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Jul 8th, 2013 by Craftylocks

This is what can happen to you when it is your birthday, and your colleague has a paper crafts for children blog:-).

I was just going to make some paper chains and planes, but then the paper crafter daughter joined in and we had lots of fun making things to decorate the birthday desk. We made …

Paper chains / garland – we just did plain ones without the message like the ones on the link.
Paper planes – I made a very simple style and the helper made two other fancy ones she knew.
Two fold origami fish – yes, really two folds!
Paper trees
Mirror name – I thought we had done something like this but I cannot find it on the site – some that are similar are Name shape bugs and Gridded pattern names.
Fortune teller – we also made these for St Patricks Day.
Origami lily – one of my younger crafters specialties!

There were more planes spread around the desk out of shot too! It got a few laughs!!

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Construction Blocks Box
Jun 10th, 2013 by Craftylocks


I love that this craft has a useful purpose as well as looking great in the kiddies rooms, and you get to do some recycling too.

You need a sturdy shoebox, 2 or 3 empty card rolls, newspaper torn into small strips, glue and paint.

Cut the card rolls into thirds and place on your shoe box lid in two lines. If your box is smaller you may think two rows of three looks better.

Secure the toilet rolls to the lid using some of the strips of newspaper dipped in glue. Use long thin pieces to cover the top of the toilet rolls making sure you smooth them down well. Continue to cover the rest of the lid with the strips of newspaper until you have three layers over the entire lid. I don’t wait for each layer to dry as I am too impatient. I think of this as a basic form of papier mache.

Make sure you don’t fold the paper under the rim of the lid as you will make it smaller and it won’t fit on the box.

Leave to dry thoroughly.

Paint the box and lid with a good craft paint (if you are going to use a light coloured paint, you may like to use white paper on your last layer of papier mache so the words won’t show through). Leave to dry. To make it even hardier, and also if you have used a cheaper poster paint, you might also want to seal it with a craft varnish.

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Turtle Finger Puppet
Jun 5th, 2013 by Craftylocks


This is another adorable craft made by Pippi Pipecleaners. This technique can be used to make all sorts of finger puppets just change the details to fit the animal you want to make.

You will need card in two shades and all the usual crafty bits like a pencil, scissors, glue stick, googly eyes and sticky tape

Draw two circles on the light green card so they overlap a little. I drew round a side-plate and a mug to get the size I wanted.

Draw on the legs, tail and a bit extra for the nose.

Cut out leaving the overlap uncut. Cut out the slits.

Turn over so you can’t see the pencil line.

Overlap the slits and glue in place with the gluestick. I used my trusty clothes pegs to hold whilst the glue dried and then added sticky tape to the underside to make sure they stayed secure and flat.

Fold out the legs and tails and gently bend the neck so the turtle sits flat.

Decorate your turtle with pieces of the dark green card cut to shape and attach two googly eyes.

Make two rings from strips of card to fit your fingers.

Attach the two rings to another strip of card. Remember to put the rings on your finger first to work out the distance needed between them.

Attach this to the neck of the turtle using the sticky tape.

And it really is a finger puppet …

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May 31st, 2013 by rob the rookie


Sometimes you need a game to keep the children amused for a few minutes. So here is one that can be played with just a pencil and paper. We call it ‘Wordmind’ as you use your mind to guess the word.

Sometimes you need a game to keep the children amused for a few minutes. So here is one that can be played with just a pencil and paper. We call it ‘Wordmind’ as you use your mind to guess the word. It works like this:
One person, the wordmaster, thinks of a word and put a dash for each letter on the paper (similar to ‘hangman‘ at this stage); then the others try to guess what the word is. In this game you guess whole words that are the same length as the number of dashes by writing the word down below the dashes.The wordmaster then marks at the end of your guess a cross (X) for a correct letter in the wrong place or a check (✓) for a correct letter in the correct place.
For example; say the word was ‘craft’ and the guess was ‘black’ then this would earn the following:

  • X for the letter ‘c’ as it is correct but in the wrong place
  • ✓ for the letter ‘a’ as it is correct and in the correct place

So it would look like this

_ _ _ _ _
b l a c k     X ✓

If the next guesses were ‘white’,'green’,'brown’,'brook’ and ‘crate’, then it would look like this:

_ _ _ _ _
b l a c k     X ✓
w h i t e     X
g r e e n     ✓
b r o w n     ✓
b r o o k     ✓
c r a t e     ✓ ✓ ✓ X

By now it might be clear that the first 3 letters are exactly correct and the ‘t’ is just in the wrong place – so it should be at the end. Thus a word that would fit is ‘craft’. Hurray!! The guessers have figured it out.

c r a f t     ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

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Magic Paper Flower
Dec 2nd, 2012 by Craftylocks

Watch the eyes open wide with wonder when you share this magical paper craft.

A bit of science added to a bit of craft creates some magic.

Cut out a flower shape, you can draw your own or print out the magic flower pdf.

Cut the flowers out and fold the petals in.

Drop the folded flower in a small bowl of water, folded petals up, and watch what happens. For a faster result and more impact, use warm water.

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Paper Bag Pinata
Jun 14th, 2012 by Craftylocks

This craft also doubles as two party games, one of them is to make it, the other is to destroy it.

Whenever you get hold of a plain paper bag – keep it for that craft that is sure to come along. Although for this one you can use any paper bag, it does not matter if it is printed.
Cut pieces of tissue paper long enough to go around the bag and then fringe the strips by cutting half way into them along the long edge.
Starting at the bottom, glue the stip onto the bag, leaving the fringing hanging. Repeat with more strips, overlapping them, until the bag is covered. Fill the bag with treats and also paper scrunched up to pad it. Add string to hang it with, if it does not already have handles.
Hang up high and see if it takes longer to destroy than it did to make it. Ours took a while to destroy as the children had to throw balls to break it instead of using a stick.
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