Tulip Dog Card
May 7th, 2014 by Craftylocks

When we were making the Tulip Flower Card I thought that the shape of the card opened looked a lot like a dog.

Well that is what I thought anyway, the children were not so sure, so I convinced them …

Tulip Flower Card …

Dog Card …

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Snake Shape Card
Jun 2nd, 2012 by Craftylocks

Ssssuch a sssssimple yet ssssssssspecial card.

To make this rather cool snake shape card, start by folding your paper or card along the length to make a long skinny shape. Sketch and then cut a snake shape out as pictured – making sure that you have the wiggles of the snake keep to the fold in a few places so that you have a card and not two separate snake shapes.

Decorate the outside in a suitably snakey pattern.

And then ‘hiss’ your message on the inside.

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Fathers Day Paper Crafts
Jun 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks

A collection of some special paper crafts for children that they can do for their Dad – which is different times of the year all around the world – here in New Zealand it is on September 5th this year.

Paper Cup Trophy
An award to let Dad know you think he is the best.
Fathers Day Crown for King Dad
Let Dad enjoy one day in the year when he is in charge!
Paper Bag from Decorated Paper
Use your own artwork to make a very special gift bag to put a present in for Dad.
Card from Decorated Paper
You could make a Fathers Day card and matching bag from your own artwork!
My Dad Rocks Paperweight
A great idea for a last minute gift!
Mosaic Pattern for Fathers Day
An effective way to design a card or special picture for Dad.
A Puzzling Gift
Cut up a special picture for a special activity for Dad on Fathers Day.
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Jigsaw Puzzle from Artwork
Aug 24th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Take a special picture and chop it up to make a special gift.

I have to be secretive with this one and not show you the final assembled puzzle until after Fathers Day which is September the 5th here in New Zealand. Just in case a certain Dad takes a look at this site! He is allowed to see that we have made him a puzzle – but not allowed to see what it is of. All will be revealed after September the 5th, in the meantime here it is as an idea.

To make this jigsaw puzzle you just need a picture that is drawn on some card, it can also have a message written on it. I recommend cutting the picture up into block – not trying to make the traditional jigsaw shapes. The sort of thinner card that we have used does not slot together too well if it is in traditional jigsaw shapes, but is easy to work with if chopped into random shapes like those pictured. You can also buy blank jigsaws especially for drawing on – your child’s artwork on these would make a great gift for Dad too.

And now that the New Zealand Fathers day is done and dusted, (except for Cubs Fathers Day Fish and Chip night), I can reveal the puzzle! It was completed by the man in question while I cooked him bacon and eggs and the children ran a commentary on the details in the artwork in the puzzle.


As the drawing is so detailed, it is a little hard to see what is going on in the artwork – fortunately I took a photo before we chopped it up! The picture is by our son and is of our family with a cartoonish emphasis put on our various hair styles. I am on the left with curly hair that goes everywhere, then the Dad sporting a lack of hair, beside him is the artist with a tall tower of hair representing what his hair does between haircuts – also what he would like it to do as he hates haircuts! Finally on the right is the daughter of the family with a long and very thick mane of hair.


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Fathers Day Stone Paper Weight
Aug 23rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

If you are looking for a quick and easy last minute present for Fathers Day, this is great.

dad-rockYou just need a rock, some tissue paper and a bit of glue. Give the rock a quick clean and paste on some torn bits of tissue paper. Once it is dry, write on ‘My Dad Rocks’ and you have a very special paper weight for Dad’s desk.

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Dad Mosaic Pattern for Fathers Day
Aug 22nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

This simple technique is a great way to jazz up a word.

Dad is a perfect word for making a pattern with this mosaic style technique. We have created a couple variations on this technique. To make the pattern, draw up a grid on the paper – it can be a grid with all straight lines, or with some wavy lines. Then write the word on top, and rub out the grid lines that are inside the word shapes. You can also do it the other way round, and write the word first, and then do the grid lines.

Color in the shapes using two different colors, alternating them as shown below. In this first example we made the pattern stand out by going over all the lines with a black felt.



With the other pattern, we cut it up into a grid and turned it into a mosaic picture by gluing each square onto a black background with a little gap between each one.



We have used this paper craft for children before when we made a Paper Mosaic from a Drawing.

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