Accordion Pop-up Card
Apr 21st, 2010 by Craftylocks

This uses a couple of paper crafts for children, both much easier to make than they look.

I have used lots of fun paper crafts in this card. Like all my favorite crafts, this one is easy to make but still has ‘wow’ factor. It is made up of a few elements. The first thing you need a piece of card or heavyweight paper that you make the accordion pleats in. Make the pleats by first folding the card in half, and then folding it back and forth from each side, ending up with the pleats inside the card. The pleats do not need to be very big, but you can make them bigger than I have.

accordian-cardOn my one I added a separate piece of card for the front and back, but you do not need to do this. I had to because I mucked up and used the wrong weight for the inside, it was too light weight to stand as a card, and also my flowers were poking out from the inside – whoops, but it looks great with my wee fix!

accordian-card-sideThen you just need something to attach to the pleats to pop-up when the card is opened. I had lots of little origami flowers that I had made that I needed to use – perfect! I made lots of flowers as they were also really easy and fun – if you want to make some of these check out the Origami Tulip Tutorial and Origami Stalk and Leaf Tutorial.

Something else I have done on this card that is effective and very easy to do, is to layer up a few shapes of decreasing size for putting the message on. It makes a big difference to the writing, it really frames it.

I found the idea for this card in a cool book by Sandi Genovese – Pop-Up Cards. I liked that it covers some basic concepts and shows lots of cool ways of using them. Some cards would be too tricky for kids to attempt on their own though. Templates at the back are supposed to be enlarged on a photocopier – I found them really useful as a guide for what I need to do but did not bother to copy them, that would be a pain.

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Easy Tissue Paper Flowers
Apr 2nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

Blooming Tissue Paper

tissue-flowers11This a fun paper crafts for children that grown ups love too! Great results really fast, and you can make so many variations, my kinda craft. I first did these as an activity at my daughters ‘crafty’ 7th birthday party – they were a huge hit. And even better, after a few simple instructions the party goers were all able to make them independently. I have started to get a little more creative with them and made some with fancy stamens and different types of petals. Any tissue paper shape that can be threaded onto the pipe cleaner is worth trying!


If you want to make these then have a look at the free step by step tutorial. Or download the free PDF Worksheet on how to make these – PDF Worksheet – Tissue Paper Flowers.
Also for a bit of fun, a speedy demo – Speedy Tissue Paper Flower Demonstration Movie

This is great for spring – check out other spring craft ideas.

My original idea came from the excellent book by Klutz; Tissue Paper Flowers. It makes it really easy to follow and has lots of ideas for uses.

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Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial
Apr 2nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

The materials you need are just tissue paper and pipe cleaners. It is a ‘not very messy’ paper crafts for children – we need those sometimes!

tissue-flowers1 Cut various shapes from tissue paper. The shapes do not need to be neat.
tissue-flowers2 Roll one end of a pipe cleaner into a snug spiral.
tissue-flowers3 Start threading the pieces of tissue onto
the pipe cleaner.
tissue-flowers4 Keep threading more pieces of tissues
onto the pipe cleaner.
tissue-flowers5 Push all the tissue to the end and
scrunch and shape the flower.
tissue-flowers7 Now make lots of flowers using different colors and shapes.

Download the printable version of the worksheet. Worksheet – Tissue Paper Flowers PDF.

See the super speedy demo Speedy Tissue Paper Flower Demo

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Spring Blossom Tissue Tree
Mar 28th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Blossoms to life with tissue paper.

tissue_blossom-tree2This is a great impact for not much effort activity! For those parts of the world approaching spring it is also perfect seasonal arty crafty fun for kids. Blow ink, or runny paint, or dye, or food coloring around on some paper with a straw – make sure that if the children are doing this that they practice BLOWING first. Try to blow in one general direction to get some branch shapes. Then glue on little scrunched up bits of pink or white tissue paper on or near the branches. An super duper paper crafts for children activity with WOW impact!

Watch as this tree pops into life in the Blossom Tree Movie

This is great for spring – check out other spring craft ideas.

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Blossom Tree POPS into Life
Mar 28th, 2010 by Craftylocks

The movie I made at the same time I made the blossom tree …

For the final piece and instructions on how to make this pop over to Blossoming Tissue Tree

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