Dad Mosaic Pattern for Fathers Day
Aug 22nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

This simple technique is a great way to jazz up a word.

Dad is a perfect word for making a pattern with this mosaic style technique. We have created a couple variations on this technique. To make the pattern, draw up a grid on the paper – it can be a grid with all straight lines, or with some wavy lines. Then write the word on top, and rub out the grid lines that are inside the word shapes. You can also do it the other way round, and write the word first, and then do the grid lines.

Color in the shapes using two different colors, alternating them as shown below. In this first example we made the pattern stand out by going over all the lines with a black felt.



With the other pattern, we cut it up into a grid and turned it into a mosaic picture by gluing each square onto a black background with a little gap between each one.



We have used this paper craft for children before when we made a Paper Mosaic from a Drawing.

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Paper Cup Trophy
Aug 21st, 2010 by Craftylocks
You need to look twice to realize that this gold trophy came from such humble beginnings as paper cups! trophy5

This is a very effective paper craft for children. The steps are all simple, and the final award, is very rewarding. You just need a couple of paper cups, a pipe cleaner, tape, some card, paper and paint.

Start by taping two paper cups together at the bottom. trophy1
Either use a box lid, or make your own base from a piece of scrap card. Draw a smaller version of your card shape, in the center of your card. Use this guide to cut in from each corner. Crease along all the lines. trophy-base1
Fold the sides and tape as pictured. trophy-base2
Tape the cups to the base. trophy2
Cut a pipe cleaner in half and bend the two pieces into handle shapes. trophy-handles
Attach the handles to the cups – with more tape – phew, the last of the taping! trophy3
Now it is time to cover up the cups, you could paint straight on the cups, or you could cover it with gold tissue. We did not have gold tissue (well I am sure we had some, but perhaps the dog ate it!), so I covered it with white paper first … trophy4
… then painted it gold. Now who deserves this beautiful trophy? Well it is Fathers Day here very soon, so the deserving man who has been a Dad for Decade in our house will be awarded it. trophy_dad
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Fathers Day Crown for King Dad
Aug 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

For Dad’s special day, make him King with a specially crafted crown.

I knew that a crown for dad would be a great Fathers Day craft for the children, but had not planned at all how it would go. So without much thinking about it I cut out a crown shape, wrote the words on it and then handed it over to No 1. Daughter to see what ideas she had.


As it turned out she had plenty of ideas! It is a much better paper craft for children than I was anticipating. First of all she with all the ideas colored in the letters with some cool patterns. Then she used some of her special stickers and arranged them on the points.


But wait, there’s more! She drew and colored and decorated for ages and ages.


I helped out a tiny bit, I added a strip of card at the back so that it would fit around a head, stapled it together and we have a crown waiting for a King. He will have to wait until Fathers day though, can’t have him being the boss for more than one day a year!!


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