Basic Paper Lantern
Aug 20th, 2012 by Craftylocks

There are some crafts that were such a part of my childhood making stuff, that they are often overlooked in the search for that cool craft to create with our children. And of course, just because I think it was a common craft, it does not mean that everyone knows how to do it!

So just in case you have forgotten about this one, or if you have never done – it is paper lantern time!

All you need is some colored or patterned paper, some scissors and glue.

These lanterns can be made any size so just use what paper you have. This lantern uses scrapbook paper, but you could use paper decorated in a previous crafty, arty session.

Fold your sheet of paper in half. It doesn’t matter if you fold length-ways or width-ways as your lantern will still work but it will affect the shape.

Make a fold a couple of finger widths down from the unfolded edge on both sides. Unfold. This is the line you cut up to.

Cut through the folded edge up to the fold-line. Make each cut about the same width.

Open out and keeping the narrow strip that is not cut at the top and bottom, make it into a tube and glue in place.

Use another strip of paper to make a hanging loop and glue in place on each side of the top.

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Simple Crepe Paper Jelly Fish
Jul 5th, 2012 by Craftylocks

Crepe paper is great, it is light and floaty, stretchy and textured and lends it self to all sorts of crafts … including the tentacles of a jellyfish.

A crafty friend came up with this simple and cheerful design. Not too messy either and would be great to hang for an ocean themed party.

Take a sheet of newspaper and scrunch into a ball several times to make the paper soft and pliable. Make a ball the size you want your jellyfish’s head to be.

Place two layers of crepe paper on a flat surface. The size of the piece of crepe will depend on how big your ball of newspaper is. Make sure to leave lots of overhang to make the tentacles.

Gather the crepe up and around the ball of newspaper and fasten with a chenille stick. Cut off the excess chenille stick and tuck the ends away.

Cut strips in the crepe paper to make the tentacles. It doesn’t matter that they are different lengths or widths but you don’t want them to be too narrow that they tear easily.

Cut the base for the eyes out of some card. Cut out the white for the eyes a little smaller than the base and then draw in the pupils with the black marker. Glue to the card.

Glue eyes to the head of the Jellyfish, and then because he is so cute and ever so easy make another!

We have made something similar a while ago … a super quick Paper Towel Ghost

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Concertina Paper Butterfly
May 23rd, 2012 by Craftylocks

Who would have thought that a chenille stick and couple of pieces of paper could look so beautiful. This craft requires little effort yet looks FANtastic when completed. You can use already decorated paper like scrap-booking paper. They look better if you put the stronger pattern or color on the bottom. You could also use pages from magazines or children’s paintings.

Fold the piece of paper that you have selected to use as the top wings of the butterfly in a concertina. Fold the second piece of paper in the same way but make the folds only 2/3 as wide.
Fold both wings in half and then cut to shape.
Fasten the wings together by twisting a chenille stick around them both.
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Origami Tumbling Butterfly
May 10th, 2012 by Craftylocks

I love origami crafts that are very simple and create something fun – this is just that sort of paper craft!

You start of course with a square piece of paper. Fold it across the diagonal and unfold to make a crease.

Fold it across the other diagonal.

Fold it back on itself as pictured.

Fold it in half on the crease.

Fold the top part down, so that the fold lines up with the top of the triangle shaped section poking out. Do the same on the other side

Open the wings back up again. It looks a little like a plane or butterfly, hold the small body part with your fingers and throw it like you would a paper plane. It does not fly through the air but tumbles around and around and down – very cool!

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Paper and Peg Dino
Apr 16th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This is a no mess paper craft for children, and other creative folk, who like dinosaurs.

You will need some corrugated card and small wooden spring pegs

Fold the corrugated card in half so the textured sides are together.

Draw an outline of the basic shape of a Stegosaurus with the bottom of the feet on the fold. Cut out leaving the bottom of the feet uncut.

Open and fold again so the textured side is on the outside.

Pop your pegs in place and draw an eye with the black marker.

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Paper Cone Mouse
Apr 11th, 2012 by Craftylocks


If I ever do a book of super quick crafts – this mouse will be in it! As well as being speedy to make, you do not even need any glue.
You need a half circle and an oblong shaped pieces of paper.
Roll the half circle into a cone, leaving a small hole at the top of the cone, and tape it together. Cut a slit into the cone as pictured.
Fold the oblong piece of paper in half and cut some ear shapes out of it. Push the ears into the slit.
Push the pipe cleaner through the hole in the cone, roll the end of it into a little ball for the nose and pull the pipe cleaner until the nose is sitting snuggly in place. Add eyes and any other features you may want on your mouse.
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