Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern
Sep 24th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This cute and friendly Jack O Lantern craft for children uses the whole paper plate, so there is no waste.

You will need;
1 Paper plate
Some black paper or card
Tissue paper in orange and green
Glue stick

Cut a crescent shape from the top and bottom of the plate.

Trim the crescents into leaf shapes.

Tear the orange tissue into squares. Spread glue onto the plate and stick the tissue pieces on in a
random mosaic. Fold over and glue any pieces that hang over the edge of the plate.

Tear the green tissue into smaller squares than the orange tissue and glue to the leaf shapes.

Stick the leaves under the plate.

Cut the face pieces from the black paper or card and glue to the plate.

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Finger in a Matchbox Trick
Jan 18th, 2012 by Craftylocks


A crafty friend told me about the fun she had with this as a child and shared with me how to do it …

“This trick gave me endless entertainment when I was a child. Nearly every child at my school had their ‘cut off’ finger in a match box and even though we were all knew how the trick worked, there was still something pleasingly revolting about looking in the match box. ”

What you will need
1 empty match box
Cotton wool
Red food coloring

Slide the box out of the cover and cut away the sections as shown.

Lay a piece of cotton wool (you could use a folded tissue instead) in the bottom of the box.

Dribble some red food coloring onto the cotton wool about half way down the length of the box. Slide the box back into the cover.

To play the trick, put you index finger into the hole in the bottom and practice holding the box with your thumb and middle finger so it looks natural. Tell your friends that you cut your finger off and ask them if they want to see it. Slide the box open and there your finger will lay looking lifeless on a blood soaked bed of cotton wool!

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Water Monster Costume
Sep 7th, 2011 by Craftylocks


I love making costumes, just as long as I can create them quickly and easily – and for this costume I had some very speedy short-cuts to my water monster outfit.
The secret is out now, so I can finally share some ideas for using paper to make this costume. The secret was that I was a surprise guest at a great friends birthday party – I was unexpected as I had to travel from New Zealand to Australia to go to the party.

There are three main elements to this costume, the first is the basis of green clothes with lots of ragged scraps of green fabric pinned to the clothes and clipped in my hair.

The second element is the mask. The easiest way to make one of these is to start with an old or cheap plastic mask. The one I used was both of those! It was very thin and split plastic – but it had the perfect shape. I trimmed off some off the bottom of the mask as I don’t like them going way down past my chin, they get too hot and stuffy. I also made the eyes bigger and shaped them.

Then I covered the plastic with a few layers of newsprint.

The final layer was green paper, you can use white paper and then paint it the colour you want – but I used green because I had it and I like short-cuts. I then painted my designs on and tied some elastic to make it fit.

The third element and the one that excited me the most because it is just soooo easy and quick, were my flipper style hands and feet. To make these you just cut the shape you want out of some card – making sure that the shape has wrists and ankles on them. On these wrist and ankle sections cut slits so that you can thread either elastic or fabric through to tie them on to your wrists and ankles. Decorate them if you wish, I painted patterns on mine to tie them in with the mask.

Walking with the flippers on is entertaining as you have to lift your feet up each time, but that is part of the fun. I loved that I could hold a glass quite easily with my hand flippers as the hands were free underneath – I did have problems picking up some cake and made a small mess – but that was OK, I just threw the flippers out at the end of the night, as they were so easy to make.

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Hand Print Ghost
Oct 25th, 2010 by Craftylocks
Cover your walls with these ghostly hand prints. ghost-hand3

Just two steps to create a perfectly spootastic picture. Make hand prints using white paint on black paper. Hold your hands closed to make a ghost shape.


When it is dry, add the eye details with a felt or marker pen. If the eyes are on a slant like pictured here they look very ghostly. If your hand print has not left a mouth shape then also add a mouth so your ghost can “Woooooooooo”.


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Paper Towel Ghosts
Oct 22nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

I am very excited by these little ghosties – super quick to toss together using art materials found in the kitchen cupboards.

I first saw a similar craft at Learn Create Love, they went a little further and used paint to make the paper towel ghosts stiff. But I am always looking for the easiest way to do paper crafts for children so I did a bit of adapting to the process, and I think they still look great! paper-towel_ghost5

You just need some paper towels, string, twist ties, a marker pen and some scissors.


Carefully poke a couple of holes in the center of the paper towel and push a twist tie through it. This will become the top of the head.


Bunch up another paper towel and put it in the center of the other towel and close the first paper towel over it and tie it at the base with the string.


Add some ghostly eyes and mouth and hang them about the house in time for Halloween.


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Cut-out Shapes Pumpkin Pictures
Oct 17th, 2010 by Craftylocks

We had such fun making lots of different pumpkin faces with cut out shapes.

Halloween is a great excuse for some great paper crafts for children. These pumpkin faces are lots of fun and easy to do. You just need some basic shapes. I also kept the colors really limited which you do not have to do, but I reckon it has turned out quite effective.

So the shapes you need to cut out are a basic pumpkin shape in orange, and a stalk in green. Then out of black and white paper cut some random mouth shapes, some odd teeth shapes, triangles, circles, and a few eye shapes.



Then hand over some glue to the children and see what pumpkin faces they create.

pumpkin-shapes2 pumpkin-shapes3


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