Halloween Hanging Garland
Sep 27th, 2010 by Craftylocks

We took two of our recent paper crafts for children projects and combined them to make these very cool hanging Halloween garlands.

We started with the Halloween fold out garland craft bats, skulls, ghosts and some witches hats that had not looked so good in the fold out craft.


We introduced them to our hanging decorative garland and then blended both ideas.


To create the hanging garland from the fold out one, you need to cut your fold out creations into pairs, fold them so they are closed, you may need to fold some the other way so any decorations you have added are facing out. Cut some string and glue the pairs together with the string running in between them. Then hang them for all to admire and to duck under as they move about the place!


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Hanging Decorative Garland
Sep 26th, 2010 by Craftylocks

These are really very pretty – and pretty easy to make too.

Start with two or three different pieces of colored paper and cut some circles out of them. You only need two circles from each color, but the more you cut, the more garlands you can make.

Fold all the circles in half, draw a half circle on each folded piece of paper and cut it out. On the smaller half circle, draw and cut out a half heart shape. Aim to end up with a series of folded shapes as pictured below.


Unfold all the shapes. Spread glue on one shape and lay some string on it, lay a matching shape of a different color on top. Keep adding more shapes to the garland. You can decorate the shapes with glitter – but we quite liked it plain.

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Halloween Garland
Sep 15th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Halloween is the perfect theme for this classic paper craft for children.

So many simple spooky shapes that can be cut out from the folded up paper to make garland of linked images. If you have not made these before, or you want some steps for children to follow, you can use the Paper Garland Tutorial.

The shapes we tried were skulls …


bats …


spiders …

and my favourite, the ghosts …


I liked the ghosts as there are lots of ways you could do them. If you just wanted to have ghost garlands, you could easily make lots of different shapes ghosts with different expressions.

For all of the garlands the details were added with a pen after the shapes had been cut out.

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Crepe Paper Tassel Tutorial
Jul 12th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This festive craft is not just a great paper craft for children – it is an any age party decoration. You need to gather up the brightest crepe paper you can find, some scissors, string and glue and then you can get started.

crepe-tassle1 Cut two strips off the end of a roll of crepe paper. Cut a small piece – up to the first fold from each roll to be used as a wrapper in a later step.
crepe-tassle2 Cut narrow strips into the thick piece.
crepe-tassle3 Cut the ends of the folded strips open at the end the narrow strips are cut from.
crepe-tassle4 Thread string through the folded end. Fold the small piece in half length-ways.
crepe-tassle5 Scrunch the tassel around the string and wrap the folded small piece of crepe paper around and glue in place as pictured.

Download the printable version of the Tutorial – PDF Worksheet – Crepe Paper Tassels.

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Cut Paper Decorative Garland
Jul 7th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Turn some old art works into a new garland with this handy paper craft for children.

finger-paint-print I was having a look through some of the children’s old artworks, they were artworks that were done purely for the fun of the process but even so, I have not been able to throw them away. They were created when we were having fun crafting up some finger and cotton buds prints. The paint was spread on a plastic sheet and the pattern made using cotton buds, then some paper was laid on the top and a print taken.

The first garland was made by folding the paper so the picture was on the inside. The only reason the picture needs to be on the inside is so you can rule lines on the other side to guide your cutting.


Once you have ruled the lines, about a thumb width in from each side, alternate cutting from each side up to the ruled line.


garland3 Then you carefully pull open the paper to create the loopy garland.

We found that the loopy garland tangled a bit and did not open smoothly all the way – it could just be that I rushed it, but if something does not work the first time I am not so keen on it. So I made another version. You only need a piece of paper that is about half length-ways of some photocopy paper. I wanted the design on both sides, so I folded another cotton bud print in half with the pattern on the outside, and glued it together.


Then I cut it in the same way as the loopy one, alternating the cut from each side.

garland-b3 This time it opened really easily – perhaps not as impressive as the loopy version but a lot more reliable as a paper craft for children to do.

I remember doing this cutting version when I was at school on an end day of term day when we had lots of fun activities. The challenge was to see who could cut their paper so it was the longest. So it is a great group activity for any gathering of children.

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Fold-out Paper Garland Tutorial
Apr 14th, 2010 by Craftylocks

One of the classic paper crafts for children, you just need a strip of paper and some scissors. Also anything that you want to use to decorate the final piece.

garland2 Any size strip of paper will do – it just needs to be long enough that you can fold it into at least 6 and have room to draw a picture. Fold the strip of paper into a concertina.
garland3 Draw a picture on the top face of the folded up paper. The picture must go to each side of the paper. Any shape is fine as long as it joins on the sides.
garland4 Cut the shape out through all the layers, making sure that the sides are not cut out.
garland5 Open it out you should have lots of shapes all in a row. Decorate each shape as you wish.

Download the printable version of the worksheet. PDF Worksheet – Fold Out Paper Garland


For an example of this one check out Flower Paper Garland or Halloween Garland.

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