Tissue Paper Window Rocket
Aug 2nd, 2012 by Craftylocks

This project takes a bit of set up by a grown up, but even quite young children can do the tissue paper part of the process, and that is where all the fun is. You will need coverseal, black paper and bits of tissue paper.

Cut a shape out of black paper and attach it to the sticky side of some coverseal. You could also draw a shape onto the ‘not-sticky’ side of the coverseal – if you do that make sure the lines are thick.
Stick bits of tissue paper onto the sticky side of the coverseal until all the sticky bits are covered up.
It does not matter if the tissue paper goes outside the lines.
Cut the shape out, following the edge of the black shape and trimming any overlapping bits of tissue in the process. Display in a window so the light from our special star can shine through the tissue paper.

We have also made a tissue paper window bird.

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Patterns in a Scribble and Grid Pattern
Jun 11th, 2012 by Craftylocks

We have been creating all sorts of arty crafty creations for our next newsletter, and inspired by what we were doing, our 10 year old came up with this. I reckon it is better than anything I did!

She started by folding and then ruling the paper into 8 sections. Then she drew a simple scribble on top. The lines from the grid and the curves from the scribble created lots of interesting shapes on the paper. That was the easy part – then she filled each section with a different pattern or design all in crayon. She also went over the lines with a black crayon to emphasize them and give a border to each shape.

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Concertina Paper Butterfly
May 23rd, 2012 by Craftylocks

Who would have thought that a chenille stick and couple of pieces of paper could look so beautiful. This craft requires little effort yet looks FANtastic when completed. You can use already decorated paper like scrap-booking paper. They look better if you put the stronger pattern or color on the bottom. You could also use pages from magazines or children’s paintings.

Fold the piece of paper that you have selected to use as the top wings of the butterfly in a concertina. Fold the second piece of paper in the same way but make the folds only 2/3 as wide.
Fold both wings in half and then cut to shape.
Fasten the wings together by twisting a chenille stick around them both.
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Cotton Bud Dots Paintings
May 20th, 2012 by Craftylocks

We had a child that was disappointed about missing an Australian Aboriginal Art inspired art lesson at school, so we did our own. Wow, how much fun and effective this art technique is

We each used a different way to approach the design to use. We had one using the shape of something – a seahorse, another doing a wavy line and circles, and the third starting with a blob shape. I suggest the blob shape as a great design to use when first having a go with this technique.

So start with a basic design on paper – keep it really simple. Then using cotton buds dipped in paint – start making dots to fill in your shapes and create some very cool patterns.

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Painted Aluminum Foil Easter Egg
Mar 28th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This paint effect can be used to decorate all sorts of shapes but here it is used to make pretty Easter decorations. Use rigid card from an unwanted carton or shoe box if you do not have heavy craft card.

You will need, stiff card, aluminum foil, paint, cotton buds and scissors

Cut out an egg shape from the card.

Tear off a piece of foil bigger than the egg shape, Place the egg shape in the center and fold the foil up over the edges so the front is nice and smooth. You do not have to glue, the foil will stay in place on its own.

Paint a pattern on the egg using different colors. Instead of stripes, you could paint on spots of different colors or a combination of spots and stripes – or even a picture.

Using the cotton bud, make some designs in the wet paint to allow the foil to show through. It is better if you use a new cotton bud for each color paint you have used.

Well that was fun, time to make some more!

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Potato Print Making
Mar 5th, 2012 by Craftylocks


I thought this was quite a fun craft for children, to fit in with St Patrick’s day – decorating paper with potato prints.

Cut your potato in half making the cut surface as flat as possible, this will give a much better print surface.

A nifty way to get a nice shape cut into the potato is to use a cookie cutter shape to press into the potato and then use a knife to cut the potato away up to the edge of the cookie cutter.

Then when you lift the cookie cutter shape away you will have a nice shape ready to start printing with.

To get the paint onto the printing surface of the potato, you can either paint it on with a brush, or spread the paint onto a tray and stamp into the tray and then on the paper.

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