Paper Cup Santa Boot
December 20th, 2013 by Craftylocks

This is the cutest little craft. Thanks again to the super crafter Pippi Pipecleaners for another fun craft.

You will need a paper cup, some red crepe paper, cotton ball and a black chenille stick as well as the usual crafty supplies of scissors, glue, pencil and marker.

Lightly mark where you want to cut the cup using the pencil. I used a marker just so you could see the shape needed. I marked the holes for the chenille stick laces at the same time but you can do this after you have cut the lines out if you prefer.

Use something sharp such as a carpentry nail to make the hole for the laces.

Use the black marker to colour in the sole of the boot.

Cut little squares from the crepe paper and glue onto the boot overlapping the edges so you don’t see any of the cup. I wrapped mine over the cut edges also to make it nice and neat.

Remake the holes for the laces and leave to dry.

Thread the black chenille stick through the holes to represent the laces and make two little loops with the excess for the bow.

Stretch or unroll your cotton ball and stick on the top of the boot.

Pierce a hole in the back of the boot to hang.

Then make another one as these would look best in pairs.

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