Easter Paper Crafts for Children
Apr 1st, 2015 by Craftylocks


The Easter celebration is another great excuse to do some paper craft with your children!

Creative cup cake case craft for candy!
Cup Case Daffodil Candy Cups
A simple shape to decorate and then it makes a perfect egg holder.
Chicken Easter Egg Cup
Thumbprints are a perfect egg shape, just add a few decorations for some cute Easter eggs
Thumbprint Easter Eggs
Use those cute and clever thumbprints to make a special Easter themed greeting card
thumbprint Easter Egg Card
A very cute craft that is great for Easter treats.
Paper Plate Easter Bunny Basket
Something very cool for older children to craft up for Easter.
Translucent Tissue Paper Easter Egg
A simple idea that can be decorated in any way you like.
Paper Plate Easter Basket
Super simple paper craft for Easter – super handy too!
Paper Cup Easter Baskets
Is it an Easter bag or an Easter bunny?
Easter Bunny Paper Bag
Make a perfectly Easter sized Papier Mache Easter Egg with this method.
Papier Mache Easter Egg
Hop to it and make this super cute bunny for Easter
Brown Paper Bag Bunny
Take a simple tube and make a happy hoppy family.
Paper Tube Easter Bunny Family
Soo cute, perfect for helping entertain little fingers at Easter
Scrunched Tissue Paper Bunny
Use some concertina folds to make an Easter basket.
Easter Bunny Basket
The moving parts on this happy chick will be a hit.
Happy Flappy Easter Chick
My daughter taught me this very cool Easter Egg Card Craft.
Simple Easter Egg Card
A classic craft for a classic holiday – Paper Collage Easter Eggs
A great paper craft for dads! Try an egg version of the paper tumbler for Easter.
These are easy to make and we will be making them in our family for the morning Easter gifts.
See the tutorial – Starbox Tutorial or Worksheet – How to make a Starbox PDF.
This pop-up card technique is easy for children and can be used for any topic. See the tutorial – Tutorial or the PDF worksheet – Worksheet – Pop-up Cards PDF easter_card1
A handy dandy box useful for all sorts of things, including chocolate bunnies! Find out how to make one at the Fold-up Box Tutorial or download the free PDF Worksheet – Fold-up Box fold-up_box-filled3
Easter bunny will have lots of help with these very cute and easy to make origami bunnies. See the Origami Bunny Tutorial or download the free PDF Worksheet – Origami Bunny. origami-bunnies2
A papier mache egg to hide treats in. Made in two halves with layers of newspaper and finished with tissue paper and a ribbon to close it. See the Papier Mache Egg Tutorial, or the PDF Worksheet – Papier Mache Egg. papier-mache_egg_open
This can be a super quick activity if you are using already decorated card like this photo of one egg from all sides. Or it can be a lengthy art activity if you start with white card and decorate it. To find out how to make it please see Stand-up Egg. Check out the Tutorial – Stand-up Shape or print out the PDF Worksheet – Stand-up Shape for step by step instructions. stand-up-egg3
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Cup Case Daffodil Candy Cups
Mar 31st, 2015 by Craftylocks


What a fun way to combine craft with a pretty setting for serving some treats.

I found this at Daffodil Candy Cups on Martha Stewarts site, and she also has a handy daffodil template. I thought this was perfect for those pretty little Easter Eggs.

You can use desorated papers to cut out the daffodil shapes, but this is perfect for children of all ages to decorate the daffodil shapes. If you wanted, you could not tell them what the plan is for the flower shapes and have a very cool surprise for them at the table on Easter day!

Sit or glue mini cup cake cases on the cut out daffodil shapes.

Fill with treats!

I had a bit of a problem initially, I could not fit all the pretty eggs in the cup cases, but the children helped me work out a solution – we ate them!!


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Chicken Easter Egg Cup
Mar 29th, 2015 by Craftylocks

This is one of those paper crafts for children that let them do whatever they like with the decorating and no matter what it looks like, it will still make a cool Easter egg cup

Start with a chicken shape that has a square or rectangle for the body with the top and bottom sides measuring about 7 am long for a chicken egg. You need the straight bits to make a flat base so it stands, and it bends around the egg at the top. Trial some scrap bits of paper around your egg to work out how long that section needs to be. Cut two of the shape out – I just folded a piece of paper over and cut them both out at the same time.

On my cut out chicken shapes you can see where I ruled two lines. I folded my chickens along these lines and then glued them together up to these line – leaving the middle section not glued.

The chicken can be decorated before or after it is glued together. If the children are decorating it before it is glued together, to help make sure they colour the correct sides, the mirror images, draw the eye on both shapes.

Decorate with pens, crayons, paint, feathers, glitter, collage, egg shells …

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Thumbprint Easter Egg Card
Mar 24th, 2015 by Craftylocks


Once you start thumbprinting some Easter eggs, it is hard to stop!

We made some Thumbprint Easter Eggs yesterday and it was so much fun that I made a basket just right for some more.

You can copy or print out this Easter basket onto a card, or just to make a picture.

Use an inkpad or two inkpads if you have them, to make lots of egg shapes.

I did think after I started that you it would have been a good idea to mask the top of the basket so the thumbprints did not go on the basket, but I found another solution.

Use a pen to add some decorations.

Then colour in the basket and you have a very personal Easter card!

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Thumbprint Easter Eggs
Mar 22nd, 2015 by Craftylocks

An easy and fun way to make some Easter themed artwork.

Using inkpads, make lots of thumbprints.

Of course they are an instant egg shape! Just add circles, stripes, stars and some spring flowers to decorate them.

These are fun in themselves, and completely chocolate free!! While you wait for the real ones, these can also be used to decorate an Easter card.

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Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts
Mar 14th, 2015 by Craftylocks

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

~Irish Blessing


A lucky craft to find – easy, fun and effective … Saint Patrick’s Day wreath
This Saint Patrick’s Day garland is a great of decorative paper crafts to help you celebrate the occasion.
A great fun and classic paper craft for children. Saint Patrick’s Day seem the perfect time for a lucky guess clover.
Something different for Saint Patrick’s Day, but perfectly applicable – Potato Printing!
A day for rainbows and pots of gold and this Saint Patrick’s Day Paper Plate Door Hanger.
Use some simple paper shapes to make this adorable shamrock from heart shapes.


A bit of curling of paper strips is both fun and makes a great rolled paper shamrock or if it is not St Patrick’s day do it anyway can call it a tree!
Recycle an envelope corner to make a Shamrock Bookmark.
This craft has it all! A rainbow, a shamrock, a pot of gold and lots of fun all based around a St Patricks paper plate.
Another St Patricks Day craft with it all – and brimming with colour! Make a beautiful Pleated Paper Rainbow Circle.
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