Cotton Bud Dots Paintings
May 20th, 2012 by Craftylocks

We had a child that was disappointed about missing an Australian Aboriginal Art inspired art lesson at school, so we did our own. Wow, how much fun and effective this art technique is

We each used a different way to approach the design to use. We had one using the shape of something – a seahorse, another doing a wavy line and circles, and the third starting with a blob shape. I suggest the blob shape as a great design to use when first having a go with this technique.

So start with a basic design on paper – keep it really simple. Then using cotton buds dipped in paint – start making dots to fill in your shapes and create some very cool patterns.

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Painted Aluminum Foil Easter Egg
Mar 28th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This paint effect can be used to decorate all sorts of shapes but here it is used to make pretty Easter decorations. Use rigid card from an unwanted carton or shoe box if you do not have heavy craft card.

You will need, stiff card, aluminum foil, paint, cotton buds and scissors

Cut out an egg shape from the card.

Tear off a piece of foil bigger than the egg shape, Place the egg shape in the center and fold the foil up over the edges so the front is nice and smooth. You do not have to glue, the foil will stay in place on its own.

Paint a pattern on the egg using different colors. Instead of stripes, you could paint on spots of different colors or a combination of spots and stripes – or even a picture.

Using the cotton bud, make some designs in the wet paint to allow the foil to show through. It is better if you use a new cotton bud for each color paint you have used.

Well that was fun, time to make some more!

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Name Shape Bugs
Mar 10th, 2012 by Craftylocks

This arty paper craft can suit all children’s ages, and no matter how much detail is added to the name it will always look fun in it’s mirror form.

You need to fold a piece of paper in half length ways and write your name in block letters so it is sitting on the fold. Cut around the letters through both thicknesses and then open it up and decorate the mirror name. Display it standing on it’s end and it can look a little like a crazy bug.
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Potato Print Making
Mar 5th, 2012 by Craftylocks


I thought this was quite a fun craft for children, to fit in with St Patrick’s day – decorating paper with potato prints.

Cut your potato in half making the cut surface as flat as possible, this will give a much better print surface.

A nifty way to get a nice shape cut into the potato is to use a cookie cutter shape to press into the potato and then use a knife to cut the potato away up to the edge of the cookie cutter.

Then when you lift the cookie cutter shape away you will have a nice shape ready to start printing with.

To get the paint onto the printing surface of the potato, you can either paint it on with a brush, or spread the paint onto a tray and stamp into the tray and then on the paper.

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Tie Dye Paper
Feb 27th, 2012 by Craftylocks


To be completely honest, this should be called ‘Dip Dye Paper’ as there is not a single bit of tied paper involved – but it sort of follows the tie dye fabric look that we are familiar with – so I will run with it!

You will need a sheet of tissue or similar paper and 3 colors of food coloring

Fold the sheet of tissue in a concertina.

Fold a triangle at one edge.

Continue folding triangles until you are left with a small triangle parcel.

Dip each point into a different colour dye and let it soak in so there is no more white visible.

Give the parcel a gentle squeeze to get rid of the excess dye – do this between sheets of newsprint and keep the parcel flat. Leave overnight to dry.

Be very careful when you unwrap the sheet as it will tear easily if it is still damp.

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Glue Print Fossil Rubbing
Feb 16th, 2012 by Craftylocks

There are so many simple shapes that make great fossil rubbings. Look in some dinosaur books to find some skeletons to use as an inspiration or just make up some crazy dino footprints.

Roughly sketch a skeleton and some foot prints, then dribble some white glue or acrylic paint over the sketch lines.
Leave it to dry – make sure it is completely dry and then place another piece of paper over the bumpy print base and use crayons to color back and forth – making a crayon fossil rubbing of the skeleton picture.
Use a black piece of paper and a white crayon to get an even more fossiled rubbing.
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