Star Shape from Snowflake Fold
Mar 4th, 2014 by Craftylocks


Folded up paper and cutting holes in it to create a beautiful star or snowflake shape is a popular craft for a great reason. It is worth knowing a few different ways to fold up the paper to make the most of this technique to create some exciting different results!

This fold is called the snowflake fold.

Fold a square piece of paper in half diagonally.

Fold the two sides across so they point up and cross each other like below. I am sure you could measure to get some precise place to fold, but I don’t think you need to. I did gently fold the long side and pinch at the half way point to mark it with a crease so I knew where to start folding the two sides across. Then I just lined them up across each other roughly before pressing the folds.

Turn over and draw some cut lines or just start cutting. Drawing does help plan where you are going but there is value in just cutting without a plan to start with to see what happens, this will help knowing how to plan the cuts.

Cut out the shapes.

Gently unfold and you have a beautiful star shape.

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Paper Chain Christmas Tree
Dec 13th, 2013 by Craftylocks


This is a fun, no mess craft that looks great hanging on the wall as well as the tree.

You will need card in yellow, red, green and black – I used corrugated card for texture, stapler and staples and scissors and that is all!

Cut the card into 2cm strips. My card came in A4 size so I cut my strips the length of the sheet and then cut them in half. You will need 1 strip of yellow; 16 green; 5 red and 3 black.

Secure the strips into loops using the stapler and assemble as shown.

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Cup Cake Owl
May 18th, 2013 by Craftylocks


Owls are such a great craft subject, and there are many beautiful crafts out there for them, but I think this must be one of the easiest crafty owls to make – perfect for little fingers.

This craft is fun to make, but would also be ideal for putting on a gift card!

You need a cup cake case, which you flatten and then fold the top down a little.

Then fold the sides in to make the wings, on a slight angle as pictured.

Finally add some details. The eyes could be googly ones like we have used or you could just draw them on. Use some scraps of card to make some feet and a beak.

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3D Hearts for Valentines Day
Feb 13th, 2013 by Craftylocks

A lovely excuse to make this lovely paper craft.

A simple craft that I have used before for 3D leaves, because I love how effective it is.

Just make three copies of a heart shape, using a different color for each heart shape. We used a cookie cutter to trace our shape onto some paper.

Fold two of them in half.

Run a strip of glue along the spines of the folded pieces and layer them up on each other and on the flat piece. Once the glue it dry fold out the sides to create your shape.

This can be folded up as part of a card, or even have loving messages written on each ‘leaf’.

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Gridded Pattern Name
Oct 26th, 2012 by Craftylocks

I really like this technique – it gives a cool result even if you have no artistic or creative skills!

To make the pattern, draw up a grid on the paper. Then write the word on top, and rub out the grid lines that are inside the word shapes. You can also do it the other way round and write the word first, then do the grid lines. Color in the shapes using two different colors, alternating them as shown.

We did something similar for a Mosaic Fathers Day Card idea

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Fancy Paper Lantern
Aug 25th, 2012 by Craftylocks

It is still paper lantern time. Getting just a little bit more fancy now, but only a little bit more fancy than the basic paper lantern!

Make a tube out of a length of a sheet of paper. For this lantern, the handiest paper was scrapbook squares – so scrapbook square were used – but any paper is fine.

Roll the another sheet around the tube to measure the circumference. Add a bit for overlap.

Fold the paper in half.

Fold down a strip (about two finger widths) from the open edges as a guide to cut strips to. Unfold.

Cut strips starting at the centre fold up to the fold line. Cut off excess if any.

Leave folded. Starting from the second strip in, cut off every second one at the fold mark. As simple as this seems, it is easy to cut off the wrong one so double check before you cut!

Open out and glue around the tube top and bottom. If there is an overlap that looks messy, cut away the offending strips to make them more uniform.

Attach a loop made from the left over paper.

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