Tie Dye Paper
Feb 27th, 2012 by Craftylocks


To be completely honest, this should be called ‘Dip Dye Paper’ as there is not a single bit of tied paper involved – but it sort of follows the tie dye fabric look that we are familiar with – so I will run with it!

You will need a sheet of tissue or similar paper and 3 colors of food coloring

Fold the sheet of tissue in a concertina.

Fold a triangle at one edge.

Continue folding triangles until you are left with a small triangle parcel.

Dip each point into a different colour dye and let it soak in so there is no more white visible.

Give the parcel a gentle squeeze to get rid of the excess dye – do this between sheets of newsprint and keep the parcel flat. Leave overnight to dry.

Be very careful when you unwrap the sheet as it will tear easily if it is still damp.

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Glue Print Fossil Rubbing
Feb 16th, 2012 by Craftylocks

There are so many simple shapes that make great fossil rubbings. Look in some dinosaur books to find some skeletons to use as an inspiration or just make up some crazy dino footprints.

Roughly sketch a skeleton and some foot prints, then dribble some white glue or acrylic paint over the sketch lines.
Leave it to dry – make sure it is completely dry and then place another piece of paper over the bumpy print base and use crayons to color back and forth – making a crayon fossil rubbing of the skeleton picture.
Use a black piece of paper and a white crayon to get an even more fossiled rubbing.
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Using Crepe Paper to Dye Paper
Jan 5th, 2012 by Craftylocks


Let your imagination run wild with this technique. You can make random patterns or mosaic pictures using this technique and it is lots of fun.

What you will need;
Crepe paper in different colors
Sheets of printer paper
Spray bottle of water

Lay a sheet of paper on the tray. Place the pieces of crepe paper in the pattern you wish.

Spray liberally with water. The more water you spray on the crepe paper the more intense the color transferred. Do not be afraid of getting the paper quite wet.

Lay another sheet of printer paper over the wet crepe paper and put another layer of crepe paper. Continue with as many layers as you wish making sure you spray water over each layer. It is a bit like making a lasagna and it means you will have paper dyed on both sides.

Press down to make sure the water penetrates and leave for 10 minutes. Remove layers and hang each sheet to dry.

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Wiped Paint Rocket
Aug 18th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Add a bit drama to a simple crayoned picture with this technique. It is especially good for pictures in a dark setting like a night time scene, a forest or a space craft rocketing through space.

Draw and color in a picture with crayons. It is good to have some white paper left on the picture. Paint over the entire picture with a dark colored paint, and before it dries, wipe the paint off the crayoned sections. The crayon will resist the paint and it will wipe off easily while the paint is still wet. The paint will soak into the paper and make the crayoned parts stand out.
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Splattered Paint Space Scene
Jul 30th, 2011 by Craftylocks

When I saw this idea I was a bit suspicious as it looked too effective for the simple steps – I thought it may have taken a long time or many practice runs to achieve this affect. But not so, it really is quite simple. Note that this is my attempt, not a child’s, but it is my first attempt.

Pop your black paper in a box to protect the general surround from paint, or head outside. Then to make the milky way background – splatter some white paint onto a black piece of paper by flicking it on with an old toothbrush
Start off your planets by drawing some circles on your paper and then use a rag or a piece of sponge to drag paint on in a curve. Use one color from one side and then use a different color from the other side. The colors will mix up a bit but that just adds to the effect.
Then put this bit of paper in a box to contain the splatters, and splatter some contrasting colors onto the planets.
Once everything is dry, cut out the planets and arrange them on the milky way for a very effective space scene. Now you just need a few space crafts or Martians.
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Crayon Batik Fish Picture
Jul 2nd, 2011 by Craftylocks

This fabulously fishy picture was made with the crayon batik technique. The full steps for this art technique is at Paper and Crayon Batik.

In summary the steps are …

- take a beautifully crayoned picture and screw it up

- smooth it out reasonably flat again

- brush on some watery paint or dye, something that will be resisted by the crayon

- use a paper towel to soak up any excess paint or dye.
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