Recycled Milk Bottle Bunny
April 3rd, 2013 by Craftylocks


Over Easter the children saw these bunnies as a decoration outside a school. They worked out how they were made and when they came home we made our own version.

Note that these are a complete paper free craft! So in one way, they do not belong on this site, but they were so cute and so easy to make, that we have made an exception for them.

Start with a clean plastic milk bottle.

Cut it roughly in half.

On the side opposite to the handle, cut some ear shapes. Bend the ears up.

Using a permanent marker, draw on some eyes. We also used a red permanent marker and shaded in part of the ears on the back of the ears, or what was the inside of the bottle. Loosen the lid and wrap pipe cleaners around the neck of the bottle opening for whiskers. Tighten the lid, or nose, back up again.

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