylocks

This fish takes just TWO FOLDS! Once the children have those two folds mastered they can make and ocean full of fish. Give them lots of different sizes of square paper to make a school of fish. The two folds only need to be approximately as marked in the pictures.

The first fold is on an angle, the line that is folded is drawn here.
Once it is folded it looks like this.
The second, and final fold, is along the line marked.
This is the back off the fish after both folds have been made.
Turn it over and it is starting to look rather fishy.
Completely fishy now!
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Party Monster Pin-up
Nov 6th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is a great party game. We had lots of fun creating some crazy variations of our pin-up monster.

This crafty party game is easy to make. Just cut out a variety of monster ‘parts’, and put some blu-tac on the back of each piece. Blind fold a child and then hand them a body part to attach to the wall or door. We put the main body up first, and put it on our glass sliding door (safety glass of course!).


Each child did not know which body part they were given, although after a few goes they soon worked it out.


After the game was over more fun was had by the children without the blindfold on, re-arranging the monster bits and having lots of laughs.


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