Easter Paper Crafts for Children
Apr 1st, 2015 by Craftylocks


The Easter celebration is another great excuse to do some paper craft with your children!

Creative cup cake case craft for candy!
Cup Case Daffodil Candy Cups
A simple shape to decorate and then it makes a perfect egg holder.
Chicken Easter Egg Cup
Thumbprints are a perfect egg shape, just add a few decorations for some cute Easter eggs
Thumbprint Easter Eggs
Use those cute and clever thumbprints to make a special Easter themed greeting card
thumbprint Easter Egg Card
A very cute craft that is great for Easter treats.
Paper Plate Easter Bunny Basket
Something very cool for older children to craft up for Easter.
Translucent Tissue Paper Easter Egg
A simple idea that can be decorated in any way you like.
Paper Plate Easter Basket
Super simple paper craft for Easter – super handy too!
Paper Cup Easter Baskets
Is it an Easter bag or an Easter bunny?
Easter Bunny Paper Bag
Make a perfectly Easter sized Papier Mache Easter Egg with this method.
Papier Mache Easter Egg
Hop to it and make this super cute bunny for Easter
Brown Paper Bag Bunny
Take a simple tube and make a happy hoppy family.
Paper Tube Easter Bunny Family
Soo cute, perfect for helping entertain little fingers at Easter
Scrunched Tissue Paper Bunny
Use some concertina folds to make an Easter basket.
Easter Bunny Basket
The moving parts on this happy chick will be a hit.
Happy Flappy Easter Chick
My daughter taught me this very cool Easter Egg Card Craft.
Simple Easter Egg Card
A classic craft for a classic holiday – Paper Collage Easter Eggs
A great paper craft for dads! Try an egg version of the paper tumbler for Easter.
These are easy to make and we will be making them in our family for the morning Easter gifts.
See the tutorial – Starbox Tutorial or Worksheet – How to make a Starbox PDF.
This pop-up card technique is easy for children and can be used for any topic. See the tutorial – Tutorial or the PDF worksheet – Worksheet – Pop-up Cards PDF easter_card1
A handy dandy box useful for all sorts of things, including chocolate bunnies! Find out how to make one at the Fold-up Box Tutorial or download the free PDF Worksheet – Fold-up Box fold-up_box-filled3
Easter bunny will have lots of help with these very cute and easy to make origami bunnies. See the Origami Bunny Tutorial or download the free PDF Worksheet – Origami Bunny. origami-bunnies2
A papier mache egg to hide treats in. Made in two halves with layers of newspaper and finished with tissue paper and a ribbon to close it. See the Papier Mache Egg Tutorial, or the PDF Worksheet – Papier Mache Egg. papier-mache_egg_open
This can be a super quick activity if you are using already decorated card like this photo of one egg from all sides. Or it can be a lengthy art activity if you start with white card and decorate it. To find out how to make it please see Stand-up Egg. Check out the Tutorial – Stand-up Shape or print out the PDF Worksheet – Stand-up Shape for step by step instructions. stand-up-egg3
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Watermelon Card
Mar 15th, 2015 by Craftylocks

I love it when for no particular reason, one of the children make up their own paper craft.

I don’t know if she saw an idea for this somewhere else, but on one of the many occassions we had some paper and glue out, the youngest crafter in the family glued together layers of red and greens paper to create a watermelon card with three pages instead of the usual two. I did not get step by step photos so hopefully the ones below give enough information if you also want to make one.

I suggested that we could use it for a birthday invitation, but she did not think that was the theme suited a party invite. Her comment … “What, ‘come to my party, there’s going to be heaps of fruit’! “

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Mother Day Cards
May 8th, 2014 by Craftylocks

Some of my favorite cards for children to craft for Mothers Day and of course Grandmothers Day too.

Mothers Day Tea Bag Card
From all the hits this craft gets, it must be one of the most popular on my site. Have a look and see why everyone likes it so much.
Fold Out Card
A bit of a fancy card, but ever so easy to make.
Secret Message Card
This very clever card is much easier to make than it looks – have a go!
Seeded Paper for Gift Cards
A perfect card and gift combo paper craft.
Accordion Pop-up Card
The front of this card says ‘Thanks …’ and when it opens a whole bunch of flowers pop up and the message is ‘… a bunch’. Much easier to make than it looks.
Concertina Gift Card
What I love about this one is that it combines a card with a gift – and the gift can be little promise notes or special messages. Did I mention that this is also easier than it looks??
Pop-up Garland Card
This card combines two very easy techniques, a simple pop-up card and a paper garland. The flowers from the garland are used on the inside of the card as pictures here, and also on the front of the card and an envelope.
Easy Pop-up Card
Just like the others in this list, this is a great card craft for children to learn. The pop-up section is a separate piece that is glued on.
Heart Shapes Card
This is easy to do and super cute.
Hand and Heart Shape Card
Just right for a special message for someone special.
Tulip Flower Card
Flowers are always great on a card, and this one has two folding out flaps.
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Rolled Paper Shamrock
Mar 13th, 2014 by Craftylocks


Well, this may look more like a rolled paper tree, but the intention was to make a shamrock so we will call it that for now!

I think that the process of rolling the paper to make shapes is great fun. This is a simple little design that did not take much rolling so it is a good example of this paper craft for children to try.

Cut out some strips of paper, you will need three that are the same length and one that is a little shorter. Fold each of the three same length strips in half and then using a thin stick, something like a skewer or knitting needle, roll each end of the paper around it. Do not roll all the way to the fold, leave a little bit of the strip straight, also make sure to have the roll on each end of the paper face each other so that you end up with a heart shape.

Blob some glue onto some paper and arrange the rolled paper into a heart shape and put the three together like pictured. Then use the last shorter strip of paper to make a stalk.

Check out some of my other St Patricks day paper crafts for children.

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Christmas Paper Crafts for Children
Dec 22nd, 2013 by Craftylocks

Tis the season to be crafty!

Paper Strip Bauble
Create these beautiful decorations from very simple materials.
Candy Cane Reindeer
A fun craft to create and also a cool little gift.
Santa Star
Santa is the star of this paper craft for children
Toilet Paper Roll Snowman
Put your rubbish to crafty use
Concertina Angel
This is a beautiful Christmas paper craft
cone-tree-3 Paper Cone Christmas Tree
Make a forest of trees with this cute craft
Paper Cone Santa
Print out the template for this Santa or design your own based on the process.
Egg Carton Christmas Tree
Recycle your egg cartons in a most decorative way.
Christmas Greeting Garland
Keep the children busy decorating a garland to greet friends and family.
Hand and Foot Shape Reindeer
Trace a foot, and print some hands to create this cute reindeer.
Mini Envelope Advent Calendar
Your children can make their own version of this fun Christmas tradition.
Christmas Shape Printed Paper
Just one way of creating decorated paper for your Christmas presents and cards.
Hand Print Santa
Perfect for making Christmas Greeting Cards.
Recycled Egg Carton Decorations
Our children made these years ago and they have been on our tree every year since then.
Slotted Christmas Bauble
These are quite lovely decorations, make them from childrens art work and they would make a great gift!
Paper Cup Santa Boot
A little bit odd, but a lot of fun.
Paper Cup Christmas Bells
A very elegant craft for children to have a go at.
Decorating artwork with santa hats
As well as this being a really great decorating idea, I loved that it was a complete surprise for me.
Paper chain Christmas tree
This is a much better use of paper chains than just trying to make a long garland with them
Easy crepe paper wreath
Nice gluely fun with this one, and then something special to hang on your door
Paper plate Christmas candy
Perfect for decorating a wall of a classroom. Each candy would be different, and together they would all look fantastic
Paper plate santa
Every Christmas house needs one of these on their wall!
Popsicle sticks snowflake
A simple idea that just works really well
Cup cake paper wreath
There are so many ways for children to decorate the paper cups for this wreath
Rudolf the red nosed toilet roll reindeer
A real character for your Christmas crafts and decor
Wooden Peg Rudolf
Oh what a cute Christmas craft
Crepe paper Christmas tree
So pretty!
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Cut Out Shape Webs
Oct 22nd, 2013 by Craftylocks

It is pretty spooky how a few folds and a few cuts creates an awesome web!!

Start with a square piece of paper and fold it in half across the diagonal so that you have a triangle. Fold the triangle in half again so that you have a smaller triangle, and fold it in half some more times.
Trim off the uneven section at the bottom of the triangle, if you trim it as a curve it is quite effective. Cut into the triangle as pictured.
Open the paper up to reveal your spider web design.

After you have tried your first one, I am sure that like us, you will have lots of fun experimenting to see how effective different patterns are.
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