Easy Crepe Paper Wreath
Dec 10th, 2013 by Craftylocks


I love the texture scrunched up paper gives to crafts and it works so well on a Christmas wreath.

You will need heavy card – recycling an old box is perfect!, also green and red crepe Paper, and glue.

Cut a wreath shape the size you want from the heavy card.

Cut the green crepe paper into large squares approximately 10 cm square. You do not have to be accurate with this at all but if you want some height to the ‘foliage’ then you probably don’t want to go much smaller.

Lightly scrunch the crepe paper so the cut edges face out. Dip the other end in the glue and stick on the wreath shape. Continue until the whole wreath is covered.

At this point you can use anything you like to decorate your wreath. I was tempted to wire in some old dismantled Christmas decorations or nestle in some pom poms but decided to stay with the crepe paper theme.

Cut a 2cm wide strip of red crepe paper. Using your thumb and forefinger, twist each section twice before moving on to the next.

Make the red crepe paper rope into a bow leaving long strands to drape around the wreath.

Thanks Pippi Pipecleaners for this cool craft!!

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Paper Plate Christmas Candy
Dec 8th, 2013 by Craftylocks

I can just see this idea being used in a classroom with each child decorating a paper plate in their own beautiful way, and then them all wrapped in cellophane and covering a wall.

You will need 2 paper dinner plates, a sheet of clear cellophane, red markers or something else to decorate your plates and a glue stick and sticky tape.

Decorate the underside of just one plate to look like candy if it will be displayed on the wall, or two plates if they are used for decorating something like a big tree.

Glue the plates together around the rims.

Wrap the plates in the cellophane to look like a candy wrapper. You may have to cut the cellophane to size.

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Paper Plate Santa
Dec 1st, 2013 by Craftylocks

This is an easy craft for little hands and looks great on the wall!

What you will need;
A Paper Plate
White paper
Rolled Cotton Ball
1 large red pom pom
1 large white pom pom
1 small red pom pom
A small piece of black paper or card
Red card
Glue stick

Cut a Santa hat shape from the red card checking that it fits the paper plate you are using.

Glue the large white pom pom and the unrolled cotton ball in place on the hat.

Glue the hat to the paper plate along with eyes cut from the black card, pom pom nose and mouth and the eyebrows and mustache cut from the leftover unrolled cotton ball.

Make the paper chain by joining loops from strips of the white paper and glue in place on Santa’s chin. I made each chain six loops long.

Thanks for this great craft Pippi Pipecleaners!

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