Hand Shape and Finger Print Tree
Mar 16th, 2011 by Craftylocks
This is a very effective way of making a tree – perhaps this one is an apple tree! I have used a similar technique for an Autumn Tree, but instead of finger prints we used scrunched tissue paper for that one.

You will need;
Brown paper for the trunk

Trace around a hand and forearm on the brown paper for the trunk and branches of the tree. Cut the hand and arm shape out and glue it another sheet of paper.

Dot on lots of green paint using fingertips. This creates a lovely leafy tree.

Add some apples or flowers with a different colored paint. We have made our apples with thumb prints, or perhaps they are cherries! Either way they look just like something any tree would be thrilled to have on it’s branches.

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Paper Flower Lei
Nov 30th, 2010 by Craftylocks

It is currently summer here in New Zealand, and my garden is full of roses. So thinking of flowers I went back to one of the first newsletters I sent out and was excited when I re-discovered this craft. It is its turn to adorn the paper crafts for children site.paper-lei3

Celebrate summer with this fun to make version of the Hawaiian Lei.

You will need:
– colored paper
– drinking straws cut into short lengths
– scissors
– wool and darning needle


Cut out some flower shapes, or if you want to go off on your own tangent, you could cut all sorts of other shapes. String them onto some wool by threading a piece of straw alternating with a paper shape. Keep going until it is long enough.

Then tie it off, put it on and do the ‘hula’!


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Seasonal Concertina Picture
Nov 3rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

Make yourself comfortable, this paper craft for children has quite a few steps. All lots of fun of course, and a very cool result. This post is much longer than my usual ones, but I could not think of anything to leave out

This picture works well with opposites like a day and night picture, a happy and a sad face or seasonal changes. Your pictures need to be on exactly the same size pieces of paper. I used photocopy paper folded in half.



On my basic crayoned tree shapes I added different details suitable for each season.


I painted dye (or food coloring) over the pictures and the artwork is ready for the next stage.


To make a concertina that is the right size I started with a piece of light card the same size as the photocopy paper. I cut it in half and taped it together so that the card is double the width of each picture. I started to make the concertina by folding it in half and then each half again until I had the folds in the right place for the concertina.


A more accurate way would be to measure it all and rule lines to fold along, if you care about detail then I suggest you do this. But I tend to try the easy way first, and this worked out fine.


Then fold or measure the pictures and cut them so that the bits are the same size as the faces of the concertina. Be careful to keep all the bits in the right order together.


Finally glue a strip from each picture on to the concertina card, alternating between the two pictures.


When you stand them up and look at an angle your concertina picture quickly flips from one view …


… to another.


Then on this one turn it over for another view …


… and another.


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Hand Print Butterfly
Aug 3rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

Another of the quick and easy paper crafts for children.

Hand prints can be used as the basis for all sorts of critters and creations. This butterfly is made up of four hand prints for the wings, and one hand side print for the body. Then I just used a marker to create an outline for the wings and draw the antennae. Finally I added some dots and splodge patterns on the wings and my hand print butterfly is done. Even if you used the same paint and same colored marker or felt, no two butterflies would be the same!


I think this would look good cut out and attached to a stick for poking in an indoor potted plant. A lot of these would look great on a classroom wall.

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Simple Paper Daisy
Jul 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A flower theme is perfect for paper crafts. This flower is easy and speedy to make, not just for children, but crafters of any age.

The technique used for this daisy is easy to adapt for other flowers. Start with a circle and draw a face in the center.


Cut lines from the outside to the face edge.


Fold every second ‘petal’ to the back of the flower. If like I did, you end up with the wrong amount of ‘petals’, you will need to cut another line in to create another ‘petal’ and then fold them back.


Pinch all the folded back ‘petals’ together and wrap a pipe cleaner around them to hold them together and to create the stalk.


A perfect wee paper craft daisy.


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Summer Paper Crafts for Children
Jun 28th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Celebrate the sunshine with these easy and speedy paper crafts for children.

Paper Cup Case Flowers
Paper cup cases are not just great for making cup cakes,they make gorgeous flowers too!
Red Paper Hand Shape Lilies
Find out how to make these very elegant flowers at the Tutorial – Paper Hand Lily
Paper Plate Sunflower
What summer crafts list for children would be complete without a sunflower?!
rolled paper flowers Rolled Paper Flowers
I think these would make gorgeous decorations, and they are simple to make!
Shapes Flower Picture
A simple technique for creating cool looking flowers for pictures or cards.
Cup Cake Cases Bunch of Flowers
Another way to make craft some flowers from paper cup cake cases.
Toilet Roll Butterfly
Bring a bit of wildlife inside with this fluttery butterfly.
Crepe Paper Dragonflies
Another summer critter to quickly craft out of crepe paper.
Stand Up Lizard
These lazy lizards will bask in your admiration once you have crafted them out of paper.
Textured Paint Ice-creams
Yum – these look good enough to eat!
Mirror Picture Butterfly
Summer is the time for butterflies, and the time for butterfly paper crafts for children.
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