Paper Plate Crab
Sep 22nd, 2014 by Craftylocks


Such a simple and cute paper craft, children will have fun making and then playing with this crabby critter.

You can probably tell by looking at the crab exactly how to make it – but I took the photos so just in case it helps here are all the steps anyway.

You need two paper plates – paint them red and punch 10 matching holes around the edge.

Cut 5 red pipe cleaners in half. 8 of the halves will become the legs. Take two of the lengths of pipe cleaners and cut a bit off the end bend it in half and wrap the other end around the fold to make the pincer. Make eyes on stalks with some cardboard. Googly eyes also look good.

Join the plates together using the pipecleaners through the holes. Arrange the feet so it stands, and the pincers ready to nip. Glue the eye stalks on between the pincers.

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Party Place Name
Sep 16th, 2014 by Craftylocks

My paper crafting helpers have always loved making place names for folk who are coming and deciding where they will sit. This fun idea for place settings helps reduce the clutter on the table and makes the glasses look really cool.

Draw and cut out a shape that will suit your theme, or cut out one of ours from our glass name tags PDF.
Fold it in half and cut a slit on an angle.
Write the name on the shape, or just decorate it. Use the slit to sit it on the glass.
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