Cut Up Shapes Picture
Apr 22nd, 2013 by Craftylocks

Colorful and easy – it also suits a wide range of ages!

Roughly chop up some bits of colored paper. Glue some onto a piece of black paper.
Arrange another layer on top of them, overlapping them but letting bits of the first layer show.
Repeat with another layer.
Stop when you are happy with the shapes and colors, or if it is bedtime – whichever comes first.
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Flick Racing
Apr 6th, 2013 by rob the rookie

Hi Everyone,
Rob the Rookie here, this is my first post. Don’t worry they will be vetted by Sarah to make sure they are up to her standard. I don’t have the crafting skills she has but I do know a few paper activities that I’ll share.

This is a fun game to keep children amused. You will need a piece of paper and 2 pens of different colours. Start out by drawing a start and finish line, then create your race track as shown.

The rules are that each person has to ‘flick’ their pen in the direction they want to head. The end of the flick is where you have got to on that turn. This is highlighted with a ‘dot’. The first person over the finish line wins!

The pen mark has to stay within the race track otherwise they ‘CRASH’. A crash means the player loses a turn. The picture below shows the red car crashing.

Here is our completed game. Yay, the red team won.

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Recycled Milk Bottle Bunny
Apr 3rd, 2013 by Craftylocks


Over Easter the children saw these bunnies as a decoration outside a school. They worked out how they were made and when they came home we made our own version.

Note that these are a complete paper free craft! So in one way, they do not belong on this site, but they were so cute and so easy to make, that we have made an exception for them.

Start with a clean plastic milk bottle.

Cut it roughly in half.

On the side opposite to the handle, cut some ear shapes. Bend the ears up.

Using a permanent marker, draw on some eyes. We also used a red permanent marker and shaded in part of the ears on the back of the ears, or what was the inside of the bottle. Loosen the lid and wrap pipe cleaners around the neck of the bottle opening for whiskers. Tighten the lid, or nose, back up again.

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