Stand-up Crocodile Card
May 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Or is it? My son saw this and commented ‘Wow, cool dinosaur!’. So now I am not sure – let me know if you think crocodile or dino.

I found this craft when I was researching ideas for one of the Paper Crafts for Children newsletters. It was not right for the theme of the newsletter but it is right for this site as it is quick and easy and turns out great.

Start with some green paper or lightweight card. Fold it in half and cut the shape like below, make sure the top of the crocodile (dino) is on the fold.

Cut out the mouth shape and cut angled slits along the fold.

Fold the cuts as pictured to make the ridged back of the crocodile (or dino!).

Add some skin texture with bits of paper like I have done, or you could paint or draw on the crocodile (dino) to decorate it. Add some teeth and an eye and then you just have to decide if you have created a dinosaur or a crocodile – well at least they are related.

You can of course write a message on the inside and use it as a greeting card, but the spikes along the back make it hard to open fully and it looks just great as a standing up critter.

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Wedding Day Invite Card Designs
May 13th, 2011 by Craftylocks


When my then boyfriend and I were planning a celebration to mark 10 years together, a wedding seemed like a good idea – that wedding party was 12 years ago now. We were extremely budget conscious at that stage and although my parents were covering many costs, we wanted to do things our way – the handmade way. So the invites for our wedding were handmade, the ones here are all the ideas we tried out – lots of good ideas for paper craft invites.

Or get your children involved and use them to create special cards for Mothers or Fathers Day, or Valentines Day – or don’t wait for a reason, just make them because you want to!

Dribble the shape of some hearts with some acrylic paint and when it is dry color the shapes you have made with dye or runny paint.

Dribble a heart shape with acrylic paint or PVA glue and then use that as a print base to take a print from or do a crayon rubbing.

Cut half of a heart shape out of the fold of the card and then paint a heart shape in gold.

Draw a picture into a polystyrene tray with a pen or sharp pencil. Use that as a print base by dabbing or rolling paint onto it and then using the paper to pick up the image.

Dab around the outside of a heart shape with a suitable color and some gold paint for sparkle.

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Secret Message Card
Apr 26th, 2011 by Craftylocks


I was looking around for some fun card making techniques suitable for children and this one intrigued me. It looked very confusing and complicated but if you follow the steps it really does work – the secret of how it works is in the weaving.

This post must have the most photos of any that I have done! I am not going to check them all to make sure, but it sure feels like a lot – but for good reason – they will help make it really easy to follow the steps and understand how it works. All the techniques used are nice and simple, but the final card is a bit like magic – a very cool paper craft for children.

Start with two pieces of photocopy size paper in two different colors. Fold one piece of paper with three folds into a concertina as pictured here.

Cut slots along the center fold, the cut should go to the next fold, we did four cuts.

They were not measured or evenly spaced but if you like to be accurate you could measure before cutting.

Cut two strips of paper from the other piece of paper. The strips of paper should be the same width as one of the folded sections on the first piece, so that is quarter of the width. Weave the paper strips in and out of the slots.

Fold the card together.

You will be able to carefully pull the card apart along the center fold – the woven strips and slots enable it to be opened along the center fold.

It looks as though it is solid, but it really does open. But you may just have to do it to see what happens!

It opens all the way and hides the part that was open before.

Cut out some tabs and attach them to the part of the card that does not have any weaving.

This will help the recipient work out how to open the card – you can also write ‘pull’ on them to be extra helpful.

Open the card along the center fold again.

Write the first part of your message.

Open the card out and write the hidden part of the message.

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Simple Easter Egg Card
Apr 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks

My daughter was very excited when she told me about this paper craft she learnt about at school – “Cool and simple”!

I was impressed when she showed me the card she had made, and even more impressed when she showed me how to make it.

Fold a piece of paper into three – it does not need to be at all accurate – perfect for my folding skills!

Cut an egg shape out, leaving a flat edge at each end as pictured.

Cut a zig-zag through the top two layers, make sure you do not cut the bottom base layer.

It will have a perfectly matched opening zig-zap section. Perhaps a good message for this card would be ‘I hope you have a cracking good Easter’.

More great Easter crafts on my Easter Paper Crafts for Children list.

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Cards from Bubble Print Decorated Paper
Aug 12th, 2010 by Craftylocks

There are lots of fabulous arty techniques for children that create decorated paper – here is a classic paper craft that uses some of that decorated paper pile.

Cards are needed throughout the year, handmade cards are always a treat to receive. Using some of the children’s own artwork makes a very special card – it is also speedy to create.

These examples show some simple ways that we used some bubble printed paper to make some cards. The first idea just makes a feature of the artwork. Gluing it on a card with a border is enough to make it stand out. decorated_paper_card1
Another way is to cut some shapes from it to make a picture. As well as the fish idea here, you could do a heart, a flower or flowers, a snowman or a present shape. decorated_paper_card2
Work in the reverse and make the hole cut out of the paper your feature. This shape is made by folding the paper into four and cutting into the folded corner. If it was a little bigger it would be perfect as a frame for a little photo of someone. decorated_paper_card4
Finally the shape that has no end of iterations – letters or numbers. To add a bit more effect on this card we cut the ‘DAD’ letters out twice, once out of the decorated paper and once out of a contrast color. Then we arranged them till we were happy with how it looked and glued the letters on. decorated_paper_card3
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Kirigami Butterfly Card
Jun 13th, 2010 by Craftylocks

kirigami_butterfly_card2I thought this was cool as it combines two pop-out shapes on the one card. It is also nice and easy to make.

When the card is standing the butterfly is bent over looking as though is fluttering down to check out the flower. I thought it was a clever idea – but it is not my idea! I found it in a book on Kirigami by Karol Krcmar. Kirigami is a form of Origami that involves cutting the paper as well as folding it. A great version of this paper craft for children as it enables a lot more flexibility.

kirigami_butterfly_card1 To make the card, cut the shapes out as pictured. Do not cut where I have added the red lines, they will be the folding part of the card.

We also crafted another Kirigami piece, a Kirigami Wind Crown.

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