Slotted Christmas Bauble
December 21st, 2013 by Craftylocks


This simple Christmas bauble can be decorated with all sorts of paper to match the theme of your tree.

You will need stiff card, patterned paper for decorating and craft card to match the patterned paper. Also gluestick, scissors and a pencil.

Cut out a circle from the heavy card by drawing around something round the size you want your bauble. I used the inside of a large roll of sticky tape. Cut the circle out.

Use your circle as a template to cut 2 circles from your patterned paper.

Glue the patterned paper to either side of the circle cut from the card. I ran a coloured crayon around the edge of the circle to hide the white edge.

Cut a 3cm strip from the craft card. Fold the strip into a zigzag that is roughly the length of the centre of the circle to the edge. Cut into ‘V’ shapes along the folds.

Take each ‘V’ and cut a thin slot up from the fold leaving a half a centimetre uncut.

Slide onto the edge of the circle. It should be a tight fit as you won’t be gluing it in place.
Repeat until you have the 5 points of the star. I had to fiddle with the length of the ‘V’ strips to get them to sit nicely in the star shape.

Make a hole in the edge of the bauble and thread a length of string or ribbon to hang it from.

Pippi Pipecleaners made this one too!

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