Translucent Tissue Paper Easter Egg
March 23rd, 2013 by Craftylocks


This is a great craft for an older child to create – they will be very very proud of their results

Pippi Pipecleaners made this beautiful egg, but her first attempt was a bowl using this technique – unfortunately she didn’t use any petroleum jelly. Turns out that is quite important – so we have no bowl to show you but we had a good laugh though! With Easter around the corner she had another go – worked perfectly I think.

You need a water balloon, white tissue, flowers, white glue, cling film and petroleum jelly! You might also want to use a balloon pump and have a clothes peg handy.

Inflate the water balloon. Don’t over inflate so you can squeeze the balloon into an egg shape.

Cover the balloon in petroleum jelly and then the cling film. Make sure the cling film sits as flat as possible. Twist the end of the cling film and secure with a clothes peg. The cling film adds an extra layer of strength to your egg without blocking out light and the petroleum jelly stops the balloon sticking to the cling film.

Cut the white tissue into small pieces – if the pieces are too big they won’t sit flat against the balloon.

Dilute the white glue so it is a consistency similar to pouring cream. Paint some of the balloon with the glue and then stick on the tissue. Smooth out any pieces of tissue that are sticking up. Cover your balloon with two coats of tissue.

Stick your flowers to the balloon brushing down with the glue brush. If you are using fresh flowers, make sure you select flat flowers as any air will cause the flowers to decay.

Coat with one coat of tissue.

Leave to dry thoroughly. I used the peg to clip it out of the way.

Pop the balloon and snip off the extra cling film.

Decorate with a ribbon to hide the hole.

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