Spring Paper Crafts for Children
Mar 2nd, 2011 by Craftylocks

Yay for spring!! Celebrate with these paper crafts for children gorgeous blossoms and flowers …

Seasonal Concertina Picture
Cover the four seasons with this craft.
Hand Shape Sheep
You may need to use your imagination to see the sheep in our version – but whatever you call it, it is still fun to do.
Flower Pencil Topper
Lots of great things about this craft.
Paper Hand Lily
A handy craft to know how to make.
Origami tulips are very effective and super easy to make. Make the Origami Tulip Flower and Origami Stalk and Leaf separately and glue them together. origami-tulips
Tissue paper daffodils are pretty realistic. Cut two circles for the inner trumpet and the two with the petal shape for the petals, crease the outer petals as well. See the general tissue paper step by step tutorial. Or download the PDF Worksheet on how to make these – PDF Worksheet – Tissue Paper Flowers. tissue_daffodils2
Spring blossom tree is easy and fun to make – instructions at Blossoming Tissue Tree tissue_blossom-tree2
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Seasonal Concertina Picture
Nov 3rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

Make yourself comfortable, this paper craft for children has quite a few steps. All lots of fun of course, and a very cool result. This post is much longer than my usual ones, but I could not think of anything to leave out

This picture works well with opposites like a day and night picture, a happy and a sad face or seasonal changes. Your pictures need to be on exactly the same size pieces of paper. I used photocopy paper folded in half.



On my basic crayoned tree shapes I added different details suitable for each season.


I painted dye (or food coloring) over the pictures and the artwork is ready for the next stage.


To make a concertina that is the right size I started with a piece of light card the same size as the photocopy paper. I cut it in half and taped it together so that the card is double the width of each picture. I started to make the concertina by folding it in half and then each half again until I had the folds in the right place for the concertina.


A more accurate way would be to measure it all and rule lines to fold along, if you care about detail then I suggest you do this. But I tend to try the easy way first, and this worked out fine.


Then fold or measure the pictures and cut them so that the bits are the same size as the faces of the concertina. Be careful to keep all the bits in the right order together.


Finally glue a strip from each picture on to the concertina card, alternating between the two pictures.


When you stand them up and look at an angle your concertina picture quickly flips from one view …


… to another.


Then on this one turn it over for another view …


… and another.


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Hand Shape Sheep
Sep 7th, 2010 by Craftylocks

If you have seen this paper craft for children before it was probably created to look a lot more like a real sheep than our one!

Usually the hand print will be black and the cotton balls will be white – and that does look very effective. But we found these gorgeous colored cotton balls in our cupboard, so ours is a rainbow spring lamb!

Start with a hand print which will become the legs and head of the sheep – so choose the color that you think will be fun for that.


Glue on the cotton balls.


Add details with a black felt, add hooves, ears and a face. We also added a comment from our sheep just in case anyone thought it was a dog – anyone like our children!!


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Chicken Socks Book Review
Jul 3rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

chicken-socks_flowerMy darling husband is slightly challenged in the gift purchasing front but this time he got it right!

He went for a trip to Australia to visit family and came back with presents for us all. He didn’t try to get me perfume or clothes that I would not like, he bought me something I would use, a paper crafts for children related book! Just my thing … the Chicken Socks ‘Make your own Paper Flowers’ book. I think that these books are really great as they introduce not just paper crafts, but all sorts of activities, in a way that makes it so easy for the children (and this grown-up) to follow.

chicken-socks_vase The technique it uses is on the rather basic side so it is probably not that fabulous for at home use. You could just follow the Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial for a similar result. However it is brilliant if you are going to be traveling and want to bring out an activity that has everything already all sorted, nothing to cut, or glue!! It also has some fun add ons like stickers, tags, a doily holder and the watering can vase pictured. It would be a very safe gift for any little girl.
chicken-socks_snap One change I suggest to the instructions is to roll the top of the pipe cleaner into a spiral and not to twist it around itself on the stem as pictured here. I found that when I twisted it around the stem it made it harder to push the petals up the pipe cleaner – not impossible, but I thought it could be frustrating for small fingers.

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Flower Pencil Topper
Jun 1st, 2010 by Craftylocks

This decorative topper for a pencil ticks lots of paper crafts for children requirements!

It is quick and easy and the results are great. And although mess is an important part of arts and crafts with children, sometimes we need something that is no mess, and this craft is one of those. It is also a cheap way of making a useful little gift for someone. We have used paper already printed with a pattern for our flower pencil topper but to make it more personal you could use decorated paper from something like painting with balls or wheels or leaf printing.

I have made a flower pencil topper tutorial which shows all the steps, but in summary the steps are …
1. You need an oblong/rectangle piece of paper.
2. Fold it a few times and cut slits in it from one end almost all the way to the other end. Cut parallel to the fold lines but make sure you do not cut the fold lines.
3. Unfold and then wrap the paper around the pencil and tape in place. Pattern to the inside and cut bits at the top.
4. Bend down the cut bits of paper to open them up like a flower. If you want you can also roll some of the paper strips around a pencil to curl them.

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Paper Hand Lily Tutorial
May 6th, 2010 by Craftylocks

For this speedy paper craft you need children’s hands to trace around, paper and scissors, tape, and chenille sticks or pipe cleaners to make the stem and stamen.

hand-shape The basis of these lilies are hand shapes. So the first step is to trace around a hand and cut the shape out.
hand-lily1 Roll the hand into a cone shape and tape it near the base. Leave a small hole at the bottom of the cone shape.
hand-lily2 Wrap each finger around a pen …
hand-lily4 … to curl the petals
hand-lily_pipe-cleaners2 Twist the end of a green piece of pipe cleaner around the middle of a short piece of pipe cleaner. Fold that short piece up and curl over at each end.
hand-lily Push the pipe cleaner stalk through the lily to make the stalk and stamen.

To see these in red have a look at some other Hand Shape Lilies.
Download the printable version of the worksheet – PDF Worksheet – Hand Lilies.

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