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Hello and welcome to another issue of Paper Crafts for Children

Hoot Hoot Hooray, it is an owlicious crafty newsletter this time. Owl be wishing you a hootastic time with these adorable crafts and ...

... owl be back with more crafts next time,
Sarah Craftylocks

Paper Bag Owl Puppet

This owl stands up nicely on its own by opening the bottom of the bag, or you can slip your hand inside and use it for a puppet.

You will need a paper bag with a rectangle bottom, 2 paper muffin cups, some black card, some orange card, and some sheets of card in other colors.

Place the paper bag flat, with the bottom flap at the top and facing you. This will become the head of the owl. Glue the cups onto the flap of the paper bag.
Cut two black circles out of card to fit the bottom of the paper muffin cups. Cut a pie slice out of each. Stick these into the bottom of each muffin cup and glue onto the paper bag flap for the eyes.
Cut a long triangle for the beak out of the orange card and glue into place.
Cut an oval from the second piece of card and draw 'v' shapes to represent feathers. Glue this to the belly of the owl.
Fold the piece of card you want to use for the wings in half and draw and cut out a wing shape.
Open the wing shapes out and cut along the fold line to make two wings.
Glue the wings to the top inside fold of the bag. Cut out two triangles from the excess card used to make the wings and glue to the top of the bag for the ears of the owl.
Card Roll Owl

This colorful character is a hoot!

You will need an empty toilet roll or roll of card, some colored paper in a variety of colours, a small piece of black card and a small piece of white paper.

Cover the toilet roll with a piece of colored paper. To make great owl ears, cut a half moon shape from the front and back of the top of the toilet roll so they meet at a peak at each side.
Cut strips from colored paper long enough to circle the toilet roll. Make lots of cuts along the strips making sure you don't cut right through. These will be the feathers of the owl.
Carefully run the 'feathers' along the edge of a pair of scissors to make them curl. Be gentle as it is easy to pull them off. Glue each feather strip around the toilet roll leaving a gap in the front with the two top strips.
For the tummy cut out an oval from colored paper and draw small 'v' shapes for feathers. Wait till you have made the eyes before gluing in place so you can work out the best place to put the tummy.
Use the black card to cut out a pair of eyes. Using this as a template cut out another pair of eyes using the white paper and then cut them a little smaller. Draw in some pupils.
Cut out a small triangle from orange and glue to the back of the eyes to form the beak.
Owl Garland

Coming up with great interpretations of crafts is not just something the grown ups do! The youngest crafter in the family wanted to create an owl garland and what hootastic idea she had to design her garland so that her owls sit on a branch.

A garland is a classic simple idea for a craft, you just fold a strip of paper into a concertina and then cut a shape that goes from side to side and then open it out.
But to make it even easier I have made a fold out paper garland tutorial. To get this great branch effect, make sure you draw your owl sitting on a branch that goes all the way across the paper.
Stand-Up Owl Card

This is one of those evolving crafts - starts as one thing and ends as another. This started as an owl card idea and it could still be that, but you might just want to make the stand up owl and forget the card bit - have a go and see where it takes you.

Print the Stand-up Owl Template onto some card, or print on paper and transfer it onto some card. If you want to send this as a card, then just color all the shapes in and send it with a message and with instructions to the recipient to cut it out and assemble.
I have left the design simple enough that the artist can use lots of their own ideas of patterns and colors. Once the shapes are cut out then it can be assembled to stand up as pictured.
Dress-Up Owl

Who who who needs a great dress-up for book week at school? Two parts here to make a hootrific costume.
To make the vest and the mask you need lots of black, brown and white crepe paper. You also need some card and paper and all those things for joining them together like glue and staples.

Fold the crepe paper up, cut a strip from each color and set it aside for the mask. Then cut feather shapes from them. You will then need a piece of paper big enough to cover the wearers front.
Glue the brown and white feathers alternately round an oval shape in the middle of the paper. Put glue at the top of the feather so they will be able to flutter.
Cover the rest of the paper with black and brown feathers. You could also make this as a cape and not have the tummy section - just all brown and black feathers. Use safety pins to attach it to whatever the owl to be is wearing.
From the rolls of crepe paper cut off earlier, snip a fringe 3/4 the way into each roll.
Unroll the black crepe fringe and glue in a circle around each side of the mask to create an eye. You will need to gather the crepe paper a little for it to go round in a curve so use lots of glue so you can slide it around to the shape you want.
Glue the brown crepe fringe in the same way just slightly in from the line of the black crepe. Repeat with the white crepe fringe.
We added a circle of plain paper to tidy up the edge of the eyes before cutting the eyeholes. Staple on some elastic to fit.
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