Owl Dress Up
Aug 14th, 2014 by Craftylocks

Who who who needs a great dress-up for book week at school? Two parts here to make a hootrific costume.

To make the vest and the mask you need lots of black, brown and white crepe paper. You also need some card and paper and all those things for joining them together like glue and staples.

Fold the crepe paper up, cut a strip from each color and set it aside for the mask. Then cut feather shapes from them. You will then need a piece of paper big enough to cover the wearers front.
Glue the brown and white feathers alternately round an oval shape in the middle of the paper. Put glue at the top of the feather so they will be able to flutter.
Cover the rest of the paper with black and brown feathers. You could also make this as a cape and not have the tummy section – just all brown and black feathers. Use safety pins to attach it to whatever the owl to be is wearing.
From the rolls of crepe paper cut off earlier, snip a fringe 3/4 the way into each roll.
Unroll the black crepe fringe and glue in a circle around each side of the mask to create an eye. You will need to gather the crepe paper a little for it to go round in a curve so use lots of glue so you can slide it around to the shape you want.

Glue the brown crepe fringe in the same way just slightly in from the line of the black crepe. Repeat with the white crepe fringe.
We added a circle of plain paper to tidy up the edge of the eyes before cutting the eyeholes. Staple on some elastic to fit.
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Easy Crepe Paper Wreath
Dec 10th, 2013 by Craftylocks


I love the texture scrunched up paper gives to crafts and it works so well on a Christmas wreath.

You will need heavy card – recycling an old box is perfect!, also green and red crepe Paper, and glue.

Cut a wreath shape the size you want from the heavy card.

Cut the green crepe paper into large squares approximately 10 cm square. You do not have to be accurate with this at all but if you want some height to the ‘foliage’ then you probably don’t want to go much smaller.

Lightly scrunch the crepe paper so the cut edges face out. Dip the other end in the glue and stick on the wreath shape. Continue until the whole wreath is covered.

At this point you can use anything you like to decorate your wreath. I was tempted to wire in some old dismantled Christmas decorations or nestle in some pom poms but decided to stay with the crepe paper theme.

Cut a 2cm wide strip of red crepe paper. Using your thumb and forefinger, twist each section twice before moving on to the next.

Make the red crepe paper rope into a bow leaving long strands to drape around the wreath.

Thanks Pippi Pipecleaners for this cool craft!!

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Tube and Crepe Paper Draped Tree
Aug 16th, 2013 by Craftylocks

Pippi Pipecleaners came up with this craft when she was left with lots of scraps of brown crepe paper from a previous craft. The crepe paper gives the trunk lots of texture and looks surprisingly close to real bark. Make some Newspaper Trees and Paper Trees as well and you will soon have a forest.

You will need a cardboard tube, some brown and green crepe paper – brown and green, a glue stick and scissors.

Cut the brown crepe paper into large scraps.
Apply glue liberally to the tube so that when you put the crepe paper on it will slide around and create folds to make the bark-like texture.

When it dry cut straight down from the top of the tube to create the branches of the tree.

Cut thin shreds of green crepe paper.

Drape and glue in place on the branches of the tree.

You could make different styles of tree by covering the branches in little balls of tissue paper or use real bark and dried leaves for a great autumn craft.

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Simple Crepe Paper Jelly Fish
Jul 5th, 2012 by Craftylocks

Crepe paper is great, it is light and floaty, stretchy and textured and lends it self to all sorts of crafts … including the tentacles of a jellyfish.

A crafty friend came up with this simple and cheerful design. Not too messy either and would be great to hang for an ocean themed party.

Take a sheet of newspaper and scrunch into a ball several times to make the paper soft and pliable. Make a ball the size you want your jellyfish’s head to be.

Place two layers of crepe paper on a flat surface. The size of the piece of crepe will depend on how big your ball of newspaper is. Make sure to leave lots of overhang to make the tentacles.

Gather the crepe up and around the ball of newspaper and fasten with a chenille stick. Cut off the excess chenille stick and tuck the ends away.

Cut strips in the crepe paper to make the tentacles. It doesn’t matter that they are different lengths or widths but you don’t want them to be too narrow that they tear easily.

Cut the base for the eyes out of some card. Cut out the white for the eyes a little smaller than the base and then draw in the pupils with the black marker. Glue to the card.

Glue eyes to the head of the Jellyfish, and then because he is so cute and ever so easy make another!

We have made something similar a while ago … a super quick Paper Towel Ghost

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Using Crepe Paper to Dye Paper
Jan 5th, 2012 by Craftylocks


Let your imagination run wild with this technique. You can make random patterns or mosaic pictures using this technique and it is lots of fun.

What you will need;
Crepe paper in different colors
Sheets of printer paper
Spray bottle of water

Lay a sheet of paper on the tray. Place the pieces of crepe paper in the pattern you wish.

Spray liberally with water. The more water you spray on the crepe paper the more intense the color transferred. Do not be afraid of getting the paper quite wet.

Lay another sheet of printer paper over the wet crepe paper and put another layer of crepe paper. Continue with as many layers as you wish making sure you spray water over each layer. It is a bit like making a lasagna and it means you will have paper dyed on both sides.

Press down to make sure the water penetrates and leave for 10 minutes. Remove layers and hang each sheet to dry.

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Crepe Paper Christmas Tree
Dec 23rd, 2011 by Craftylocks

Have I got time to sneak one more craft in before Christmas? I think so – let’s try this one!

This is a lovely wee tree that uses crepe paper twist chains to decorate it.

What you will need
1 US letter or A4 sheet of card
Crepe paper in the colour of your choice
Glue stick

Trace around a dinner plate and fold to make a half circle. Cut out with the scissors and fold over to create a cone shape. Glue to secure.

Cut a strip from the end of the folded crepe paper.

Unroll and using your thumb and forefinger, twist twice to secure. Repeat along the length of crepe paper using your thumb as a guide to get a uniform size.

Cover the cone shape with glue from the glue stick and then attach the crepe paper chain starting at the top of the tree and spiralling down. Repeat with the other colours of crepe paper.

This tree looks good as it is but you could add some glitter shapes, pompoms or whatever you fancy.

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