Paper Snapper Tutorial
Jan 5th, 2011 by Craftylocks

This is a simple origami paper craft for children that can be adapted to many different critters or fantasy creatures.


snapper-1 Cut a square from a sheet of colored paper, we used photocopy sized paper. You can choose to use a larger square of paper and you will get a bigger snapper than the one pictured. The narrow strip of paper is our off-cut.
snapper-2 Fold the square sheet of paper in half. Fold each side in half so you end up with a zig zag fold in the paper.
snapper-3 Flatten all the folds so you are left with a skinny rectangle. On the first section fold the corners in on a diagonal to form a triangle.
snapper-4 Repeat this on the middle section …
snapper-5 … and then again on the last section so that all the sections are folded to the same shape.
snapper-6 Find the center point on the longest side and using a pencil make a mark about 12 mm (0.5″) in from the edge. Cut up to the mark through all the layers of paper.
Fold back long triangles from the cut to the outer point. This creates the lips or gums of the snapper. Pull the sides apart.
snapper-9 Fold over so the points meet and make a beak or mouth shape. I pinch the back of this to encourage it to stay folded so it does keep springing fully open.
snapper-10 Decorate as you wish. I cut teeth from white card …
snapper-11 … and a curly tongue from red paper, but you can use you imagination to create any creature you like. Maybe big lips for a gorilla or a hanging tongue for a dog. Whiskers and ears for a mouse or fangs for a bat.

Download the printable version of the Tutorial – PDF Worksheet – Paper Snapper

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Stand Up Cute Kitten
Dec 5th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is a really fun craft project that is not too messy and does not take very long. It also lets you use your imagination to create a whole farmyard of different animals using the same technique.


What you will need:
A4 or US Letter size card – color of your choice
Marker pens or crayons
Glue stick

Cut a strip from the long side of your piece of card. See the photo for the guide. This will become the body of your kitten.


At one end of the strip of card make a fold part way along the strip and cut two scalloped shapes as pictured. At the other end of the piece of card make another fold a bit closer to the end. This will be the tab that we use to stick to the foot flap to create the circular body shape.


On the foot end, draw little curved claw shapes. Practice rolling the strip into a circular shape and hold it in place so you can see how it goes together. Make note of which side of the card you want to draw your stripes so they will be seen when the body is glued in place. Draw the stripes on. I used a black marker and white crayon but you can use whatever you like.


Using your glue stick join the tab to the foot piece. On the leftover card, draw the face and tail adding the eyes, nose and stripes etc.

fold-up_kitty3 fold-up_kitty4

Cut them out and glue them to the body.


Your cute kitten is now finished. Now start on the rest of the farmyard.


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Flying Paper Fish
Nov 15th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Keep this fun idea tucked away in your bag of tricks! Bring it out when you need an instant paper craft for children.

You need such little time and such little equipment to make these – and you then have a fun toy to entertain the children with. And once they know how to make them, they are so easy that they will be able to create them independently.

You just need a strip of paper with a cut at each end, the cut needs to be from the opposite side of the paper. In the picture below we cut little slots out so that the photograph would show where to cut – but you just need to cut once at each end. We have also not measured how far in to cut. A little variation does not seem to impact on the flight. Decorate your fish with a face, or just a pattern.

Slot the two ends together.

Then toss your fish in the air, or drop it from up high, and it will start to twirl rapidly as it falls.

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Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies
Nov 9th, 2010 by Craftylocks

These have been waiting ever so patiently for us to decorate them with lots of color. But they have a real charm in their natural state – so we will leave them like that a little longer.


I have seen other folks versions of this paper craft for children but none quite as beautiful as the one at Creative Jewish Mom’s site. I took a path less careful and cut my toilet paper rolls into rings with zero measuring – aiming for the rustic look! This craft passed my impatient crafter test and is suitable for crafting range of rough to precise – so no matter where you fit – start saving your toilet paper rolls.

Once you have more than one, cut them into rings and pinch them at each end – which they may well be anyway after cutting! Glue them together as pictured. The feelers are another ring cut in half and curled at each end.


If you are like us – they are done! Or do what we intended to do and grab some bright tissue paper and some cellophane. Cover the cardboard with tissue paper and spread some cellophane over the wings – then tell me how it went and I will have a go too!

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Egg Carton Fish
Oct 31st, 2010 by Craftylocks

This craft first featured in one of my newsletters. Now it is swimming it’s way onto the paper crafts for children site.

What is cool about this one that with not much effort you have a three dimensional fish to decorate – much more tasty than a flat fish.

Cut the cup parts out of an egg carton.

Sit the cup on some card or paper and draw a some lips, fins and tail to fit. Cut out the fishy shape you have created.
You can decorate the card and bit of carton separately and then glue them togther as we did with this one. We used flicked paint to decorate the egg carton cup.
Or you can glue them together and then decorate them as we did with the red fish. We were going to add patterns but loved them just as they are.

We have made another fish using bits of egg carton, have a look at Egg Carton Fish and Rocket Models.

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Cardboard Roll and Hand Shape Spiders
Sep 29th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This activity first appeared in a Paper Crafts for Children newsletter. This toilet paper roll critter has crawled out of the newsletter and onto this blog in time for Halloween.

The next newsletter is due out in the next week to 10 days, so join up soon to ensure you get it. The timing of the send out depends on the weather this weekend, if it is fine we will try out our new tent and go camping and the newsletter will be delayed by a few days!

The following is straight from the newsletter …

This is creepily cute! I was so impressed with what excellent legs our finger shapes made on our spider. Keep it away from easily frightened folk!

You will need:

- a toilet roll, stapled close at each end as pictured

- hand shapes, minus the thumbs, traced onto black paper
Then you need to:
- Paint the squashed toilet paper roll black.

- Glue the hand shapes to the bottom of the spider and bend the fingers to create the legs.

- Add spidery decorations like a glittery red back.

Consult with the closest expert on spider anatomy – in this case it was my son, and then add the desired number of eyes. He thought that they had two big eyes and up to six little ones – sounded good to me. He commented they would not be in a nice tidy row like I have done, but it is so cute with them in a row and that is important on toilet paper roll spiders!

We had so much fun making the black one, we made another one which is species spidery rainbowish, a very rare type of spider only found in paper boxes.


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