Fancy Paper Lantern
Aug 25th, 2012 by Craftylocks

It is still paper lantern time. Getting just a little bit more fancy now, but only a little bit more fancy than the basic paper lantern!

Make a tube out of a length of a sheet of paper. For this lantern, the handiest paper was scrapbook squares – so scrapbook square were used – but any paper is fine.

Roll the another sheet around the tube to measure the circumference. Add a bit for overlap.

Fold the paper in half.

Fold down a strip (about two finger widths) from the open edges as a guide to cut strips to. Unfold.

Cut strips starting at the centre fold up to the fold line. Cut off excess if any.

Leave folded. Starting from the second strip in, cut off every second one at the fold mark. As simple as this seems, it is easy to cut off the wrong one so double check before you cut!

Open out and glue around the tube top and bottom. If there is an overlap that looks messy, cut away the offending strips to make them more uniform.

Attach a loop made from the left over paper.

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Basic Paper Lantern
Aug 20th, 2012 by Craftylocks

There are some crafts that were such a part of my childhood making stuff, that they are often overlooked in the search for that cool craft to create with our children. And of course, just because I think it was a common craft, it does not mean that everyone knows how to do it!

So just in case you have forgotten about this one, or if you have never done – it is paper lantern time!

All you need is some colored or patterned paper, some scissors and glue.

These lanterns can be made any size so just use what paper you have. This lantern uses scrapbook paper, but you could use paper decorated in a previous crafty, arty session.

Fold your sheet of paper in half. It doesn’t matter if you fold length-ways or width-ways as your lantern will still work but it will affect the shape.

Make a fold a couple of finger widths down from the unfolded edge on both sides. Unfold. This is the line you cut up to.

Cut through the folded edge up to the fold-line. Make each cut about the same width.

Open out and keeping the narrow strip that is not cut at the top and bottom, make it into a tube and glue in place.

Use another strip of paper to make a hanging loop and glue in place on each side of the top.

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Snowy Pine-cone Owl
Aug 11th, 2012 by Craftylocks


Pippi Pipecleaners and I have been ever so busy working on the next newsletter - and not all the creations would fit, so this wee fella got left out in the snow! But he does not mind – he understands that as cute as he is, he is not really a paper craft.

However he does have two bits of card on him, and that whole cuteness factor – so I am letting him hoot out a hello to everyone calling in on the website.

You will need a pine-cone that has opened, some white and black card, and cotton wool. Also some glue to bring him together, as well as a gluestick you will also need a stronger glue like a glue-gun or thick craft glue.

Have a look at your pine-cone and decide which side you want for the front.

Pull pieces from the cotton wool and using a stick, push the cotton wool between the gaps in the pine-cone. Try not to cover the seedpods completely as you want them to add texture to the body of the owl.

Cut a heart shape from the white card that fits your cone. This will become the face of the owl.

Cut two circles from the black card for the eyes and glue on the heart shape. We also added a couple of googly eyes but you could use some white paper to make eyes as well.

Cover the rest of the heart shape with glue. Glue the cotton wool to the face making sure the black eyes are not covered.

Using a glue-gun, apply a liberal amount of glue to the cone and press the face into place. Hold until the glue dries.

Cut a rough foot shape for the bottom of the owl. This will allow your finished owl to stand up. Flatten the bottom of the owl as well as you can by folding out the seedpods. Apply a generous amount of glue using the glue-gun and press the ‘foot’ into place. Hold until dry.

Cover the foot with more cotton wool glued on.

Can you imagine a family of these as a decoration? I can and think that would be a great gift for children to make a teacher.

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Pressed Flower Gift Cards
Jul 18th, 2012 by Craftylocks

We have always enjoyed making these. So special to give a card that you have made by hand and also uses flowers picked from your garden.

You do not need many flowers, even grasses and weeds can make a lovely picture. If you do not have a proper flower press, or if like me you have two but cannot find them, just press some flowers between some absorbent paper in a telephone book under a heavy box. We use cartridge paper for our absorbent paper. As soon as we finished pressing our flowers, I found the flower presses!

Cut up and fold some lightweight card to make some simple cards, and then carefully arrange the pressed flowers and glue them onto the card with just little bits of glue.


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Cardboard Roll Crafts
Jul 15th, 2012 by Craftylocks

You can recycle cardboard rolls or tubes into so many fabulous paper crafts for children. We have used toilet paper rolls, but you can use any sort of cardboard roll, or even make your own by rolling up a piece of card.

Cardboard Tube Reindeer
Make a row of these cute little guys for a great seasonal decoration.
Rattling Cardboard Tubes
Get rattling and rolling with these.
Cardboard Roll Sandcastles
A great craft if it is summer in your part of the world, or you want to recall summer.
Cardboard Tube Birdie
Crafting with the children is very exciting when they start to make up their own crafts, like my daughter did with this.
Cardboard Tube Telescope
She also showed me how to make this craft too.
Cardboard Roll Glasses
I spy a fun craft here.
Cardboard Roll and Hand Shape Spiders
These very rare spiders are only found in boxes of craft materials.
Paper Roll Fish
These made a splash in our craft box!
Cardboard Roll Penguin
A cool cardboard craft
Giant Spring Flower
Use all sorts of paper items, including cardboard rolls, in this fab flower.
Cardboard Construction Car
Roll those cardboard rolls out for wheels too!
Newspaper Tree
A craft with extra recycling bonus – recycle some newspaper too.
Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly.
Can there be such a thing as too many butterfly crafts?
Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies
No, you cannot have too many butterfly crafts.
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Cardboard Tube Birdie
Jul 9th, 2012 by Craftylocks


We were doing a bit of crafting with paper, as we tend to do quite a bit around here, and the younger crafter decided to make something from a cardboard tube.

She based the idea for the beak on something she had seen before.

Although this tube is not painted, we both agreed that it would have looked even better if we had painted it or covered it with paper first.

Fold some paper to make the beak, and make the tail with a tab to attach it to the tube. Attach the wings so that they stick out to the side a little, and the eyes so that they sit above the edge of the tube. See the pictures to see exactly what to do.

She has also made another cool craft with recycled cardboard tubes, a cardboard tube telescope.

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