My Mothers Day Cards
May 9th, 2010 by Craftylocks

The cards my gorgeous children designed and made for me!

mothers-day-2010_iTheir was much closed doors and secret creating going on in the lead up to Mothers Day at our house. I was banned from certain areas of the house as the children made and hid cards. On the day itself I waited in bed for my breakfast and a pile of absolutely fabulous cards.

My daughter had made a couple of cards, one using our favorite pop-up card technique – she designed it and made it all on her own. Note the comment at the bottom about my hair!! Glad to report I safely at my bacon and eggs without any of it getting in my hair.

mothers-day-2010_bThe other card she made is a three fold card and decorated with gel pens, it really sparkles a lot which does not show up in the photo – heaps of work in it.

My son made a card at school tracing some lettering and shading it, but the inside of the card held a real treat – he had written a poem especially for the occasion …
The sunlight filters through
The blowing curtains blue
It drives open your weary eyes
You get up to see the sunrise
You check the clock its five past one (it was the only thing that rhymed with begun)
Meaning that mothers day has begun.

I love it, and the comment about what rhymed with begun was on the card too and we all had a good laugh about it.

Finally they had taken a concertina gift card I had made and added clues to where I could find some presents. I had to work out the code and then I could go on a present hunt. My presents were lots of fun, they had been to the supermarket and chosen things they thought I would like. Some interesting choices … curry mix, beef jerky, white chocolate, gherkins, anchovy stuffed olives, and feijoa tea!

We had a great day with lots of fun and laughter and I did not have to cook a single thing all day. Thanks to my family for a lovely day.

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Easy Pop-up Card
Apr 27th, 2010 by Craftylocks

pop-up flower card close-upPop-up section is a separate piece that has tabs and is glued on – nice and easy!

This pop-up card is a great craft for children to learn, it can be adapted to all sorts of themes. I love cards with flowers as they can be used for most occasions – and, well, when I am not crafting I love to garden!

The bits and pieces you need are lightweight card to make the basic card, and smaller bits of paper to create the pop-up and the flowers. The easy way to work out how to make the pop-up section is to make the width of the paper used a little bit smaller than the width of the card. Fold the paper in half and then fold each side in half again, all folds going the same way so you end up with a square shape. The two sides on the edges will be the tabs that are glued to the card.


shapes-flower-cardBefore gluing the tabs down, assemble the flowers and glue some of them to the inside of the pop-up section and some onto the card behind where the pop will go. You can just glue them all on the pop-up section. Make sure that the ones on the pop-up section stick straight up so that when the card is closed they do not get bent. A really simple way to make a flower for the cover of the card is to use layered shapes, I detail how to do this at Shapes Flower Picture.

Once I started making Mothers Day cards that children can make, I could not stop! The others I have made are listed – Mothers Day Cards

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Accordion Pop-up Card
Apr 21st, 2010 by Craftylocks

This uses a couple of paper crafts for children, both much easier to make than they look.

I have used lots of fun paper crafts in this card. Like all my favorite crafts, this one is easy to make but still has ‘wow’ factor. It is made up of a few elements. The first thing you need a piece of card or heavyweight paper that you make the accordion pleats in. Make the pleats by first folding the card in half, and then folding it back and forth from each side, ending up with the pleats inside the card. The pleats do not need to be very big, but you can make them bigger than I have.

accordian-cardOn my one I added a separate piece of card for the front and back, but you do not need to do this. I had to because I mucked up and used the wrong weight for the inside, it was too light weight to stand as a card, and also my flowers were poking out from the inside – whoops, but it looks great with my wee fix!

accordian-card-sideThen you just need something to attach to the pleats to pop-up when the card is opened. I had lots of little origami flowers that I had made that I needed to use – perfect! I made lots of flowers as they were also really easy and fun – if you want to make some of these check out the Origami Tulip Tutorial and Origami Stalk and Leaf Tutorial.

Something else I have done on this card that is effective and very easy to do, is to layer up a few shapes of decreasing size for putting the message on. It makes a big difference to the writing, it really frames it.

I found the idea for this card in a cool book by Sandi Genovese – Pop-Up Cards. I liked that it covers some basic concepts and shows lots of cool ways of using them. Some cards would be too tricky for kids to attempt on their own though. Templates at the back are supposed to be enlarged on a photocopier – I found them really useful as a guide for what I need to do but did not bother to copy them, that would be a pain.

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Concertina Gift Card
Apr 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A card that can be used for a gift too!

concentina_cardPaper crafts like this one are great for children and grown-ups. What I really really love about this card is that the little pockets can be used to contain all sorts of treats. The most special kind are vouchers promising things like a cup of tea, or dishes washed, that kind of thing. The giver and the recipient both feel good with that sort of gift. I will give this card to my children to see what they come up with – I suspect I may even find carefully drawn pictures of dragons tucked in the pockets!!

concentina-card-elements The elements to make this card are two shapes cut out of cardboard for the front and back of the card, I also cut a smaller matching shape out of paper to layer onto the front. For the card inner you need a piece of paper folded up at the bottom to make the pockets and then folded into a concertina. The paper can already be decorated as in this example, or you can decorate the paper in your own style. In my example I have also cut a decorative edge along the pocket edge.
tags-for-cards All sorts of things can be used to tuck in the pockets – to use in this card I made little tags out of card and tied ribbon to the top of them.
concentina-card-front Assemble the card by gluing the front and back onto the concertina. You also need to run a bit of glue along the open edge at each edge of the concertina so it is closed at each end. I also glued the accent layer on the front and added a dangling note to decorate the front.

Then it is ready for filling the pockets!!

If you want to use the shape I made for the card front and back, I have made a template – card shape that you can print out. I put lots of different sizes, even little ones that you could use for gift tags.

I will update this post after Mothers Day with what ended up in the pockets!

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Pop-up Mothers Day Card
Apr 16th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Flowers all in a row to pass on my thanks!

This is one of the very effective paper crafts for children and an easy pop-up card technique for children to create. It combines a couple of different techniques, you do not need to use both, but I have thrown them both in the mix here to demonstrate two at once.

Mothers Day Card - Garland

The first technique I used was making a paper garland (Paper Garland Tutorial). I then used pencils to give each flower it’s own personality. They are so sweet!! Other ideas for the garland are hearts or stars all in a row, or a person so that their is a row of folk holding hands.

mum-card_garland2Inside the card I made a simple pop up (Pop-up Card Tutorial) to stick on more of my flowers – I had made the garland much too long to fit on the front of the card. You will have to trust me on this, there really is a pop up on the card, it is kinda little and hard to see in the photo – but the action is that when the card is opened the three flowers ‘pop up’ and stand out from the card. To decorate the rest of the card I drew another flower – a big version of my little ones in a row.

But wait, there’s more!! Yet another flower from my garland (the last one I promise) is stuck onto the envelope to make matching set.

mum-card_garland-envelopeIf you want some more ideas for these techniques then check out my other paper garland and an alternative simple pop-up card.

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Mothers Day Tea Bag Card
Apr 16th, 2010 by Craftylocks

t-pot_cardI did not make this up all by myself for paper crafts for children, I made my own version of one that I was given last year as I loved it and it is a great mothers day card. I thought it a really nice idea as it combines home made with a little gift of the tea-bag and the associated tea break. For my version I made a tea pot with a slit in the tea pot lid for the tea bag tab to poke through.

The poem in the tea pot reads …
A cup of tea to say thank you
For all the things you’ve done
And wishes that the day will bring
You happiness and fun.

t-pot_card2I like the idea of providing the children a tea-pot card cut out and they decorate the tea-pot any way they like. My children would likely decorate it with dragons!

If you want a tea-pot template to trace I have one handy, it has two different sizes, coz I like options and I had room on the paper – tea pot template.

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