Crafty Helper
July 22nd, 2012 by Craftylocks
I am very pleased to introduce a new member to our crafty team! My friend, Pippi Pipecleaners, who is my crafty inspiration – she is the clever careful one, and I am the slapdash ‘it’s got to be easy’ one – between us we pretty much cover the gambit of paper crafts. When she is not being a ‘Mum’ (‘Mom’ to our US friends), playing with her pet pig ‘Grunter’ and her dog ‘Barker, and the rest of her menagerie, she loves to craft. We have many animated conversations about how to use newspaper, the best way to make folds, how to create textures, how to get paint out of carpet and of course how many ways can we use toilet rolls. Even though many may not understand such passion – I am sure you do! We have teamed up to work on the site – I still create most of the crafts, write the newsletters and edit the material we post. Pippi helps by creating crafts as well to share on the site. You will be able to spot hers – they are the tidy ones!!
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