Fruit Paper Collage
Sep 20th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Don’t forget about some of the great fun to be had with the classic paper crafts for children like collage.

collage-fruit1Collage can be made with all sorts of materials, and that is part of the fun of it! If you want some more information about collage I have an article – What is Collage?

I like how these two collage use many of the different gorgeous papers we have at home. My daughter and I sorted through a treasure trove of paper and selected some to make a fruity collage. I worked on just one fruit, but my daughter was much more ambitious and created a whole bowlful!

collage-fruit2 collage-fruit3
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Stone Decorated Box
Aug 10th, 2010 by Craftylocks

We decorated a treasure box with some mementos from a fabulous and very rugged beach on the west coast of New Zealand.

We rode the transalpine train to reach the other side of the South Island to spend the night. We were staying in a beach front motel, and wandered out from our room to check out the beach. It was incredible! It was wild with white topped mountains in full view and crashing waves. But the best thing was the stones. The beach was made up of all sorts of stones, a fabulous range of colors and patterns from translucent white stones, to spotty black and green, flat and thin as card ones, ones with layers in them like icing. Of course we filled our pockets with as many as we could to bring home.

greymouth_beach2 greymouth_beach1

We sorted through and found lots of little ones to cover the lid of a spare box we had. One stone was perfect for a knob, we glued it on first with thick glue – impasto gel medium.


We then glued all the others around it. It is a collage made out of stones!


The glue dried clear and we have a very nice box which is also a memory from a very special trip.


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Torn Paper Collage
Jul 24th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A collage can be made up of all sorts of materials, paper is one of the easiest to find and use.

paper-collageThis fantastic tiger collage was made many years ago. It is a made up of a cut out drawing and bits of torn and cut paper. The bits of paper are layered up and glued in place. I love the texture the torn paper gives to this collage. Cutting out their drawing and the shaped bits of paper is great practice for young children’s scissor skills. Looking at this picture, I think that I may have cut out my daughters tiger drawing for her, and then she cut and tore out the shapes used for the stripes and the foliage.

Collage is one of the essential paper crafts for children. To find out a little more about collage check out my ‘What is Collage?‘ article.

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Paper Mosaic from a Drawing
Jul 8th, 2010 by Craftylocks

There are lots of ways to create a mosaic from paper, this technique is one of the simplest.


I love the effect of paper mosaics, I think the little gaps between the pieces of paper give the picture a great vibrancy. It is one of the paper crafts for children that has many routes to success. This version is easy as you can work with any picture the child wants to draw.


To give it the mosaic effect, rule up some squares in the background of the picture and color them in with alternate colors.


Once the whole thing is colored in, cut a the picture into the squares you have ruled up. Work with a row at a time to make it easier to keep track of where you are up to. Glue the squares onto your backing paper which can be any color you wish.


I like black as it gives a definite, dramatic edge to each square.

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Crayon Rubbing Collage Picture
Jul 5th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Crayon rubbings are great fun to create, but what can you make with them?

rubbing-green rubbing-orange rubbing-purple

A crayon rubbing collage picture is the perfect solution! It combines the two great paper crafts for children. Collecting crayon rubbings is a good way to discover textures in your environment. You only need paper and crayons to take with you as you search for textures. Some ideal subjects include leaves, bark, paths, wallpaper, radio grills, and small items like coins. It is an entertaining challenge for the children to see what they can find.

rubbing-collage Simple pictures create the best collage, but the result is not as important as the fun gluing on the different patterns! Great topics include faces, landscapes, flowers, butterflies and underwater scenes. All of these have some very recognizable elements to them which makes them easy to do.

Once the shapes have all been glued on you can also add detail with a matching crayon, or with a felt or marker pen. I have used matching crayon to add a little contrast on some of the edges of this underwater scene.

To see an idea for using some leaf rubbings to make a picture, check out our Leaf People Picture.

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Cubomania Mania
Jun 23rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

This form of collage captured the attention of my husband who wanted to have a go too! After a few false starts, we have another cubomania collage.

I think the mathematical structure of this type of collage was the appeal. So after watching the creation of our first Cubomania Collage, he found a suitable picture and started on his plan. He wanted to create an actual picture by rearranging the shapes. The first step was to rule the back of the chosen magazine picture all up into nice little squares. We had discussed that having small squares would enable a more detailed picture.

cubomania_1 cubomania_2

But after sitting and looking at all the squares we realized that he would not be able to tell which was front and which was back, and it would be awfully fiddly! So he cut his squares twice as large as originally planned and that meant each square had red lines crossing it on the reverse – so he knew his front from his back.


I headed out to do some jobs and when I came back the first draft was all laid out. Not wanting to squash his enthusiasm for the project, I tried to find out what it was that he had created – for those like me that could not tell – it is a spoon! Hmmm, welll. .., we decided that we could not really see that.


I suggested that perhaps a more recognizable shaped like an eye, or a heart or something like that may work better, but by this stage all cubomania enthusiasm was well and truly over. So we went for a layering up of colors instead. The final piece has been named ‘Antarctic Landscape’.


So our thoughts on cubomania as a paper craft for children are to not try too hard! Just cut, rearrange into random pleasing pattern, and then decide what it is that you have created. We will leave the detailed images to the dedicated artists out there!

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