Tutorial for Simple Paper Box
Mar 28th, 2010 by Craftylocks

It is easy for children to master this paper craft and then make them independently.

fold-up-box1 For a square box, start with a square piece of paper. If you want an oblong box then start with an oblong piece of paper.
fold-up-box2 Cut a square out of each corner, each square needs to be the same size. The bigger you make the square the deeper the box will be.
fold-up-box3 Punch a hole in each of the corners.
fold-up-box4 Fold each side up.
fold-up-box5 Thread the pieces of ribbon through the holes and tie bows to join the sides together.
fold-up-box6 If you wish, add a handle by gluing a strip of matching paper to the insides of the box.

Download the printable version of the worksheet – Worksheet – Fold-up Box PDF

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Pop-up Cards Tutorial
Mar 25th, 2010 by Craftylocks

My daughters favorite paper crafts for children technique!

pop-up1 Fold a piece of lightweight card in half and then in half again.
pop-up2 Open out and fold along the long fold line. On the bottom section cut two equal lines into the fold line.
pop-up3 Fold between the two cuts lines, turn over and fold along the same crease from the other side.
pop-up4 Fold back into original fold and pop out the cut out section.
pop-up5 Attach a picture or message to the folded out section.

Download the printable version of the worksheet. Worksheet – Pop-up Card PDF

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Origami Star Box Tutorial
Mar 24th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is one of those ‘not much needed’ paper crafts for children. All need is some square paper to craft up this super star box

starbox14 Start with a square piece of paper. Make four folds across the paper.
starbox2 Bring the top and bottom corners together and tuck in the other two sides.
starbox3 With the opening at the top, fold one side along to the central fold.
starbox4 Open up the flap and press it open.
starbox5 Tuck the side of the flap under itself.
starbox6 Now do the same to the other flap on that side, turn it over and repeat on the other side.
starbox8 Fold the four flaps down as far as you can.
starbox11 Pull the flaps open and push the bottom of the star box against a table, using your hand inside the box to make the shape.
starbox12 Wow – beautiful, now it just needs to be filled with treats or a present for someone!

Download the printable version of the worksheet. Worksheet – How to make a Star Box PDF

See a speedy demo – Star Box Demo Movie

For more info about Origami and some basic folds check out my ‘What is Origami?’ article.

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Easy Origami Bunny Tutorial
Mar 23rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

To make this paper craft you and your children just need a square piece of paper. I suggest lots of square bits of paper as you will not want to stop at making just one!

bunny Fold a piece of square paper in half diagonally and then fold the triangle in half again, crease and then unfold the last fold.
bunny3 Fold up about 1/4 of the long side.
bunny4 Bring one side up and line up with the centre fold, crease well.
bunny5 Fold the other corner up as well.
bunny11 Turn the model over and fold the top part of the diamond shape down.
bunny7 Reverse the fold and tuck it in behind.
bunny8 Turn it back over and fold the bottom up to make a stand. It will be stiff to fold.
bunny10 Turn the bunny back over and draw a face.

Download the printable version of the worksheet. Worksheet – Origami Bunny PDF
Also check out the movie of the origami bunny life story. Have your tissues on hand for the tragic ending.

For more info about Origami and some basic folds check out my ‘What is Origami?’ article.

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