Easter Bunny Basket
Apr 19th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This is a simple way to make a basket and uses the same principles as the fold out paper garland. This make a lovely homemade Easter gift especially when filled with goodies.

Fold a photocopy size sheet of card in half but leave a 1cm tab sticking out along one edge. This will be used to attach the sides of the basket together.

Fold each side back on itself to form a concertina – don’t forget to leave the tab sticking out.

Leaving another tab at the bottom of the concertina, draw a circle for the bunny’s head. I used a small lid to trace around. Remember to make sure the circle goes over the edges so that you don’t cut the folds as these folds form the corners of the basket. You will want to have a good bit of fold uncut to ensure the basket is strong enough to hold the treats. Don’t forget to add some ears.

Leaving the concertina folded and making sure the side tab is folded in as well, cut out the bunny cutting through all of the layers.

When you open it up you should have a row of four bunnies and a small tab to join the sides. This would be a good time to draw in the eyes and mouth and color in the ears. But if, like me, you get too involved with constructing the basket to do the drawing bit now, you can still do it later though it makes it a rather fiddly job.

Fold the bottom tabs up. Glue the side tab behind the first bunny’s cheek so it is not seen from the outside. Glue the corners of the bottom tabs together to form a square bottom.

Once dry trace the outline on the extra piece of card and cut it out. Glue the square to the bottom of the basket and leave to dry.

Glue the handle in place. Fill it with some treats, or you can also line the inside with tissue or paper doily first before you add treats.

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Happy Flappy Easter Chick
Apr 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Any paper craft that has moving parts is always a hit with children.

You can make this cute chicken any size you wish or adapt the technique to make other flapping or running creatures.

Draw an egg shaped body and two wings on some yellow card and cut them out. Cut two legs from some orange card. Cut a diamond shape from the orange card. Fold the diamond in half to make the beak. Glue the beak, eyes and legs in place.

Use a pin to make a hole on each side of the body and on each wing piece. Attach the wings by inserting brads (split pins) through the holes on the body and wings.

If you want to turn it into an Easter Greeting for someone special, write ‘Happy Easter’ on the chicken’s tummy and send her on her way.

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Simple Easter Egg Card
Apr 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks

My daughter was very excited when she told me about this paper craft she learnt about at school – “Cool and simple”!

I was impressed when she showed me the card she had made, and even more impressed when she showed me how to make it.

Fold a piece of paper into three – it does not need to be at all accurate – perfect for my folding skills!

Cut an egg shape out, leaving a flat edge at each end as pictured.

Cut a zig-zag through the top two layers, make sure you do not cut the bottom base layer.

It will have a perfectly matched opening zig-zap section. Perhaps a good message for this card would be ‘I hope you have a cracking good Easter’.

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Paper Collage Easter Eggs
Apr 13th, 2011 by Craftylocks
Put out some materials and leave them to it – it is exciting to see what can be created using the classic paper craft of collage!

These ones are some that I created when playing with this technique. Now that I know it is both fun and easy it makes it onto the paper crafts for children site and it makes it onto our Easter activity list – I am looking forward to seeing what our children do with it, I know it will be much more exciting than mine!

Start with some basic egg shapes cut out of some paper, make them nice and big. Gather together bits and bobs that can be used to decorate the eggs. We have used chocolate wrappers and scraps of paper from other projects. I cut them up into shapes ready for them to use. But also have handy some more paper and scissors in case the children would like to cut up their own patterns.

Then just arrange and glue before proudly displaying on a wall.

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Paper Tumblers
Apr 2nd, 2011 by Craftylocks
This is a great paper craft for dad’s and children to do together. My husband and daughter had lots of fun making them and racing them down the ironing board ramp they made. My child’s version bet the grown ups hands down in both design and speed!

My son had made them before at school but we found the craft and a template to follow at Made by Joel – a very cool site that had lots more things that my husband wants to make, he might even let the kids help him!

Print out the shape at Joel’s site – or our version. Decorate with a suitable tumbling character, position your drawing in the same place as ours so that when it is assembled you have a character on each side. The fabulous frog is my daughter’s version and the wobbly egg is my husbands – good try honey!

Fold the tabs and tape together as pictured, before you tape up the last section, add two marbles to the inside of your paper tumbler.

Then set up a slope and let the races begin.

We used an ironing board raised at one end for a nice long slope. We found that it was a bit slippery so we lay a towel over it to make the tumbler grip and tumble properly.

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Stand-up Shape Tutorial
Apr 1st, 2010 by Craftylocks

One of those paper crafts for children, and grown-ups too, that is useful to learn as it can be applied to all sorts of shapes that have a need to stand!

stand-up-egg1 Cut out two identical shapes, make sure they have a flat bottom.
stand-up-egg2 Cut from the bottom to the center on one shape and from the top to the center on the other shape.
stand-up-egg4 Slot the two shapes together. If the shape is large or it is made from lightweight paper it may need support at the joins. Try tape, a sticker or a foam dot.

Download the printable version of the worksheet. PDF Worksheet – Stand-up Shape

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