Paper Cup Christmas Bells
December 17th, 2013 by Craftylocks


These bells can be decorated anyway you like and look lovely hanging together on the wall or at the top of your tree.

You will need 2 paper cups and some paper to decorate the cups with, like the sheets of old music used here to great effect! As well as that you will need the usual paper craft tools and materials such as glue, scissors, glitter (of course!), ribbon (this one is from an old Christmas decoration), wire and some small squares of heavy card.

Cut the paper into approximately narrow strips a bit longer than the height of the cups.

Glue the strips to the cups, I used the rounded lip of the cup as a guide and butted the strips up to it. Leave to dry.

Even up the excess length of the strips leaving enough to cover the top of the bell (bottom of the cup). Apply a liberal amount of gluestick to the top of the bell and fold the excess over. Leave to dry.

Make a hole in the top of the bell with a sharp object. Thread the wire through anchoring it by wrapping it around a small piece of card so it doesn’t pull through the hole.

Pour some glue into a dish and dip the lip of the cup into the glue making sure it completely covers the lip.

Pour some glitter into another dish and dip the cups into it. The glitter will stick anywhere the glue is and makes a nice neat edge. Leave to dry by hanging from the wire.

Twist the wires from the two bells together so one bell hangs lower than the other and make a loop with the excess wire so you can hang it.

Attach the bow – mine came with a wire to attach it but you can use craft wire or a chenille stick if your bow doesn’t.

Another Pippi Pipecleaners for this cool craft!!

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