Paper Cup Easter Baskets
Mar 31st, 2012 by Craftylocks

Another craft and so soon! This is thanks to some help from a crafty friend of mine – as soon as we can think of a suitable craftilicious name for her (which I am sure you appreciate is critical), then I will introduce her properly. But for now, back to the craft …


This is an easy basket for children to craft up and fill with baking or other treats for a gift for someone, but make sure they make one to keep as well.

You will need:
Paper cup
Glue stick
Split pins
Pin or other sharp object

Paint the paper cups and let them dry. Well this is what we did – you may have another preferred method of decorating them.

Decorate with little squares of paper or card. You could of course use any little treasures in your craft box or even write a special message on the cup.

Poke two holes in each side of the cup for the split pins using something sharp. Cut two strips from card to make the handles.

Poke a split pin through each end of each strip and then attach it to the cup using the holes. I crossed the handles over before securing to the cup.

The final two steps are pretty important so make sure you follow them very carefully.
1. Fill the cup with treats
2. Eat the treats

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Painted Aluminum Foil Easter Egg
Mar 28th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This paint effect can be used to decorate all sorts of shapes but here it is used to make pretty Easter decorations. Use rigid card from an unwanted carton or shoe box if you do not have heavy craft card.

You will need, stiff card, aluminum foil, paint, cotton buds and scissors

Cut out an egg shape from the card.

Tear off a piece of foil bigger than the egg shape, Place the egg shape in the center and fold the foil up over the edges so the front is nice and smooth. You do not have to glue, the foil will stay in place on its own.

Paint a pattern on the egg using different colors. Instead of stripes, you could paint on spots of different colors or a combination of spots and stripes – or even a picture.

Using the cotton bud, make some designs in the wet paint to allow the foil to show through. It is better if you use a new cotton bud for each color paint you have used.

Well that was fun, time to make some more!

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Paper Layer Hat
Mar 20th, 2012 by Craftylocks


A few layers and a little glue create a solid structure – strong enough to support flowers for a Spring bonnet, and hard enough for a dress-up helmet.
You need a bowl for the shape, and then layer up some plain paper and newspaper with some wallpaper paste in between each layer. We used four layers of newspaper and two of plain paper. Shape the layers into a hat shape while they wet.
Add some more strips around the brim of the hat to tidy it up if you wish, then leave it to dry.
Decorate to suit your season or occasion.
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Paper Plate Chicken
May 24th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Use lots of hand shapes and a paper plate to make this chirpy chick!

You will need:

Paper plate

1 red hand shape, 2 yellow hand shapes, 2-6 white hand shapes

Assemble the shapes as pictured. For the red comb and yellow feet we thought that the chicken looked better without the thumb on each hand shape. On the wings we layered up some hand shapes and curled the fingers a little to give the wings a feathery look.
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Paper Tube Easter Bunny Family
Apr 23rd, 2011 by Craftylocks


This wee family will be a great addition to the Easter basket and are fun to make too.

We made these with colored card to make the tubes but you can also use empty toilet paper rolls and paint them. Just make sure you paint the inside of the tube and give them plenty of time to dry.

Cut various width strips from photocopy paper size card. This will give you family members of different heights.

Roll the card to the diameter tube you wish, make a mark and cut off the excess.

Draw on the eyes. Make a hole with the pin to insert the split pin for the nose or glue on a small pompom. Draw on the whiskers.

From the offcuts from the card, draw two ears for each tube and color the centers with a pink crayon. Cut out using the scissors. Glue into place and leave to dry.

Glue one edge of the card and roll into a tube. Keep in place with clothes pegs or paper clips till dry.

Cut bows from scraps of papers to use as bow ties for the boys or hair bows for the girls. Glue into place.

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Scrunched Tissue Paper Easter Bunny
Apr 20th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This tissue paper craft is all about creating texture and this cute yellow bunny looks good enough to cuddle.

Draw the outline of a simple bunny shape. I used bowls to trace circles for the body and head. Don’t forget to leave room on the card to draw in the ears but use the whole sheet of card so the picture is not too fiddly to fill in. Draw in the ear, eyes and nose details and cut the bunny shape out.

Tear the tissue paper into small strips.

Scrunch one strip at a time and then dip it into the glue. Stick it in place on the bunny shape. It is best to do the eyes, nose and the pink centers of the ears first.

Fill in the rest of the bunny with the scrunched tissue. I used smaller pieces of tissue around the eyes, nose and ear details.

I covered the card completely with tightly packed tissue but you can play with the texture by scrunching the tissue paper less and letting the color of the card show through. Leave to dry well before cuddling!

More great Easter crafts on my Easter Paper Crafts for Children list.

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