Cut Up Shapes Picture
Apr 22nd, 2013 by Craftylocks

Colorful and easy – it also suits a wide range of ages!

Roughly chop up some bits of colored paper. Glue some onto a piece of black paper.
Arrange another layer on top of them, overlapping them but letting bits of the first layer show.
Repeat with another layer.
Stop when you are happy with the shapes and colors, or if it is bedtime – whichever comes first.
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Collage Name
Oct 14th, 2012 by Craftylocks

It is not just an educational activity, it is fun too! Finding, cutting, assembling and gluing – lots of paper crafty fun for young children who are learning how to spell their name.

Gather together some advertising brochures, and some magazines that you do not mind sacrificing to craft – and hunt out some letters. Try and find a selection of letters and then pick out the best ones to make the name. Glue them onto some bright colored paper and use another color for a border.
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Fish from Shapes
Sep 27th, 2011 by Craftylocks

I initially thought that this is a good one mainly for younger children as it is easy for them to do and is also a great way to learn about some basic shapes. They can make a fish with the prepared shapes or cut out some of their own shapes. However our older children had a go and created some fantastic fish out of all sorts of shapes, and none of them were what I was expecting, they were far more exciting! It is sometimes worth while to try things with different ages and see what happens!

Cut out lots of different shapes of paper.
Arrange them until the fish you want swims into shape.
Glue your fishy shapes down.
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Paper Collage Easter Eggs
Apr 13th, 2011 by Craftylocks
Put out some materials and leave them to it – it is exciting to see what can be created using the classic paper craft of collage!

These ones are some that I created when playing with this technique. Now that I know it is both fun and easy it makes it onto the paper crafts for children site and it makes it onto our Easter activity list – I am looking forward to seeing what our children do with it, I know it will be much more exciting than mine!

Start with some basic egg shapes cut out of some paper, make them nice and big. Gather together bits and bobs that can be used to decorate the eggs. We have used chocolate wrappers and scraps of paper from other projects. I cut them up into shapes ready for them to use. But also have handy some more paper and scissors in case the children would like to cut up their own patterns.

Then just arrange and glue before proudly displaying on a wall.

More great Easter crafts on my Easter Paper Crafts for Children list.

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Collage Paper Rocket
Mar 30th, 2011 by Craftylocks

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make a perfect rocket collage. Gather together lots of bits of textured paper and card, or get crumpling some paper to make it textured yourself. Add some other items like bottle caps if you wish.

We used paper spirals, corrugated card, some paper we screwed up and smoothed out, screwed up balls of tissue and some thick lumpy card to make our rocket.

When we started we were not worrying about the colors of the paper as the plan was to paint the whole rocket silver, but we quite like it as it is. So the silver paint idea is still orbiting and may make a landing one day!

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Party Monster Pin-up
Nov 6th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is a great party game. We had lots of fun creating some crazy variations of our pin-up monster.

This crafty party game is easy to make. Just cut out a variety of monster ‘parts’, and put some blu-tac on the back of each piece. Blind fold a child and then hand them a body part to attach to the wall or door. We put the main body up first, and put it on our glass sliding door (safety glass of course!).


Each child did not know which body part they were given, although after a few goes they soon worked it out.


After the game was over more fun was had by the children without the blindfold on, re-arranging the monster bits and having lots of laughs.


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