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The Paper Crafts for Children newsletter is currently a monthly issue of fun paper crafts based around a theme like flowers, hands, or water. Many of the ideas will be low mess ones that are easy to start and quick to finish. Although making a mess is an important part of arts and crafts with children, sometimes we just need something easy to do.

I try to have ideas that once the children have learnt what to do, they can repeat them independently – so they will learn skills and create some craft they, and you, will be very proud of. I hope you join me on this crafty adventure with paper.

Yours in craftiness,
Sarah Craftylocks

Newletter feedback
“Hi Sarah as a mum of 3 small children I really enjoy your newsletter. Is it possible to have more craft ideas for younger children? Many thanks! Andrina. Ps I love seeing your in Nz as well!”

“I’ve used your site for over a year now. Working with students ages three to twelve your site offers great activities adaptable for each audience in my charge. Thank you for being so generous with your creativity. I’m on a zero budget and must rely on the simplicity of interesting tasks to keep my darlings engaged.”

“I love ur newsletter when I get a chance to read it.
I create some of the crafts with my little siblings, they love it!
You should think about making a YouTube channel, where u make some of the crafts, I would subscribe.

“Hello Sarah,
Yes I do enjoy your newsletter, I came across your website on a google search and loved the creative ideas.
My son is 9 and just loves making things with paper and he always puts his own creative spin on the things he does.
Thank you for your efforts.

“Hi, Sarah. I subscribed for your site and I like to found something interessting for my work in daycare.
If you want I can send you my ideas, maybe you will them like too.

“Hi Sarah! I enjoy receiving your newsletter (it’s great) and also searching for projects on your site. Thanks for all you share.

“easy paper craft folds activities to my 6 yr. Old daughter. Please”

I’m teaching art for children, and trying to see related sites .
many thanks

“Hi Sarah
I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old kids. simple paper crafts are very useful i think.
I find your crafts very interesting and easy to make.

“Hi Sarah,
It must be close to a year now and I always forward your newsletter to my sister – she is teacher in elementary school.
I have already done a few things with Lea my daughter and with my nephew.
I like it a lot
Thanks and kind regards,Sylvie”

“hi sarah
its very interesting and my 7 year old son really enjoyed a few craft we tried to do….
it is really helping me with his projects that we have to present in school. Thanks and keep teaching us.
God bless

this is peyton
i would love to learn some of your awsome crafts too teach my class so hope you can tell and show me your awsome crafts thanks”

“Yes I have recently joined. For many years I have made cards and being interested in craft work for children, particularly my grandchildren, two of which are growing up now but the other two (all girls) are aged 6 and 8 and I look for fresh ideas to do with them or whatever, so thank you for your site. Kath”

“Hi Sarah.
I’m a childminder so im hoping to get some activity ideas from you.
Many thanks.

“Hi Sarah,
I think your newsletter is really great and I get a lot out of it. I’m pretty rubbish at leaving feedback and contributing to forums, so apologies for that. I teach an English and Craft class to primary school children in Hamburg, Germany (I’m English) and have used several of your ideas. Specifically the paper chain ghost and the loo roll flowers. Fortunately we are allowed to use toilet rolls here, the Nanny State in England has banned them as unhygienic which is a bit of a bore. What I like about your ideas is that they don’t use expensive ‘ingredients’ but give really good results nonetheless. I also like reading about your life over in New Zealand, it seems very idyllic and I’m interested in gardening too. As you might imagine, I look at loads of craft websites and am always pleased to come back to yours because the layout is very simple and not cluttered with advertising. I like the way that if something goes wrong you adapt to incorporate it and I like the way you write. There, enough of an ego boost??
Keep going, I do hope you’re managing to make some money out of it too!
With best wishes,

“Hi Sarah,
Greetings! Whenever I receive your mail I click and see your new
creation. I really enjoyed the origami and other crafts. I have learnt
many of the crafts which are really good for the students.
Regards, Chiradeep”

“Thanks Sarah, I teach New Entrants and find your ideas simple and fun for the children to follow. Keep up the good work!

“Sunshine Card is very nice……..This is very Meaning full Card……..”

“Hi Sarah,
I like your crafts. They are easy to make with kids. So, continue with the good work.

“Hi Sarah, the resources are wonderful. I already made with my classroom a lot of thinks. Thanks very much for sharing an keep on doing a very good work. Regards Manuela”

“Hi Sarah!
Thank you for the warm welcome. I really love your newsletter, it gives me lots of inspiration 🙂
Always looking forward for it!

“Hello and thank you for your newsletter. I am teaching or as I like to say instructing because I am not a Full time teacher.
I work at the Boys and Girls Club here in Arkansas and It is so helpful to see your pics and directions are easy to read.
Somedays I feel like the kids think i’m all knowing because I bring them new projects.
I honestly tell them that I do lots of research to find their fun projects.
I am trained in Graphic Design but I hope to finish my BFA Soon in Studio Arts, Ceramics.
Thanks again for your wonderful newsletter.

“Thx sarah I think they r just too cute god bless
thanx… it really helps me to teach craft to my kid.”

“Thanks for getting in touch!
I really liked your ideas for papercraft for children & with your permission I plan to adapt a few for our school activities. When we supplement academics with some of these activities we are able to catch the attention of children better & it helps in honing the motor skills well.
Congratulations for wonderful & easy to do paper crafts.

“Hi, I found your website looking for Mother’s Day craft ideas for my children to make – I found such fantastic ideas that I just had to subscribe to your newsletter! I’ve already made use of some of the ideas today – rolling painty marbles was a big hit with all. Thank you for such a great informative site / newsletters – I look forward to many more great ideas! Thanks, Tracey”

loved the ‘love you this much’ craft. surely am going to try it
thanks a lot, bye”

“Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the welcome. I love the things you show us, but I’m not the crafty one in my household.
Here it’s my 3 year old son, who loves to do these sorts of things. Except he’s not really able yet.
I’d like to see more simple things that a 3 year old (boy) could do more to help with, like placing the cutouts or decorating stuff.
He’s not so good with scissors yet, so I have to do the cutting…
Thanks again,

“Hi Sarah
Thank you for your latest newletter.
It will be more helpful if you could include pictures of the activities.
Thank you

Hi Sujatha,

Thanks for letting me know that you are having a problem. The images should be there but are likely to have been removed by an email server on the way to you. Please follow the link here to see the online version where you should then see lots of pictures of the activities. I hope you enjoy them.

Please note the online version link is always at the bottom of the newsletter in case you have this problem again.

Best regards,

“Hi Sarah,
Thank you so much for the nice ideas!
I like the crafts with paper hand, papier mache, painting techniques, paper plate.
Attachted please find a paper hand picture made partially by my 4 year old son, for the birthday of his grandfather.
Best regards,

I love your website!
I am a school based Occupational Therapist who is always looking for new ideas to challenge my students, while having fun and learning at the same time.
I also pass on your ideas to my daughter who is an early childhood teacher. I’m so glad I found your website. It’s fantastic!!

“Hi, Sarah!
I just received your current newsletter…and I simply LOVE all the ideas! I am a grandmother of 2 little girls, ages 5 and 6….and I am always doing cool crafts with them! They, in turn, have the “”craft-bug””….and enjoy all sorts of fun ideas! THANK YOU!! Keep up the good work!!
(Enjoyed reading your bio on your website! What an exciting….never-a-dull-moment life you’ve led!
Deb from NH, USA”

“Thank you! They are so beautifull and easy!”

I’m really delighted that I subscribed. I really love all your amazing crafts! I especially thank you for giving me such a warm welcome. Thank you! Looking forward to much crafts.

Sarah I don’t how to thank U, I learned a lot from U.
I pray God will bless U in every thing U do.

“I AM a lecturer and your articles are very good . I’m learning new ideas. Thank you a lot
Dear Sarah, your beautiful newsletter has arrived. Thank you so much! The projects are easy to do and quite impressive. I am a Montessori nursery teacher in Athens, Greece and I intent to make good use of your work. Thank you very much!”

“Hi, and thank you; this is a nice personal touch! I like what I see so far. I work at an Almost Home program in the mornings, kindergartners through fourth grade. Always on the look out for simple crafts and you sure have a lot of great ones! Take care”

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September 18th, 2012 at 11:25 am

loved the owl series – you are extremely talon – ted – thanks for everything – The Jensen Family

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