Tissue Paper Flying Fish
Oct 6th, 2012 by Craftylocks


I have always thought these looked beautiful, but worried they may be tricky to make … don’t worry – be crafty, they are simple!
You just need to catch yourself a strip of card, some tissue paper sheets and scraps, and some string. Staple the strip of card into a circle.
Make sure your tissue paper is wide enough to go all the way around the circle, and roll a bit over the strip of card and glue into place. Repeat with another shorter piece of tissue.
Trim the tissue paper to the shapes you want and glue on some details like fins and eyes.
Punch four holes evenly around the cardboard strip and tie a piece of string to each hole. Tie all the pieces of string together.
Hook your fish into a tree to catch a wave in the wind or set the children running with the fish flying behind them.
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Peg and Paper Bat
Sep 28th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This is a lovely little craft for the Halloween season. Stick them to the wall, hang them as a garland or garnish the front of a greeting card.

You will need;
1 plain wooden spring peg – any size
Black card
2 googly eyes
Black paint
Paint brush

Paint the peg black. Remember to open the peg and paint inside as you don’t want to see any
unpainted wood. Leave to dry.

Cut the wing shape from the black card – these should be in proportion to the size of your peg.

Glue the peg to the wings. Stick the googly eyes in place.

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Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern
Sep 24th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This cute and friendly Jack O Lantern craft for children uses the whole paper plate, so there is no waste.

You will need;
1 Paper plate
Some black paper or card
Tissue paper in orange and green
Glue stick

Cut a crescent shape from the top and bottom of the plate.

Trim the crescents into leaf shapes.

Tear the orange tissue into squares. Spread glue onto the plate and stick the tissue pieces on in a
random mosaic. Fold over and glue any pieces that hang over the edge of the plate.

Tear the green tissue into smaller squares than the orange tissue and glue to the leaf shapes.

Stick the leaves under the plate.

Cut the face pieces from the black paper or card and glue to the plate.

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Cardboard Roll Elephant
Sep 20th, 2012 by Craftylocks


I introduced a Crafty Helper – Pippi Pipecleaners a while ago, and this craft is a great example of one of hers – cute and beautifully made. I have had him sitting on my shelf for a few weeks and children and adults alike have commented on how they like him!

What a cute and friendly elephant and so easy to make too. When I stumbled across this craft it was made with sheets of paper rather than empty loo rolls but I can never turn away from the opportunity to use a loo roll or…five! It also made the craft more durable and easier for little hands to do.

You will need 5 empty loo rolls (or cardboard tubes), some paper the color you want your elephant to be and a small amount of white paper. Also some crafty equipment like a glue stick and black marker pen.

Cover the five empty loo rolls with the colored paper (or paint them if you prefer). Glue four of the covered loo rolls together, making sure you have the paper joins hidden. I used pegs to hold the rolls together whilst the glue dried. These are the legs of your elephant.

Cut a sheet of paper to size, drape it over the legs and glue in place by putting a little glue at the bottom of the legs.

Cut out a long triangle shape to make the trunk.

Fold into a concertina …

… and glue onto the front of the body. Take the fifth covered loo roll and run a line of glue along the paper join and stick on top of the legs covering the point where the trunk is attached.

Cut a piece for the tail, fold a couple of times and snip the end to represent hair.

Glue the tail in place.

Fold a piece of paper in half and draw an ear shape making sure the center is on the fold.

Cut out and glue in place.

Cut eye and toenail shapes from the white paper. Use the marker to add pupils to the eyes and glue in place.

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Paper Plate Snappy Dragon
Aug 18th, 2012 by Craftylocks

Oh, such a simple super snappy dragon, and did I mention sooo sweet too?!.

Fold the plate in half and paint it in your choice of dragon colors (my in-house experts advised green).

Paint two holders from an egg carton and glue in some paper for the eyes.

Add some lashes, a tongue and LOTS of sharp teeth.

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Snowy Pine-cone Owl
Aug 11th, 2012 by Craftylocks


Pippi Pipecleaners and I have been ever so busy working on the next newsletter - and not all the creations would fit, so this wee fella got left out in the snow! But he does not mind – he understands that as cute as he is, he is not really a paper craft.

However he does have two bits of card on him, and that whole cuteness factor – so I am letting him hoot out a hello to everyone calling in on the website.

You will need a pine-cone that has opened, some white and black card, and cotton wool. Also some glue to bring him together, as well as a gluestick you will also need a stronger glue like a glue-gun or thick craft glue.

Have a look at your pine-cone and decide which side you want for the front.

Pull pieces from the cotton wool and using a stick, push the cotton wool between the gaps in the pine-cone. Try not to cover the seedpods completely as you want them to add texture to the body of the owl.

Cut a heart shape from the white card that fits your cone. This will become the face of the owl.

Cut two circles from the black card for the eyes and glue on the heart shape. We also added a couple of googly eyes but you could use some white paper to make eyes as well.

Cover the rest of the heart shape with glue. Glue the cotton wool to the face making sure the black eyes are not covered.

Using a glue-gun, apply a liberal amount of glue to the cone and press the face into place. Hold until the glue dries.

Cut a rough foot shape for the bottom of the owl. This will allow your finished owl to stand up. Flatten the bottom of the owl as well as you can by folding out the seedpods. Apply a generous amount of glue using the glue-gun and press the ‘foot’ into place. Hold until dry.

Cover the foot with more cotton wool glued on.

Can you imagine a family of these as a decoration? I can and think that would be a great gift for children to make a teacher.

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