Paper Plate Easter Bunny Basket
March 26th, 2013 by Craftylocks


Finding a craft that is fun to do is great – pulling your own idea together is even better!

Pippi Pipecleaners had this one pop into her head whilst sorting through easter supplies. When she showed it to me I thought that this would be a really good one for the children to make just before Easter and then sit it beside their bed ready for something to be left in it from Easter Bunny.

It is made with 2 paper plates and some white card. You could decorate it with paint or felts, but this one uses crepe paper for the pink feet and ear bits, and also to make the ‘nest’

Cut a circle from the base of one of the plates. Save the circle as you will use this for the face.

Glue the plates together so they are facing each other.

Cut two feet shapes out of the white card and glue the crepe paper toe pads in place.

Trim the circle, from the plate, to size for the bunny’s face. Cut a pair of ears and draw the face on with the black marker. Miss Pipecleaners reckons that she can’t draw at all, so a trick she uses is to google image something she need to draw – in this case a bunny face. Then she picks the one that fits her needs and confidence.

Glue the ears to the head and leave to dry.

Cut strips from the crepe paper and then pull the strips apart. Although this may seem really obvious, I had not thought of cutting crepe paper like this to make shredded style paper – I really like it!

Place in the tummy of the bunny and glue the feet in place.

Glue the head in place and fill the tummy with treats.

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