Collage Paper Rocket
Mar 30th, 2011 by Craftylocks

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make a perfect rocket collage. Gather together lots of bits of textured paper and card, or get crumpling some paper to make it textured yourself. Add some other items like bottle caps if you wish.

We used paper spirals, corrugated card, some paper we screwed up and smoothed out, screwed up balls of tissue and some thick lumpy card to make our rocket.

When we started we were not worrying about the colors of the paper as the plan was to paint the whole rocket silver, but we quite like it as it is. So the silver paint idea is still orbiting and may make a landing one day!

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Party Monster Pin-up
Nov 6th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is a great party game. We had lots of fun creating some crazy variations of our pin-up monster.

This crafty party game is easy to make. Just cut out a variety of monster ‘parts’, and put some blu-tac on the back of each piece. Blind fold a child and then hand them a body part to attach to the wall or door. We put the main body up first, and put it on our glass sliding door (safety glass of course!).


Each child did not know which body part they were given, although after a few goes they soon worked it out.


After the game was over more fun was had by the children without the blindfold on, re-arranging the monster bits and having lots of laughs.


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Tissue Paper Window Picture
Oct 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

I love tissue paper, I love how it is so transparent, so I was delighted when we made this completely see through tissue paper picture for a window.

Well, I suppose you could have it on a wall, but it should really be where you can see the light shine through the paper. I have tried other ways of making a tissue paper collage, but it did not pass my easy to do test! I want to find paper crafts for children that are easy to do and work, and this one is pretty good.

You need plastic contact paper, some black paper and bits of torn or cut up tissue paper. Cut the outline of a simple shape out of the black paper. Peel the cover paper of the plastic contact and stick the black shape onto it.

Now hand it over to the children to do their thing with lots of bits of tissue paper. Their thing being covering all the sticky bits of contact paper with tissue paper. My daughter had a lovely time carefully selecting and arranging the colors on her bird. It doesn’t matter if the tissue paper goes over the edges of the black paper. When they have finished adding the tissue paper, cut the shape out again – trimming off any overlapping tissue paper.


Display on a window to really appreciate the colors of the tissue paper.


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Fruit Paper Collage
Sep 20th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Don’t forget about some of the great fun to be had with the classic paper crafts for children like collage.

collage-fruit1Collage can be made with all sorts of materials, and that is part of the fun of it! If you want some more information about collage I have an article – What is Collage?

I like how these two collage use many of the different gorgeous papers we have at home. My daughter and I sorted through a treasure trove of paper and selected some to make a fruity collage. I worked on just one fruit, but my daughter was much more ambitious and created a whole bowlful!

collage-fruit2 collage-fruit3
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Stone Decorated Box
Aug 10th, 2010 by Craftylocks

We decorated a treasure box with some mementos from a fabulous and very rugged beach on the west coast of New Zealand.

We rode the transalpine train to reach the other side of the South Island to spend the night. We were staying in a beach front motel, and wandered out from our room to check out the beach. It was incredible! It was wild with white topped mountains in full view and crashing waves. But the best thing was the stones. The beach was made up of all sorts of stones, a fabulous range of colors and patterns from translucent white stones, to spotty black and green, flat and thin as card ones, ones with layers in them like icing. Of course we filled our pockets with as many as we could to bring home.

greymouth_beach2 greymouth_beach1

We sorted through and found lots of little ones to cover the lid of a spare box we had. One stone was perfect for a knob, we glued it on first with thick glue – impasto gel medium.


We then glued all the others around it. It is a collage made out of stones!


The glue dried clear and we have a very nice box which is also a memory from a very special trip.


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Torn Paper Collage
Jul 24th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A collage can be made up of all sorts of materials, paper is one of the easiest to find and use.

paper-collageThis fantastic tiger collage was made many years ago. It is a made up of a cut out drawing and bits of torn and cut paper. The bits of paper are layered up and glued in place. I love the texture the torn paper gives to this collage. Cutting out their drawing and the shaped bits of paper is great practice for young children’s scissor skills. Looking at this picture, I think that I may have cut out my daughters tiger drawing for her, and then she cut and tore out the shapes used for the stripes and the foliage.

Collage is one of the essential paper crafts for children. To find out a little more about collage check out my ‘What is Collage?‘ article.

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