Autumn / Fall Crafts for Children
Oct 8th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Gathered up in this list are lots of autumnal paper crafts for children. So if it is Autumn or Fall in your part of the world, I hope you find some fun crafty ideas here.

Leaf Print Person
Have fun getting some leaf rubbings and then have more fun using them.
Autumn / Fall Leaves Collage
Use the leaves as your inspiration to make a collage with all the beautiful colors of the season.
Autumn or Fall Hand Leaf Tree
Our version of a family tree.
Three Dimensional Leaf
Layer up some leaf shapes with a little bit of glue to hold them in the middle and you have an easy effective 3D Leaf.
Printing with Apples
Apples are ready for harvest as all the leaves turn golden and red. Printmaking from apples and other Autumn or Fall harvest fruit and vegetables is lots of fun and a great introduction to printmaking.
Hand Shape and Tissue Paper Tree
Another great way to use children’s hand shapes. Add scrunched tissue paper for a gorgeous Autumn / Fall tree.
Leaf Template Printing
Make some very cool decorated paper to use in all sorts of paper crafts for children with this classic art technique.
Paper Leaf Tree Spirit Fan
With pink paper, glitter and jewels – a leaf shape can become a magical fan.
Leaf Printing
Pick up some patterns from nature with some leaf prints.
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Paper Leaf Tree Spirit Fan
Oct 7th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Tree’s are beautiful and powerful things, and if there are such a thing as a tree spirit, it will surely need a magical leaf fan like this one.

leaf-fanAnd it is only fair that leaves also get a chance to be pink and bejeweled! So when you get back from an autumn stroll, get out the bright card, the glitter and gems. Use a leaf as an inspiration for the shape and sketch, or trace the shape onto the card. Add a handle onto the shape, or glue one on at the end. Then decorate the leaf in a manner fit for a magical creature, or a forest princess.

If you want to try some more leafy crafts I have more at Autumn or Fall paper crafts for children.

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Leaf People Picture
Sep 12th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is a great seasonal craft for Autumn or Fall. You can create a person from the actual leaves, or to make it last longer, use leaf rubbings.

leaf-manI love the process of collecting the leaf rubbings. You need to find leaves that are not too dry or brittle to collect rubbings from. Lay the leaf or leaves on a flat surface and lay a piece of paper over it. Using a pencil or a crayon, color on top of the leaf and the texture from the leaf will create the picture on the paper.

Some leaves create a better image as they have more defined ridges on them – it is lots of fun to experiment to see which leaves create the best image.

Once you have lots of rubbings you can cut them out to create a picture. I like making a person as it is recognizable and easy to do, but each one will still turn out differently. You could even make a skirt out of leaves and dress the leaf person up.

The hunt to find items suitable for crayon rubbings makes this a very enjoyable art and craft activity for children. To see what else you can do with them have a look at our Crayon Rubbings Collage Picture.

I have some more Autumn or Fall paper crafts for children @ Autumn/Fall crafts for Children

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Leaf Template Printing
May 27th, 2010 by Craftylocks

leaf-printsNo need to make a stencil for this printmaking, leaves all around us provide the perfect ready made shapes.

This is one of the decorative paper crafts for children – lots of cross-over into art! The results from this are beautiful, just a few of the craft uses for this leaf printed paper could be for cards or wrapping paper, or as a frame for a drawing about collecting the leaves.

First collect your leaves! You will need:

– leaves
– paint and paper
– dabber (a bunched up piece of sponge to dab paint instructions to make them here)

leaf-printingArrange the leaves on your paper and dab the darkest paint around the edges of each leaf so that when you lift it off you can see the shape of the leaf on the paper. Once it is dry arrange your leaves on the paper again, in different places. Alternatively you could use different ones if you prefer. Dab a lighter color paint around the leaves this time so that the first darker layer shows through still. We have just used red and yellow in our leaf print but you could use more if you wanted.

When we had finished the leaves we had used looked really good too with extra colors around their edges! I will have to try and think which of the paper crafts for children I could use them for now. If you want to try some other leaf crafts for children there are more at Autumn / Fall Crafts for Children.


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Leaf Prints
May 14th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Children can study nature and create some artwork to use in other paper crafts with this printmaking technique.

leaf-print-paintLeaves are such a great subject for children’s art and craft. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and are usually pretty easy to come by. For the children, collecting leaves is part of the fun of the activity. Then their artwork reminds them of the collecting experience. Probably why I have so many leaf related artworks and crafts!

As I mentioned in the apple printing activity, once you start using objects to print with you keep thinking of more to try. So once you are all set up for printing the leaves, move onto anything else that the children suggest.

To make the leaf prints use a paintbrush or dabber, (scraps of material bunched up and secured with a rubber band) to apply paint to one side of a leaf. Place the leaf face down on some paper, place some scrap paper on top and press gently (the scrap paper protects the print from fingerprints).

This is a great activity for autumn when leaves are making such a display, but is also fine in summer when the leaves are still green. If you want to try some other leaf crafts for children there are more at Autumn / Fall Crafts for Children.

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Sun Printing Failure
May 11th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Do not try this at home, or school, or at Gran’s place!

Well if you do at least do not do it the way that I did – it was what is called a learning experience! I had seen someone else do some gorgeous sun prints that used a special light sensitive paper, they looked really great but I like using what I have at home, not having to buy any special materials. Although I love shopping, when I want to craft I want to do it straight away – no waiting!

sun-print1I reckoned that ‘sugar’ paper fades really fast when you do not want it to, so I would use that instead. I found some interesting leaves, put my paper on a sunny window sill, grabbed some handy chestnuts to hold the leaves in place – and then instructed all to leave them alone. Now the sun does a lot of things, and one of them is to dry out stuff – which is proceeded to do with my leaves. So of course they shriveled and curled up – not really a nice clean leaf edge any more. My final print turned out to be some blurry blobs of color on the paper, not so good. However I have seen it used in other places with things that do not curl and shrivel, they used keys and scissors – perhaps I will have to try again!

sun-print2 sun-print3

wood-burnerBut there was another interesting outcome – sort of related, remember I used chestnuts to hold down the leaves! We are over-run with chestnuts at the moment, we quite like them but never get around to cooking them, and we would still have too many to eat anyway.

So my husband took the chestnuts and threw them in the wood-burner. Now as he full knows – chestnuts expand when hot, which is why we usually cut little slits in the tops of them before cooking them. Hehehe – I can hassle him on this one for ages. The explosions started – little bits of chestnut were splattered all over the inside of the glass door of our wood-burner.

The children would have found it alarming except I was laughing so much at him and of course rolling my eyes, shaking my head – all the ‘that was silly’ signals. The children suggested counting the bangs so we knew if it would be safe to open the door to put more wood in. But as I pointed out we had not counted the chestnuts thrown in the fire, or the bangs so far. Husband rolled his eyes and said ‘it will be fine’ opened the door to add more wood and the biggest bang so far – hehehehe. I will get lots of mileage out of this one – thanks Honey!

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